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  • Hate the new cast!

    I used to look forward to watching The Talk everyday, but now you couldn't pay me to watch it. I really miss being loyal viewer. Shame on you Melissa! :-(

  • The View and Politics?!!!

    Whoopie and Joy still acting like idiots regarding politics. Producers: please cut out their comments re politics as their remarks are stupid and one-sided against Trump. What about all of Hillary's faults?

    Cannot stand The View anymore. Only watch to see what the stupids have to say that is laughable.
  • Wolf or Human?

    Risking opening myself up to hordes of women who simply can't believe that Hillary Clinton could handle working the Oval Office in the White House, it was so unrefreshing to unexpectedly catch a few minutes of THE TALK today and listen to a panel of diverse women discussing the value of "wolf calls". Even though the conversation worked itself to attempting to validate older being "just as sexy" as younger, the very fact that the word "sexy" had to be a part of the discussion ... the fact that women bemoaned not turning heads when they walked into a room ....................... Wow! Such is why I don't watch (or listen to) talk shows ... period. Check out the red carpet, folks. If women could get past needing to show cleavage in even their everyday clothing (when men show nothing but their heads and hands), perhaps women's paychecks might one day reflect that female brains are not only more "apparent" than their breasts, but, perhaps, even more "important"?
  • Thought the Talk would be different.....

    I thought the show "The Talk" would be a show that would discuss topics of the day in a thoughtful and fair manner. These woman are all smart, beautiful and talented women so I thought whatever topic they discussed might be intelligent as well. I had to stop watching it because its the same liberal BS attitude that every other Hollywood talk show puts out. While I'm not a fan of the Duggar Family, I thought Julie Chen's calling Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar terrible parents was harsh and unfair. And the other day when they were discussing the mother who left her 8 year old who beat an infant to death that was in their care and the consensus was that murder was too harsh, the mother should be charged with neglect, I thought--you can't seriously be defending this woman! That's when I realized that nobody who was outside their liberal agenda was going to get a fair shake. I can't and won't watch them anymore.
  • Today's Show

    Sheryl outrageous remarks about racism was uncalled for. She's always using the Race card and enough is young lady that was pulled out of here seat punched an Officer whether it was warranted or not isn't up for her to judge or anyone else. The Law will handle that situation. I will no longer support your show as of isn't the first time Sheryl has used the Race card and its time for her to shut her in all Races aren't bad we all know that we don't need her to constantly running her mouth and keep black constantly in termoil there's enough of this in the just needs to respect each other and get along. No more support from myself,family,and friends for your show The Talk our respect is gone.
  • Minimal......

    Normally I keep my thoughts to my self esp when Mrs O goes off on things I whole disagree with but DAM WOMAN! The rest of us must not include me or thousands up on thousands of people in the world. There are many who would probably trade places and have memories of sleeping on a porch. Sorry but a memory like that would be better than laying awake at night for 40+years afraid if I go back to sleep the dreams will come back of being raped and beaten eps when it started when you were 5 years old and it continued till you were 17. And Sharon Osborne has the nerve to say that the rest of us with child hood traumas have ones that are trivial to Oprah's complaining of being made to sleep and a FOYEY? Please I will trade any day just say the word I slept in a barn once just to avoid my father and I still remember how relieved I was to be there. Miss O maybe before you start spouting off for the rest of us you should consider what the rest of us have endured.

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  • You are all Snobs!

    i am ashamed and disgusted that you would interview the cast of "Power" on Starz and ignore the MUCH BETTER series "OUTLANDER" on Starz!
  • "Ariana Not-So-Grande"

    Are you kidding me! I'm amazed at The Talk today (7-8-15). After viciously throwing Subway's Jared Fogle under the careening bus of Public Opinion with NO evidence to speak of, the ladies of "The Talk" give Public Health Menace, donut licking, "I Hate America" proclaiming Ariana Grande a total pass because she's "young"! (even though the video evidence is irrefutable) Ms. Grande is a PIG and she and her boyfriend should be arrested! Her lack of patriotism for a country that has nurtured her success aside, she and her spit slurping guy may have infected innocent donut buyers (including children) with flu, or herpes, or God-knows-What! This is unnaceptable behavior that you ladies are glorifying here! Mrs O. seems to think that because she "peed in phone boxes in London" during her misspent youth, that disgusting behavior is a right-of-passage. It isn't. EVER! PIGS ARE PIGS (British or American). Come on Ladies, man up and call a spade-a-spade!
  • Sheryl is the only one worth watching

    The only reason Id watch this is to see Sheryl

    The rest of the cast is horrible especially Sara sry but that should be a behind the sceens person she chases viewers away!!!

    I might watch if I didnt have to see Sara
  • Puff Daddy Remarks

    Don't know who these people are on the show except for "Darlene" but the woman who says she gets coffee and then give death threats when real milk is put in her coffee instead of soy milk was making excuses for P Diddie making death threats and attacking the UCLA coach. It's lucky for that coach that this guy wasn't packing and this idiot on the show making excuses for him would most likely make excuses for that too. What kind of crap do they put on tv during the day anyway? This is 5 lbs of it in a 4 lb bag! Channel 2 has the best shows on tv during prime time. Who is in charge of the shows during the day? they should be fired!

