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truTV (ended 2005)


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  • Good at first but now i'm getting bored

    I really liked this show when it started. I tivoed it after seeing the first episode. I loved the idea and it seemed like a new and fresh idea. However I am getting bored lately.

    It is the same show in a different location. I think the thing that irriates me the most is the way they consistenly overstate the danger of getting caught. They exhaust the idea that if they get caught they could be in real trouble or they could go to jail most of the time they talk about how they could possibly get beat up. I am sick of this thought. They over do this every episode and it is sooo old. Once you have seen the show and realize that the owners are aware they are coming (Especially when you realize that at least 4 of the shows so far have all been at the same casino!) then the suspense of them getting caught is over and the constant jibber jabber about how worried they are about getting caught is getting so overbearing think I am going to erase my season pass on the Tivo. It has real promise but seems not to be geared toward anyone watching it more then once.
  • Have you every thought about taking down a casino; the guys with all the money; well, these guys can do it and the casinos won't even know they did it!

    What do you think of when you enter a casino? Blackjack, poker, crabs, slots or something else: how about personal ATM machine with unlimited withdrawls! This is what the host thinks when he enters one and he will proven that even with the best security on the planet one can take down a casino but one has to have all the skills to do it! This is something that many people will probably not be able to acheive. The only bigger theif in a casino besides the card sharks and card counters are the casinos themselves. This program reminds me of a combination of MI-5 and Oceans Eleven. This program is very intersting and has a lot of good information about casinos that some people may not know. So stay tuned and watch The Takedown!
  • Ocean's Eleven on the small screen.

    Watching the movie Ocean's Eleven, I thought the business of theft was just a myth, and that no one would make a career of it. It just all seemed too difficult. Minor theft seemed reasonable, but Paul Wilson and his crew are really proving me wrong. This show is created by a group of geniuses. They are the real Daniel Ocean and Rusty Ryan's of the world. Every challenge they takedown seems to be impossible, but they are able to pull it off everytime. It's amazingingly entertaining and smart. Now I almost with that I were a master thief...almost.
  • This is one of the very few reality TV series I will watch. It's interesting to see how R. Paul Wilson and his team take on a challenge.

    A show on CourtTV about a magician and various experts in their fields. Boring, right? Wrong. So very, very wrong.
    R. Paul Wilson gets asked by a friend or a casino to complete an almost impossible challenge, ranging from hustling a hustler to outsmarting Vegas casino security.
    Mr. Wilson gets together a small team of experts, such as The Dragon Lady (The 10th best pool player in the world) in the pool hustler episode, to prove to whoever asked them to come that the challenge is not as impossible as was thought.
    All in all, this is actually a great reality TV show, much better than such shows as The Bachelor or Average Joe.