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AIRED ON 11/21/2014

Season 5 : Episode 55

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Inspired by a mother's group Sara Gilbert went to after she had her baby, The Talk is a group of moms who get together to talk family issues, current events, celebrity gossip, and personal stories. Hosted by Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, and Julie Chen. "Remember everytime is the right time to have The Talk."

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Fan Reviews (315)

  • Bill Cosby-pills

    I would like to know why none of the women never asked what the pills were for b4 they took them!!! I would certainly have asked, "What the heck are you asking me to take?" b4 I took something from someone I hardly know---supposedly? Maybe one or some of the women did ask---I just have not heard!!
  • Sarah Gilbert

    Nov 17, 2014... Did I see a baby bump on Sarah?

    if not, she shouldn't wear tight sweaters or, she should get some Spanx.
  • Mama June Needs Help

    I really like how you ladies are together. You also are interesting and fun and the show has a lot of good reasons for me to spend my time on. Today, however, I was a bit disappointed. That lady that is in the news for dating the monster who molested her daughter is a bit slow for sure, but the nasty things you said about her today just made me so sad that you would do this to her. I have never seen their show, and I do not know anything other than what is in the news right now. I have felt sorry for her and the children since the onset of hearing about this family and now to hear the nastiness in your voices as you cut her down I just feel sick. I thought you gals were different. This lady is a bit slow and you can tell she must feel very unloved to do what she is doing. She needs someone to take her under their wing and help her; not belittle her.

  • Long-winded irrating Aisha Tyler

    I love Sheryl's humor! That mouthpiece Aisha? that replaced that other mouthpiece, talks waay too much!!! And cant stand her long-winded opinions and shes soo irratating. UGGH If anyone needs to leave the show, it's her. I change channels when she talks.
  • Sara Gilbert

    Hello, I usually don't contact shows to provide my opinion or weigh in on views or even complain about a segment or guest, however I've been extremely bothered by your show aired 11-11-14. As my mother and I skimmed through channels to look for good tv, we came across The Talk. This show is not new to us, we are in fact very familiar with the show. My mother couldn't help but notice Sheryl Underwood ' s weight loss which was accompanied by a compliment. Congrats Sheryl. .. On the other hand we were a bit disturbed by Sara's appearance. This is in no way shape or form to make fun of or offend but she did not look well. Just a bit tattered if you follow what I am saying. All ladies looked well groomed and professional but I couldn't help but notice how Sara came across. I appreciate that she doesn't care to be classified as a Hollywood glam goddess and marvel at the thought of looking like all other Hollywood ladies, however I do except for a lady who sits before the camera especially one whom is recognized as the shows creater to at least look as tho she cares to exist. Her hair was extremely messy, she had bags lining throughout her face, she had on some bluish lumber jack coat that wasn't very becoming and she sloutched in her seat which did not appeal to our eyes one bit. We could not even concentrate on the show because she looked so unappealing in a non professional way. My point as close, I am not asking her to change who she is or how she dresses I am just asking that she at least look like she cares to some degree. She almost looked as tho she was on drugs, just very harsh looking. If there are things going on with her then my prayers for strength are with her. Please don't take this wrong it is purely out of concern. Ps love the show...


    News Briefs: The Next Season of American Horror Story Will Be Set in the Year...

    Plus: The CW gets into the miniseries thing, Benjamin Bratt will hunt Jack Bauer, and HIMYM pisses people off.


    News Briefs: BBC America Orders Another Season of Ripper Street

    Plus: The Following is strong in its second week, ABC orders a pilot based on a Disneyland ride, and Jeff Zucker fires a lot of CNN.

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