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  • cohost

    I watch the Talk everyday and enjoy it , but Sara Gilbert brings nothing to the table except she is Gay which makes the group diversed .She has no meaningful input on nothing.
  • sharon osborne

    i would like to say congrats to the mother to be and i hope you have a healthy and beautiful baby
  • S. Underwood

    Not sure if this is where I should send this comment but I am so disappointed with Ms. Underwood. She is classless, an embarassment to African American women. Would you PLEASE tell her that the way she acts does not show us in a positive light. Maybe it works at the comedy clubs but not good for TV. I have tried and tried to watch the show but her actions are a complete turnoff to many women of color. It would be great to see and have her "calm down".
  • Recombinate DNA

    We are stepping on Gods toes when we mess in the playground of Recombinate DNA, we are about to open a Pandoras box. Resurecting extinct animals will have consiquences that we are not equipped to deal with.
  • take it all off

    thats being real, thank you ,i have been down lately but that all changed when you all took your extensions off how cool was that and sherly you are beautiful! and donnie talking about being real that people expect you to always put on the face that hi everything is great soooo wrong i believe its those people who have a problem being honest great show that shows we are all human no matter who we are in life

  • The participants

    I rarely watch this show for many reasons. Cheryl -most of her comments are very inappropriate. She's loud and classless and tries to take over every conversation. I also don't like the other black girl. She tries to take over every conversation if she can beat Cheryl to it. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they are both black. I loved Holly Robinson Peet!! Until they get new participants, I will not be watching!!!
  • SAG at under $10k

    Please pass this on to Diane Ladd at SAG. Her plea for people to support actors, so they can make a living wage is heard. However, those actors and tv personalities that insist on using their fame to promote their political view is not appreciated. Just because they can act like someone else, does not mean their view trumps mine. But, they have the media to forward their message. I'm making a list of those actors/actresses/tv personalities that I propose to release with request that their work be boycotted. If they want to promote values that go against religious views, moral views etc with such blatant disregard, then they will be hit in the only spot they are vulnerable - their pocket book and reputation.
  • We love Y&R!!!!

  • Y & R interviews

    I hardly watch your show for three reasons....1) Cheryl---most of her comments are inappropriate an vulgar;

    2) the interview questions are too prepared and you read them off of cards, which is why I quit watching the View; and 3) you have some great guests but their appearances are short and disjointed.

    I have been watching Y&R since Day 1 and was so hoping to see more of the non actor side of them and it was so quick that if you blinked, you missed them! They were they only reason I watched today and was very disappointed.
  • Valerie Harper Story

    My name is Cynthia Batte & I'm writing on behalf of my Church Prophetic Praise Deliverance Empowerment Ministries, in regard to the Valerie Harper story. It was very touching as she shared her battle with cancer.

    Our church is one where miracle signs & wonders happen to them that believe. We have seen kidney & pancreatic cancer healed, new lungs received, limbs grow out supernaturalweight loss, appearances of angels & more, because of the power of God working on behalf of others..

    Well, there's nothing too hard for the Lord! Our church family would like to join our faith with hers to claim healing & victory over her life, so her days may be healthy, whole & long-lived.

    God has no respect of persons & what he's done for others, he can also do for Mrs Harper!

    We're sending an invite to Mrs Harper to come visit our ministry, so we can pray for her & believe God for her total healing. If she can't come, we can go to her.

    Thank you for passing this letter on to the appropriate person for contact with Mrs Valerie Harper.

    Our contact info: Cynthia Batte assistant to Dr. Sandra Taylor PhD (513) 234-5479 Prophetic Praise Deliverance Empowerment Ministries 4713 Industry Dr. Unit D Fairfield, Ohio 45014

    Visit us also on Facebook, Email us at

    Thanks for your joined efforts in changing a life by divine connection.
  • Queens of the network

    I live to see all of you each day. The opening talk is always inspiring and sheral always makes me feel good about my self. You all have good family ethics. A agree about redoing the Valerie Harper show the Pope took up the whole hour.
  • sheryl

    shyl is an asshole the stupid bitch is ruinnning your show and ayisha follows
  • prayerwar48

    Like your Julie makes announcements they allow the crowd to always drown her we DON'T EVER hear what she says
  • Pope news interrupts Valerie Harper on the Talk

    Please rerun your show that was supposed to air today with Valerie Harper. I wanted to watch this so badly, then the blankity blank news broke in and wasted a whole hour about nothing. Please, I live Valerie Harper so much and it is not fair for us to not be able to see this episode of your show.
  • Aisha 'not there'!!

