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  • How i got my Husband back

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  • Disappointed with Josh Groban

    They say imitation is the best flattery, I'm an IL Divo fan and find it strange that Josh is all of a sudden doing cd with show tunes. IL Divo in 2014 was on Broadway, released a cd and world tour with their " A Musical Affair" that was based on show tunes. thank you

  • Child molesting is NEVER funny.

    I wrote a review about not agreeing with Aisha on much of anything, especially today when she was defending the comic from Saturday NIght LIve. I DID NOT appreciate the editing so I removed it. Apparently you are'nt allowed to disagree with I do anytime I watch that show. She throws out advice and opinions on things she has NO experience with. Child Molesting should NEVER be used in a monolog EVER!!!
  • "Hanoi" jane fonda

    I listened to your show as I usually do today and I was offended by some of the comments I heard. First off Sheryl needs to dial her sexual inuendo back to a G rating it is tiresome. The comments about how great hanoi jane is are highly offensive to me she deserves NO air time EVER. It is on her the deaths of 3 American POWS at the Hanoi Hilton after her visit there. She should be compensating their families for their deaths. She should also be compensating every POW at the Hilton for the pain and crippling beatings they endured. She along with her husband at the time tom hayden should have been arrested and tried for treason yet they are still sunning free do do as they please. Those prisoners died because of her and she should have been charged with no less than murder and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Most of the traitors of that time are now dead thankfully but some are still living the good life. That is a huge disgrace to every veteran who served in that war and a huge slap in the face to us who survived what she and her husband as well as john loser kerry supported.

    What is up with all of you advertising how to get your husband, boyfriend, lover etc. back. We don't CARE.... This site is for fan reviews, comments and opinions about THE TALK. If you want to continue with this nonsense, then get your own website. Don't waste our time or space!
  • how to get your ex lover back

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  • I recommend his love spell to anyone who is ready to get his or her lover back


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  • Like the show NOT THE AUDIENCE

    I really like The Talk and have been watching it since it came on. However I wish you could correct the problem of the audience overpowering the hosts. I find myself turning to other channels when this happens because it is so irritating. Especially when Julie Chen is giving us added information on the program and the audience makes it impossible to hear her.
  • The Hidden Daily Shame of Society

    I can appreciate the ladies of The Talk bringing up fat shaming, but how about tackling an issue that affects thousands of women and men? I am the third victim of a sociopath, who systematically "chooses a victim to be used financially, emotionally, and often physically" to their own end. Victims are expected to go away as the sociopath moves on to their next victim. Usually long term relationships with them result in leaving them with the monetary means or evidence to prove in court the financial destruction done to the victim. There are thousands, maybe millions of victims, who live through this agony, often times ending in suicide. Yes, how about tackling this kind of travesty. BTW: Making comments like Chris Wallace made, and then apologizing is like texting or commenting on Facebook and following up with LOL. You got away with saying it and then saying "don't take me too Crime-you already got a public reading of it.
  • Teens freedom of speech muted!

    Sharon Osbourne! are you seriously going to sit there and make excuses, this teacher, broke the law, that mug shot was public information, the kids who grabbed it and posted it were exercising their Constitutionally protected rights and the schools rules have nothing to say about that. Sure they should not of used the computers of the schools, but it is disrespectful of you to attempt to sit there and justify their right to express themselves about this criminal working in the public school system.
  • Shut Cheryl UP!

