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  • Really Sherly!!!

    Nicki Minaj singles out Taylor S. and Katie P jumps on the pathetic band wagon and TAYLOR APOLOGIES to keep the peace and be a lady and YOU see that situation as spoke to much on this episode pipe down if your gonna talk stupid!!!
  • i most say it is unforgettable Dr Ofemo help me to got my husband back home

    this is unforgettable testimony that i will not stop to be testify Dr can't stop thanking Dr Ofemo for this Great thing that he has done in my life, I am so grateful to him,MY HUSBAND left me because of another girl for 5 year now.. ever since then my life have been feel sad with pains sorrow and heart break because he was my first love. A friend of mine called Candra told me he saw some testimonies of this great man called Dr Ofemo that he can bring back lover within 24 hour.. i laugh it out and said i was not interested but because of the love my friend had for me,he consulted the Dr Ofemo on my behalf and told him my situation, and he responded to my friend and he cast a love spell for me which I use in getting back my husband that he is missing me and that he is so sorry for everything he made me went through. I still can't believe it, because it highly unbelievable it just too real to be you Dr Ofemo for bringing back MY HUSBAND and also to my lovely friend who interceded on my behalf, for anyone who might need the help of this Great man i recommend his is the only through help I have ever i decided that i must place his email for those in need of his help in any situation you may be going through contact him just as i did and see the good things God is using this good man to email him You can also contact him through his mobile:+2348163387496
  • Bill Cosby Critique on the TALK

    While I'm saddened by the information being revealed about Bill Cosby, I'm more outraged at the hypocrisy of the entertainment industry's critique of this entertainment icon. Drugs, womanizing, and other immoral acts that I won't name have been entrenched in the entertainment culture forever. I don't condone this behavior from anyone; I'm just as appalled at the responses from entertainment community. I find it be quite hypocritical.

    I won't attempt to give examples of others who have chosen similar paths. The appropriate response is to pray for the man and his family. Don't judge ... lest you are judged.

    My husband of 20 years informed me at the end of June as I lay in bed healing from having an emergency hysterectomy that he had fallen in love with another woman. Since the 1st of July we have had one argument after another. He has moved everything he owns and wanted from our home. He stayed gone until he had no choice but to return due to not having anywhere else to go. He has continued to have sexual contact with me however until Wednesday of this week. On wed he got a hotel and slept with this other woman for what he claims is the first time. I know he still loves me because it is there when he is around. But this woman continues to tear him away. We had amazing sexy last night yet tonight he openly admitted as he walked out the door that he was going out with her. I have loved this man unconditionally since I was 15 (27 years). We have had our ups and downs but have been strong together. We adopted our first child who is now 12 and she is torn completely apart by her fathers actions. We have a 6 mo old that we have had since he was 6 weeks old that we were in the process of adopting. Now the adoption isn't possible. I don't know what else to do to get him to cease contact with this woman and come back to his wife and children fully devoted. To come home where he is truly needed, loved and wanted until i contacted Dr. Odion via who rescue me from my problems and you can also reach him to help you out because he is real.
  • my testimony on how i got my ex husband back

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  • Co Hosts The Talk

    I have watched from the have always been a positive person and never been negative, but when Cheryl comes on I immediately become lot of us have been abused as children (I am 71 am no longer a victim) and do not need to be the center of attention and do not need to hop on every male I come in contact is a wonderful comedian and that is where she needs to when she is part of the food segment, I become repulsed, she has no class and if it is part of her comedy routine it is have been around the block starting in the Haight am not a prude, and I have prayed on this but find I have to flip the channel when she does these things, and she still has to make sure the camera is on am sorry, I adore the show and she is very funny as a comic and she is intelligent but I don't get the food routine, it is like she never ate before and shoves people out of the way to stuff food in her all have our sad life stories, but we overcome you for listening to my O'Dell and have a great will continue to be a loyal watcher except for those few moments.......


    my name is Karen Gary from USA, i want to testify to the general public how my relationship was restored back by the great power's of Dr Marvel after three months of loneliness, my ex-lover called me after my contact with Dr Marvel that he want us to come back and start a good home, now we are happily married. All thanks to Dr Marvel for his wonderful spiritual help. You can contact him on his website or via email or or call his telephone number +1559 898 2962 if you have similar problem, or any solution you may need.