    Me and My Wife watch this program every day. WE just love it even better when ' AISHA ' is not there. She seems to always HOG the topics. She knows nothing and always has to 'knowitall' !! TGSNT
  • march 5 2013

    To the ladies of the talk. With regard to your condemnation of the nurse that was doing the job that all had agreed she would do. Although it may not be a choice you would make for your mother or your mother would make. But who are you to be so judgemental without knowing all the FACTS. If I'm 86 and have discussed with my children that I do not want to be resuscitated should I lose conciseness, and If we all agree and find a place that agrees to my wishes, and then goes against my wishes and gives me cpr, I would not be happy. Dr's and Nurses and family members stand by everyday and allow patients with do not resuscitate orders, to die. This is no different. The family is not making this an issue, why are you? The comment that loud mouth made about taking care of her own and that saving a life is more important than the nurse's job is so inappropriate. Maybe that nurse is the sole provider for her family and in this economy having a job is saving lives. It may always be the right time to talk; it's not always the right time to condemn people when you are not involved first hand.
  • Today's Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great way to celebrate a Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Inspiring 16 Year Old Leukemia Fighter


    I am writing this with regards to my cousin Jorie Elliott.

    Jorie was diagnosed with Acute Pro-myilotic Leukemia which is a type of Acute Non-lymphocytic Leukemia she was 15 years old when she was diagnosed with this on January 9th 2013. Jorie turned 16 years old which she had to spend in the hospital alone in London Ontario.

    She is a straight "A" student and a very athletic person playing 7 different sports on 10 different teams, due to cancer Jorie had to give up her love for her sports and her school. But this hasn't stopped her she has already convinced her mom to let her play hockey every now and then.

    Jorie loves turtles in the summer of 2008 when Jorie was 10 she wrote her first letter to the Municipality of Kincardine about her concerns that turtles would get killed trying to cross the street. After not hearing any news about this issue Jorie decided to send in another letter this time including an essay about Ontario's turtle populaton and how 6 of Ontario's 8 species of turtle are at-risk. Jorie's 2 year wait paid off as the Municipality began to search for a turtle crossing sign. Jorie set out to raise money to pay for the signs herself.

    When Jorie was 11 she planned on taking school supplies and clothes over to Cuba were she goes on winter vacation. Jorie states that she wants to make them feel like the luckiest kids in the world. Thanks to Jorie 31 packages were sent with her to Cuba and handed out to the children in Varadero.

    Jorie's wish is to meet Justin Bieber so I am asking you to help her out, she puts everyone before herself and always stands up for what she believes in, and now it's our turn to give back to her.

    We have also started a #turtlesforjorie campaign and are trying to get it to "trend" on twitter. So every time you see a turtle think of a girl who is battling something no child/teenager/person should have to.
  • First Time Viewer

    I'm not usually home at this time so I watched the show. This may be too high energy for me - loud, talking over each other, crass comments, poor grammar, etc. Think I will read a book instead.
  • Talking about the Talk

    Being home because of an injury, I happened to watch the show. The first thing that struck me is that the hosts really let loose but, it's not "put on", They're all funny as hell and they don't talk over each other which is what I like the most.
  • Cheryl Underwood

    I don't know how many are sick of seeing her stuff her mouth with what ever food is on the show. And then to talk with food in her mouth. Can you say lack of manners. Either have the food on the show when she has a day off, or stop the food althogether
  • why do you all think th same way

    tired of everyone has to agree on have any conservative views?
  • Bartenders Revenge

    In Minnesota, Its the bartenders responsibility NOT to serve a person that appears to have had enough to drink, if she was the one that had served him. A question that needs to be answered is, Was she mad because he didn't tip her enough or he didn't tip her at all because of bad service? A real bartender always protects their customers, because "No Customers, No Job".

    Thanks for a great show,

    George S
  • What she shoulda did????

    Sheryl should learn to speak proper English. She's very funny but also annoying when she says things like "what she shoulda did". Just my opinion.
  • Suggest a Guest

    Were do we go or do to suggest who we would like to see on your Fabulous show
  • LOVE IT!!

    Somehow, I just recently discovered "The Talk"...... seriously the best show I watch! I won't even respond to text messages or answer calls during the show!
  • DR H J roberts

    Sharon O google Dr H J Roberts and read about ms and aspertine
  • worse show nexr to The View

    On todays show it made me finally make the decision to no longer watch. Sharon is a freak when she thinks the picture of Kim and Kanye is "art, it is beautiful". What it is is porn and yo should never have shown it. Sealed the deal for meas the show is just too liberal and going to the gutter every day.

    Kathy Hau
  • Julie Chen

    Why does she look like she drunk. Her eyes are barely open, or does she have a problem with her eyes. especially her right eye.
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