    I really enjoy The Talk, but I am about ready to give up on it if they dont get that Cheryl person off the show. She is so frustratingly annoying, obnoxious, disgusting and just ruins the show. Every topic discussed, even serious ones, she just has to interupt and take over the conversation with one of her totally nauseating, obnoxious, and never funny and usually irrelevant comments. She fawns over the men that come on, like she has a snowballs chance in he11 with any of them. What man would want to be any where near her with her disgusting comments, her boorish behavior, her piggish eating habbits. The other hosts are witty, funny, intelligent and discuss some interesting and thoughtful topics. I cant understand how they keep her on the show. And even more, do they really find her as funny as their somewhat contrived sounding laughter tries to indicate? Get her OFF that show, and maybe there is a chance for a quality daytime talk show to emerge. Cheryl has GOT to go!
  • The best daytime talk shown on network television

    I love, love, love, "The Real" It truly is the best daytime talk show on network television. The topics are relevant and, the concept is great. I have just one solitary issue, I believe the show would be much better without Tamar Braxton. The rest of the cast is great but Tamar, quite frankly, makes me not want to a watch. I think that she brings a flair of ignorance to the script. Don't get me wrong, I love the way the cast interacts with the audience and each other, it's great but, I believe that Tamar carries herself in an overtly childish manner that is very disrespectful to Black women, women in general and, her own personality. Ms. Braxton brings the entire cast down with her stereotypical antics and gestures. I think the remaining cast members would be great without her. Thank- You! GREAT JOB PRODUCERS, I have been and will remain a loyal fan and supporter. :-)

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    Thanks Dr, You are indeed a real spell caster
  • people who just are not worth a breath of air

    I had to write since your segment on Kelly Clarkson and the things people said about all of you . I have found that people who say things like that are just small or should I say micro will say if you are healthy,and happy then people don't need to say negative things about anyone. I told my kids those people are people that want and need attention and that is the only way they know how to get it! I also told them that if you can not say something nice about someone don't say anything because you have not walked in their shoes i think Kelly is beautiful and all on the show are great!
  • to Jeannie31

    How dare you say that someone should get surgery on thier eyes so that YOU will approve of their looks! You and people like you are the reason why some people feel badly about themselves. Its not your place to tell others what they need to do with themselves, especially getting surgery. I cant believe you actually had the gall to suggest that. Did you know that Julie HAS had surgery in the past because someone like you suggested she get surgery to open her eyes? What you see today IS a result of her already having eye opening surgery. How would you suggest she look? Maybe completely European? Would you approve then? People like you make me sick. How do YOU look Jeannie31?

    Oh and by the way, I love the show! All the ladies rock although i think Aisha talks way too fast and sometimes too much. She tries really hard to get her point across in a short amount of time. And if someone doesn't agree with her, I've noticed she will rebut with even MORE commentary! A bit annoying at times.
  • Enough already..

    Enough of Sheryl... she is so loud i have to turn the sound down when she pontificates, spewing her unfunny garbage mouth stupidities. Her 'comments' on serious subjects are trivial and often insulting and totally irrelevant. She is totally predictable, fawning and slathering over any good looking man who appears on the show-in fact any man that appears on the show. Predictable when food appears, playing a pig at the trough, grabbing and eating, rolling her eyes, dripping food on her ample bazoom is often offensive and offending and brings down the tone of the show. Her 'jokes' are rarely funny, and can be made at the expense of others. She believes that shouting at the top of her lungs makes things funny. NOT. Don't get me started on the wig collection!!! I used to enjoy this show, but forget it. Anything is better than an hour with her in it.
  • how i got my ex back


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  • Can't see

    please open Julie's eyes, no one can see her nor can see any of us. She makes way too much money per show to sit for the entire time with her eyes closed.
  • Holy LOUD

    Why is the audience so LOUD!!! Screaming like they are at a concert tone it Down!! I dont get it its a talk show. I think its soooo annoying!!!
  • The genuine Helper

    My name is Tessy Cole from Finland, My boyfriend left me a month ago and he was leaving with another woman who is 5 years older than him, i felt like my life is completely over so one day as i was browsing searching on the internet for help I read over the internet how a spell caster who has help several people to get there love back. I have been depress for the past one month and what i needed is to get him back and live with him happily. So, i decided to give it a try so i contacted the spell caster called DR. EBAKOR and i explained my problems to him and he said he will cast a love spell for me that will bring him back forever. I had no choice but to inform DR. EBAKOR to cast the spell which i use to get my boyfriend back and now my life is complete and both of us are very happy with the relationship. And i am really greatful to this man for what he has done for me and my family, Thank you very much and i will continue to say and share my testimony over and over again. For those who need help or that are having the same problem or other wise as me should contact him on his email address;

