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  • I love the Talk

    I love watching the Talk never miss a day. Keep doing a good job.
  • Sherl Overeater!

    I have never seen a person be so rude and loud. All she does is EAT! any time their is food available, she is all over it! Every one else are doing the segment as planned, but Sherl is still eating! It is so embarrasing. She needs to be replaced! I refuse to watch her make such a pig of herself!
  • Thats Funny Stuff !

    I find it funny that these people are talking bad about what has been said on the show, if you don't like it don't watch it. I mean you talk poorly of these women because you say they are bashing Reese but then yet you want to bash them. The show is called The Talk so they talk about people! If Reese didn't want to get talked about then she shouldn't have acted like a fool in public....
  • Have Your Fan's Taken a good look in the Mirror Lately!!!!!!!

    Quiet all of you Supposedly Fans of The Talk!!! All of you talk "CRAP" So tell me what makes you better than them? Your complaining,pissing & moaning about poor little REESE!!! Give me a BREAK! Are you people for REAL?You are doing the same thing they are, only the panel have a little bit more CLASS than some of these fans of the show. I Happen to LOVE this show!!!! If you can't take the heat - get out of the kitchen!!!!!
  • TV's highest paid bullies

    I am a new viewer of The Talk. But I won't be sticking around. I turned off the tv after today's latest catty rant against Reese Witherspoon. If I want to listen to such childish, mean chatter, I can go hang out at the local high school. Grow up, ladies. With the exception of Sara, who is refreshing with her objective, non-emotional offerings, I can't take listening to this any longer. Yes, a DUI is extremely serious. And Reese's behavior that night was simply inappropriate. But she was drunk. That's how drunk people behave. That's why so many people do "the walk of shame" the next day. And she has certainly had to crawl down that road. But to see the outright pleasure that Sharon and her co-hosts take at Reese's mistake turns my stomach. Just when we are teaching our kids how to deal with bullies, we turn our tv on to see America's best dressed bullies all sitting around a table getting PAID to be bullies! Last week, CBS gained a viewer, this week they lost one. I'm interested in hearing other's opinions and don't give a hoot if they are different than mine. But I won't condone mean girls no matter what their age or status. Bye bye.
  • Quiet Sharon & Sheryl

    Mrs. O & Sheryl are just plain nasty to anyone who has a problem (like Reese and Allisha is not much better. Sharon is the only one who showed some understanding of someone's mistake and Mrs. O jumped on her for doing that. Besides being predictably mean and nasty to people in the news they predictably go for excess sex talk too. I am more a liberal than a conservative but it is even too much for me.

    I did call CBS and make a complaint about the bad attitudes.
  • Sharon needs to keep her mouth shut!!

    I don't think Sharon, of all people has the right to belittle or make fun of Reese Witherspoon. Over the years her family has been pretty disfunctional. Reese has apoligized. Drop it and let it go! I hope they never plan on having reese on the show, cuz I surely would not ever step foot on that show with them!! I think it is poor taste, rude and very unprofessional to act like that about a fellow actress!!
  • Step off Reese!

    You people act like you've never made any mistakes in life. It is what it is, Reese apologized so move on. Sharon Osbourne have you met your family? Why do you hate Reese so much? I've always loved you but your attitude is surprising towards her. Maybe you should go home and clean your own yard up before you go stomping in someone else's. You guys must be hard up for news because you talk about this everyday. I really don't appreciate the continuous harping on the subject. Other than Sara and Julie, the rest of you suck. Opinions are one thing but you're trying to crucify Reese. Just wanted you to know how I feel before I stop watching. Sharon, seriously? Calm down and go home and take care of your drug ridden husband.
  • Sharon Osbourne on Reese Witherspoon

    Sharon needs to shut her trap about Reese because she has enough going on in her own house to keep her busy. I guess dysfunction pays well when you're a "celebrity" but I would be embarrassed. I'm glad she's gone from America's Got Talent and hope she will soon be dropped from The Talk.

    As to rating this show, I give it a 1.
  • 7.5
    I usually love you ladies and the show... however your talk about Reese Witherspoon, was mean , catty, and worse than her behavior was... so some class... she said she was sorry.. show some grace ladies.
  • rublran3

    All I can say is u go ladies keep the good work up , me and my mother law watch u every day and we love y'all , so those that are hating ,Move around,!!!!!!
  • Sheryl Underwood

    I just wanted to say that honestly I never watch this pathetic show, however, I was on the treadmill at the gym and this was the only channel working on the TV, so I guess I had to watch it. But, when Sheryl Underwood said that Debbie Rowe looked like June Shannon, I was thinking that Sheryl needs to look in the mirror, because if anyone looks like June, it's HER!!! She has the biggest gums I've seen in a mouth. This show is horrible and should be canceled. Ever since Holly and Leah were taken off the show, it has sucked. Sad to see grown women talking crap about people. You guys are actual bullies.
  • Reese sadness....