    Good Luck.
  • How i got my relationship back

    I want to say a very big thanks and appreciation to Dr. Baba for bringing back my husband who left me and the kids for almost three months within the space of five days after following all instructions given to me. I am very much grateful for restoring peace in my marital home. I pray God almighty give you the strength and wisdom to help more people having similar problem like mine. If you need his help you can reach him on his email address: from Mrs Stella Dennis
  • over opinionated

    Sharon Osbournes comments on Ariel grandes licking of donuts and hating the US apologies are too late what was Sharon thinking there is no excuse for that behavior and comments from anyone let alone a world famous celebrityif Sharon doesn't have a problem with the comments then she and Ariel should leave the country


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  • "Ariana Not-So-Grande"

    Are you kidding me! I'm amazed at The Talk today (7-8-15). After viciously throwing Subway's Jared Fogle under the careening bus of Public Opinion with NO evidence to speak of, the ladies of "The Talk" give Public Health Menace, donut licking, "I Hate America" proclaiming Ariana Grande a total pass because she's "young"! (even though the video evidence is irrefutable) Ms. Grande is a PIG and she and her boyfriend should be arrested! Her lack of patriotism for a country that has nurtured her success aside, she and her spit slurping guy may have infected innocent donut buyers (including children) with flu, or herpes, or God-knows-What! This is unnaceptable behavior that you ladies are glorifying here! Mrs O. seems to think that because she "peed in phone boxes in London" during her misspent youth, that disgusting behavior is a right-of-passage. It isn't. EVER! PIGS ARE PIGS (British or American). Come on Ladies, man up and call a spade-a-spade!

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  • Sheryl is the only one worth watching

    The only reason Id watch this is to see Sheryl

    The rest of the cast is horrible especially Sara sry but that should be a behind the sceens person she chases viewers away!!!

    I might watch if I didnt have to see Sara


    I just want to share my experience and testimony name is Mrs Rose i was married for 4 years to my husband

    and all of a sudden, another woman came into the picture.. he started hailing me and he was i still loved him with all my heart and wanted him at all costthen he filed for whole life was turning apart and i didn't know what to moved out of the

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  • puff daddy above it all

    with your defense of diddy today you have sunk to level of the view. If that were any non Hollywood person he would be sitting in jail. your panel is more and more holding regular public up to a higher standard than yourselves. His son is in college not pop warner football, not that it should matter. I have been with the show since the beginning, bye.
  • Puff Daddy Remarks

    Don't know who these people are on the show except for "Darlene" but the woman who says she gets coffee and then give death threats when real milk is put in her coffee instead of soy milk was making excuses for P Diddie making death threats and attacking the UCLA coach. It's lucky for that coach that this guy wasn't packing and this idiot on the show making excuses for him would most likely make excuses for that too. What kind of crap do they put on tv during the day anyway? This is 5 lbs of it in a 4 lb bag! Channel 2 has the best shows on tv during prime time. Who is in charge of the shows during the day? they should be fired!
  • Love yea Cheryl but come on your a lady

    I love the show but I have a little trouble with Cheryl, Don't get me wrong I like her she is funny for the most part, But does she really have to feel up every male guest you have on the show and then have to make comments about it to me it is a form of molesting,because maybe some men don't want to be felt up and she really should watch what she does and says when they are younger then her. I also love the cooking segment but i find lately I turn the channel cuz I cant stand watching Cheryl so is acts like she hasn't eating in days and she has a bad habit of leaning over the dishes as she is shoving food in her mouth and she has food falling out of her mouth and she talks with her mouth full OK i understand she loves her food but come when you are on TV no one wants to see that it is gross
  • The Talk is Whack

    My quick thoughts is the Ching Lady is to Liberal the Dark Lady I think it's Sheryl seems to make to many unnecessary Jokes calls herself a Christian but falls for everything but I kinda like Aisha Is very smart to me but sometimes she lends to far to the left when I personally believe she's in the middle an The Osbourne Lady shouldn't be own there she goes for every thing an Sara I don't know what to say about her the show is a trip I believe it can do better and stop having the same guests also talk about some stuff that is more important and Kim K is not smart she is a silly B if you call savvy spreading your legs Sheryl you are sillier than you look.
  • What Difference Does It Make?

    People need to stay out of that Young Lady's business and take care of their own.

    It seems people are upset because she wish she had been born black.

    I don't care what she looked like at one time, look at her features.

    Her nose looks black along with other features.

    Leave Rachel Dolezal and mind your own, she is a beautiful black woman.

    Who knows what race she is and why are you worried about it?


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  • my testimony


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  • Recipes please!!!

    Find the show entertaining ,,... but they are the worst to contact... you watch other talk shows and go to their Website ( all you get on CBS is their website not user friendly!) type in a recipe you just saw on the show and cannot find. When called the show finally got the number they say it may take awhile to see the recipe!!! wanted the recipe for Sarah Gilberts Winning Vegan Pie !
  • An amazing testimony on a spell caster who brought my wife back to me

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  • the man that help me get my ex husband back to me and i am very happy today

    Hello to the people of this forum


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