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  • professionalism

    We must realize being viewed on national . deserves the utmost professional character. All the profane language needs to cease. And ladies before you discuss God , please know what you what you are saying. God is a holy God blessings & cursing should not come from the same mouth. With all respect and love . The word of God tells us to hate what God hates, which is sin . And love what God loves which is his people. We hate the homosexuality spirit, not the person. Ladies it is written in the word of God Leviticus 18:22 how woman should not lie with another woman as like a man or man should not lie with another man as like a woman. It is an abomination to God. Ladies understand when God gave the command after he created the things in the earth to be fruitful and multiply Genesis 1: 28 , this is solely a man married to a woman and only that. What we have in today's society is those who just don't want to obey the word of God , and making excuses , changing the truth of God into a lie to fit their own needs and desires. Please understand God's word still prevails. There is nothing holy about homosexuality. Remember we will be all held accountable for the unrighteousness we teach. We have a generation coming up after us , we all need to take the time and think if we want our children to be apart of an unlearned , wicked generation. The word of God tells us we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. God loves us all so much that he gave his only begotten son , that whosoever believes in him will have everlasting life. God does not want to harm us it is the enemy , Satan that is deceiving us. Please seek the Lord while he may be found . I pray for your true salvation. Sheryl underwood either you will talk about God or stay in the world . God has given you a platform for his glory use it. you cant serve two masters the world and God. Only what we do for Christ will last , This is not judging , this is simply telling the truth in love. All people please understand the definition of judging, some of us are quick to say you can't judge me , people it's the word of God that judges us all. Stop using excuses to satisfy your flesh , and causing others to stumble . And aiesha you often say people can do what they want to do , then you add God bless them. Right people have a choice , but there will be consequences for all of our actions. and God does not bless what is contrary to his word. Please stop the foolishness , and seek the Lord for who he is Righteous , Holy, Majestic, Sovereign . Father i pray in the name of Jesus that you would please change our minds, or hearts and attitude to direct us closely to you , and your ways in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Love you all !!!!!!! I rate this show 1
  • lovenfood!

    I wish Sheryl Underwood would grab a snack before she goes on so she wont look like a pig with the food!
  • good work

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  • Brian Williams

    If you are all through making fun of him I just want you to know you have lost me as a viewer. I can't believe how unprofessional you were. I am shocked and ashamed of all of you. Good bye from me and I have never written a response to anything on TV before that is how deeply your horrible display affected me.
  • Bashing

    You talk about bullying and bashing people but whether you realize it or not your show does the same. The way everyone attacked Brian Williams was inexcusable. I'm not saying he didn't lie but he's a good man and deserves some respect!
  • Contact Dr Afekelu Onosetale

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  • A little class

    The presence of Sheryl Underwood takes away the class of The Talk. She is filthy mouthed, overeats on the show and tries to make a joke about everything. I hate when I am listening to a serious discussion, an interesting, well spoken discussion and she comes in with a tasteless quip about the very serious subject.

    I have DVR and now I tape the show and watch it later so I can fast forward through anything she has to say. I certainly hope the shows producers take another look at what this woman has done to this once wonderful and heartwarming show.
  • solution to all your problems


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  • Who is she? ?

    This may sound strange but I watch the Talk every day, I cannot figure out who the lady with the long hair is. I know Julie, Sarah, Sheryl and Sharon but who is the other lady? First, I think she talks way to fast, it's irritating , then she drags her comments on and on, usually when she is on I try and switch the channel because she makes me nervous . Who is she and how was she chosen to be on with the other ladies whom I adore so much. I would rate this show the highest had it not been for (the black lady with the long black hair).
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