    I watch The Talk almost everyday and to say the least, I am truly disappointed in all of you regarding Reese Witherspoon. The woman is human and made a horrible mistake. Do I condone drunk driving or behaving badly, no. However, guess what we do make mistakes! Maybe find a little more support and a little less cattiness!
  • sharon osbourne on her high horse

    Sharon Osbourne is so superior, her attitude towards Witherspoon demonstrates her haughtiness and nasty attitude to those who aren't in her "inner circle". She should think twice before judging others considering her own behavior in the past such as the scatological reference she made to an incident in which she angrily delivered a "gift" which was disgusting and showed her lack of refinement. She laughs about it!
  • Talent Search

    Sara Gilbert should be fired as a talent scout !. Linda Perry NEEDS a lot of backup singers and should never, ever, ever be on a stage alone. NEVER, EVER !

    But, I guess Sara Gilbert is somebody's darling - so, go ahead and ruin TV for the rest of us. Who cares.
  • that stunk

    you should not allow Meth heads on your show it just looks bad
  • On Episode 154-Gay Basketball Player

    However I may be persecuted for this, I will proceed anyway. God is saying in Leviticus 18:22, " Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is He goes on to say in Leviticus 18:26, "Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgements, and shall not commit any of these abominations, neither of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among The Lord God, our creator is no alright with this guy's preference or any of the same that act or share this behavior. Because God is against it, then the entire world should be against it, yet we support such behavior. We cannot redo or makeover what God has already created or made. He also said everything He did was good and this includes His Word (The Bible). Our opinion are of no matter if it conflicts with the Word of God, but our choices are of great consequence when they conflict with the Word of God. I cannot speak for the multitudes, but I will not go against God, for the consequence is too great.
  • and her hunky hubby!!

    You guys are funnier than a barrel of monkeys. I'm 69 years young and I love you all! Mrs. O I love your husband and always have but I'm out of his league and you are gorgeous and I can easily see why he loves you so much!
  • Underwood plz!!!!

    last weeks show about Reese Witherspoon,saying if she was black she woulda been arrested,seriously stop being stupid and rascist biggot,im not watching anything with you in it,as soon as you said that i turned the channel

  • Sherry

    The reviews I read about Sherry, I so agree with, I just can't take her! She thinks she is funny, but she is not! I wish the show cared about there audience and take her off!
  • Roadrunner Mouth Aisha!

    I apologize in advance to all the Aisha Tyler fans but I can't stand her!!!! Every time Julie puts a subject out to discuss Aisha is always the first and the last to put her all-important take on the subject. Plus, she always uses her hands when she talks a mile a minute!!!! I like the show and I think Sheryl Underwood is the person that keeps me coming back to the show. If only I could blank-out Aisha.
  • Sharon, GO TO HELL!

    Sharon Osborne needs to shut her mouth and stop criticizing Reese Witherspoon, calling her a bum because her husband could have hurt someone while driving drunk. Hey Sharon, how about that druggie and drunk of a husband you have? Someone dress Sharon up in some tire tracks. I cant even bare to watch the show anymore with her high almighty ego.

    love your show you all are great
  • Unprofessional

    I think Sheryl Underwood is too Ghetto to be on the show. She is too childish! She doos not exemplify no sense of dignity. She greets the celebrities on your show like a Horny Toad. She is sooooo wrong for the show. She needs to be replaced!
  • Christmas Lights Out on New Year's?

    FYI: Christmas lights should stay on at least until Epiphany (January 6) which concludes the twelve days of Christmas (therefore, should NOT be turned off yet at New Year's Day, as noted by your guest Donny Osmond, on today's show). Traditionally, Christmas lights are turned on at the onset of Advent (4 Sundays prior to Christmas).
  • Best Talk Show EVER

    Love,love,love your show especially Sheryl I think she adds so much to the don't know why there are so many negative comments. Keep doing what your doing. The only thing that annoys me is the audience they seem to be to loud, but other than that the show is great.
  • Black taxi drivers

    It was not entertaining to watch Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler as Hattie McDaniels and Butterfly McQueen. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! I would think you thought more highly of yourselves. I find you disgraceful. What's you next act? Black face!
  • Yuck!

    Did you seriously just advocate washing jewelry in hotel coffee makers? Some of us drink actual coffee from those. A collective eeeeeew from those of us who do!

    Love all the Host except Sherlyl Underwood, have yet to hear her say anything of value or that makes any sense, she only blabbers to get a laugh from the other host, Don't know how she ever got the job there,, bring back Leah Remini, She is real, and was fantastic, not just a lot of hot air like Sheryl, Some times I need to change channel BECAUSE her jokes aren't funny to anyone ,but herself even though the other host has to laugh at them.
  • Biggest Fan

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