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  • Show is horrible now!!!

    After Sharon got Leah & Holly fired, I refused to watch the show. The little bits & pieces I've watched were absolutely horrible & I would be embarrassed to have any ties to the show. I won't watch it & took it off my Facebook.
  • When they come back.......

    I hope Sheryl and her big mouth will be gone. So tired of this loud unfunny big mouth.

  • Sheryl ~ ~ the Queen of Barf

    How and or why the producers continue to allow Sheryl I'll never understand. She is vile, uncouth, eats like a horse out of a feed bag, hangs on to any/every male who enters as a guest and needs some corrective gum surgery and needs to stop prancing around like an overgrown Twinkle Bell. I can't think of one constructive thing to say about her. WHY, when you can have a co-host such as Marie Osmond would you wait a minute longer than to toss the Queen of Yuk out on her ample butt. From the reviews I've read, I'm far than alone on my dislike on this classless act. I'm already leaving the room when she is given won't be much longer until I leave all is a loss for me as other than sex craving /bottomless pit Sheryl , I enjoy the program. PLEASE get rid of her. is this a contractual issue?
  • Sheryl Vulgar Idiot

    Cheryl is vulgar and disgusting with the way she simulates sex acts with food. She chews her food, which is constantly, like a cow chewing cud. She's always looking for the camera so she can stick her big bug eyes in. And Sheryl, You Walk Like Ya Got A 2x4 up your 350lb Butt. Just wear flats. You are a disgrace to women and women of color. I vote to fire the fat, ugly, sexually disgusting cow and replace her with Marie Osmond. Marie has Class. Sheryl has Ass. I'd give a higher rating if it wasn't for the "Token Black Female".
  • The Talk

    What is up with all the Vegan receipts!! Why should U always have to please Sara! Marie should replace Sara!! Tired of her! The score is O for Sara!
  • gummy smile

    Omg... Sheryl is so annoying. I use to think Alisha was most annoying and obnoxious person, but Sheryl has kicked it into high gear! Good Lord, this lady is trying too hard. Please stop with the disgusting, obnoxious, and non-funny sexual innuendos. Please replace her, so the TV show can be once again watchable.
  • Sheryl please switch gears

    I like Sheryl but she's just become so obnoxious with the sexual innuendoes allll the time I Dont watch, she makes food sexual for gawds I was john stamos I'd file a restraining order and demand she never even speak my name, and the poor male guest could sue for sexual harassment. If a man acted like that his career would be OVER.
  • Best show

    I think you should replace Sheryl with Marie. It makes a much better show.
  • Realism

    I love this show because I don't think the host are fake. They represent the normal/abnormal people in society. I love the diversity. Sheryl Underwood is funny and the men that visit love her just as much as she loves them. I love that these women, especially Sheryl are comfortable in their own skin.

    Ladies are inspirational to those that will not fit the mold.... Unique is what I call them

    To Cowlovers: You wrote exactly what I was thinking and feeling about the show the past few days. The show has been a joy and pleasure to watch without Sheryl. I am sure Sheryl is a very nice person, but the character the show has her playing makes it impossible to watch. Sheryl presents the same problems as Sheri on The View.

    Love the show this week, it's sooooooo enjoyable without all the non-sense, vulgar antics of Sheryl. Wouldn't it be great if Marie could take her place fulltime.
  • The Talk = Daytime CBS promotional show

    I watch THE TALK. While I like Sara and Alisha and Sharon, it's just an awful show. All the discussions are soooo rehearsed. Cohosts have their assigned roles to play. Sheryl (Shurl) plays the role of comedian -- and she does an awful job. Sara is the lesbian. Sharon is the crazy celeb. Alisha is the only sane person. And, Julie is the wife of the guy in charge of CBS. And, when the discussions end, we're all supposed to be interested n watching someone cook or teach us how to exercise --- YUK!
  • Another Sheryl Comment . . .

    I was just reading a few of the comments, and most of them have to do with disliking Sheryl Underwood. She comes across as quite vulgar. The way she eats (or shovels) food into her mouth is just gross. I used to find some of the topics and opinions of other hosts very interesting, but decided to stop watching because I found Sheryl's behavior very disturbing.
  • Sheryl

    Please, Please get rid of Sheryl! On the show today she put some kind of disgusting "stuff" on her feet and believe me this is not funny. She is outrageous and over the top in every way. I hate it when she opens her mouth to say ANYTHING since it seems to be difficult for her to speak English! I am not the only one who feels this way as you can see from other reviews. I have stopped watching many times because of her. Love the others and love the show but am beginning to avoid it. My rating is a 2 because of her. You will be making a mistake to keep her on.

    Whether it's drooling (and physically clinging) over the male guests or being the first to taste the food created on the show, including chewing with her mouth open, not to mention ALL the outrageous remarks that come out of her has all the makings of a pig! CBS got rid of 2 really good co-hosts with great chemistry and a lot of fun, and class to be replaced by a pig??? Makes no sense to me. I watch solely to see who is a guest and for some of the comments made by some of the other ladies, but the pig can oink her way and I tune her out. How can CBS justify this hire????
  • Can't watch it anymore

    I can't watch the show anymore I like Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osborne Julie Chen.. I can't stand Cheryl Underwood, she is obnoxious and Aisha Taylor is horrible she's not a host she talks too fast and doesn't make any sense at all
  • Don't talk down to scream... Just don't

    I just can't watch the show anymore. Julie has loosened up, but if she is using her husbands position to threaten people, that's not right, and she should stop being a bully. If I had acted like Sheryl at my job, I would have been fired. Her job is comedic relief, but she goes over the line with sexual innuendo, her eating food, and preparing food comedy act. Her routine is just old and no longer funny. It is just loud and obnoxious. I suggest that she retire. Sharon stopped her pouting routine this year, so her act became more palatable.
  • Can't watch anymore!!!!

    I have watched this show since the beginning because it was a breath of fresh air from The View (which I don't ever watch anymore). Unfortunately, you have totally turned me off with your total Crucifixion of Justin Beiber. Honestly Ladies, it is totally beneath all of you!!!!!!!! The latest videos are from when he was 14 years many of you would like to be judged by what you said and did when you were 14 years old? Luckily, there are no videos of any of us at that age and/or people that would/could sell them for money! I am absolutely not condoning in any way the contents of the videos, but where on earth is your compassion? Justin Beiber was raised in a very small town in circumstances that we know nothing about. Was he trying to be a big shot with his peers (14 remember)? What I thought at 14 is certainly not in the same universe as what I thought at even 20. I totally agree with Sarah when she said that her 9 year old wouldn't say that, but she has no idea what he would say at 14 amongst his she thinks she does, she's in for a shock!!! I would have totally claimed the same thing when my boys were 9 and been right, but at 14, nothing would have surprised me. BTW, I raised two sons that are wonderful, thoughtful and kind men today. Sharon especially annoyed me, because she has raised children to adulthood and must remember the teen on, she is married to The Prince of Darkness! Is she trying to say her kids were always "politically correct"? I am not a Justin Beiber fan (way too old) but for a group of adult women to carry on as if he is the devil incarnate is ridiculous. He's still a kid with reportedly not a great childhood and a lot of growing up to do and of course, becoming a megastar at his age and everything that goes with it, can not be imagined. I for one pray that he finds a way to become the sort of adult he can be proud of despite the craziness of his childhood and the international criticism of every move he makes.

    These women have nothing of substance to contribute to any conversation. Their opinions are only self serving, race baiting and ratings driven tripe. When my television is accidentally left on and they are allowed into my home, they are some of the most vile humans I have witnessed since MSNBC. If only there were a negative rating available.
  • Sarah Gilbert

    I used to love this show and all the ladies are great but one thing that drives me crazy is Sarah Gilberts hair. Does the woman own a brush or a comb?? Why does it always look so unkempt, surely someone on the show has noticed how messy her hair looks? It looks like shes never combed her hair in years. Well I feel better now, hope she sees this.
  • Yipes!

    This show has zero compassion for others. The last time I watched they were making fun of the pilot who suffered a mental break. Now it is Donald Sterling. An 80 year old man who made inappropriate remarks. Why is it okay for tv actors and politicians to say things that are inappropriate then apologize and everything is okay? Sharon Osborne is hands down is the most vicious in these attacks. Like she is sinless! Give me a break!
  • My opinion . . .

    I remember watching this show when it first came on. I was a big fan and never missed it.

    Now it has turned into the worst gossip show I have seen in a long time. How about getting into some more advice for women, and some more fun.
  • I change the channel

    Sorry but I really can't stand listening to Sheryl. She has the most ridiculous comments and just likes to hear her own voice. Bring Leah back. Just a stupid gossip show with stupid topics. Such unintelligent drivvel.
  • Obnoxious B***

    Sheryl Underwood is the most obnoxious b*** on tv ... her filthy sexual comments are not funny, they are disgusting ... The Talk started out a good afternoon talk show, but since they got rid of Leah & Holly and added this digusting b*** they really messed up a good show ... I keep trying to watch it and then Big Mouth opens her extremely big mouth & I feel like puking and turn the tv elsewhere ...
  • Hypocrisy

    After an extensive conversation about racism, why would it be OK then for Aisha Tyler to throw "ageist" barbs at Paul Simon upon his having been arrested in a domestic disturbance. Not funny. Is The Talk morphing into The View? Not good.
  • Shame on Sharon

    Sharon's laughter regarding the comments made by Joan Rivers regarding the three kidnap victims from Cleveland were just as disrespectful and inhumane as the comments that were made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nick Cannon, double standard

    Dressing as a white man is ok huh? It's all so funny until a white guy puts on black face and Nick would instantly say he is being disrespected. Nick looks like a clown with his skunk stripe have style. Also, Sheryl, please lose the Ebonics!
  • This was supposed to be a show for moms huh?

    Okay, this show throws about the "b" word way to often to get some cheap approval from the audience. Also notice how anytime they have a cooking segment the host if they hear the words, meat, stuff, sausage, or anything that could be an innuendo they start laughing and giggling every single time(today they were stuffing a chicken and when the host said stick the lime in the cavity they started laughing). The thing that really kills me is when Julie Chen talks in her stereotypical home girl voice. Sheryl doesn't really bug me that much but she really only has 3 jokes she makes over and over again. The show gets creepy if Sharon or Sara aren't their to wave the normal flag.
  • Sheryl Underwood

    I enjoy watching the show and have always loved watching Sheryl Underwood; get real people she's a comedian and a good one I must say. She's one reason I watch the show. When I'm having a bad day she makes me laugh because she's so funny. To be honest I have been watching The Talk since it's been on the air. I was a little saddened when Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were replaced but if it had to be then I think their replacement was a good one. I love all the ladies on The Talk. God bless each one of them.
  • I love the show but.....

    Please stop breaking away to the audience as the girls are greeting their guests. I want to watch the connection between look at an audience member clapping.
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