    What is up with all of you advertising how to get your husband, boyfriend, lover etc. back. We don't CARE.... This site is for fan reviews, comments and opinions about THE TALK. If you want to continue with this nonsense, then get your own website. Don't waste our time or space!
  • Teens freedom of speech muted!

    Sharon Osbourne! are you seriously going to sit there and make excuses, this teacher, broke the law, that mug shot was public information, the kids who grabbed it and posted it were exercising their Constitutionally protected rights and the schools rules have nothing to say about that. Sure they should not of used the computers of the schools, but it is disrespectful of you to attempt to sit there and justify their right to express themselves about this criminal working in the public school system.
  • Enough already..

    Enough of Sheryl... she is so loud i have to turn the sound down when she pontificates, spewing her unfunny garbage mouth stupidities. Her 'comments' on serious subjects are trivial and often insulting and totally irrelevant. She is totally predictable, fawning and slathering over any good looking man who appears on the show-in fact any man that appears on the show. Predictable when food appears, playing a pig at the trough, grabbing and eating, rolling her eyes, dripping food on her ample bazoom is often offensive and offending and brings down the tone of the show. Her 'jokes' are rarely funny, and can be made at the expense of others. She believes that shouting at the top of her lungs makes things funny. NOT. Don't get me started on the wig collection!!! I used to enjoy this show, but forget it. Anything is better than an hour with her in it.
  • professionalism

    We must realize being viewed on national . deserves the utmost professional character. All the profane language needs to cease. And ladies before you discuss God , please know what you what you are saying. God is a holy God blessings & cursing should not come from the same mouth. With all respect and love . The word of God tells us to hate what God hates, which is sin . And love what God loves which is his people. We hate the homosexuality spirit, not the person. Ladies it is written in the word of God Leviticus 18:22 how woman should not lie with another woman as like a man or man should not lie with another man as like a woman. It is an abomination to God. Ladies understand when God gave the command after he created the things in the earth to be fruitful and multiply Genesis 1: 28 , this is solely a man married to a woman and only that. What we have in today's society is those who just don't want to obey the word of God , and making excuses , changing the truth of God into a lie to fit their own needs and desires. Please understand God's word still prevails. There is nothing holy about homosexuality. Remember we will be all held accountable for the unrighteousness we teach. We have a generation coming up after us , we all need to take the time and think if we want our children to be apart of an unlearned , wicked generation. The word of God tells us we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. God loves us all so much that he gave his only begotten son , that whosoever believes in him will have everlasting life. God does not want to harm us it is the enemy , Satan that is deceiving us. Please seek the Lord while he may be found . I pray for your true salvation. Sheryl underwood either you will talk about God or stay in the world . God has given you a platform for his glory use it. you cant serve two masters the world and God. Only what we do for Christ will last , This is not judging , this is simply telling the truth in love. All people please understand the definition of judging, some of us are quick to say you can't judge me , people it's the word of God that judges us all. Stop using excuses to satisfy your flesh , and causing others to stumble . And aiesha you often say people can do what they want to do , then you add God bless them. Right people have a choice , but there will be consequences for all of our actions. and God does not bless what is contrary to his word. Please stop the foolishness , and seek the Lord for who he is Righteous , Holy, Majestic, Sovereign . Father i pray in the name of Jesus that you would please change our minds, or hearts and attitude to direct us closely to you , and your ways in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Love you all !!!!!!! I rate this show 1
  • Brian Williams

    If you are all through making fun of him I just want you to know you have lost me as a viewer. I can't believe how unprofessional you were. I am shocked and ashamed of all of you. Good bye from me and I have never written a response to anything on TV before that is how deeply your horrible display affected me.
  • Sperm donation

    I saw a rerun of an episode in which these women are talking about sperm donation and how they would never have their husband donate it. I was appalled by the narrow mindedness of these have no clue how many women go through infertility and have to take this hard decision of having to use a donated is no empathy or sensitivity. Sperm donation is no different than organ donation to many women who are struggling to have a family. They are speaking on a public platform and need to think twice about the social responsibility they saddened me to see them mock and make fun of am never ever going see another episode of the Talk again.
  • Ferguson, MO

    I am truly disappointed in you for not doing your homework on this tragic event. You obviously didn't listen to the prosecutor or read the Grand Jury report (admittedly it is long, but that IS your job if you are going to comment on the situation). I expected this kind of reporting and worse from "The View" and got it, but not from you. It is a horrible thing to happen, but the Grand Jury deliberated for hours and hours, looked at pages and pages of evidence, talked to people (over 40) some that came forward on the QT (some were black) to tell what they actually saw not hearsay or what they thought happened or were told happened, but what they actually saw and did not change their stories. Some witnesses were discredited when changing their stories after they heard the facts, etc. They also talked to the officer. The Jury was chosen in May not after the shooting and stayed after their term was up. They gave of their time from work and from their families in fear of their lives and lives of their families. They knew if they did not indict they were in danger as well as their families and that there would be riots. They did what they thought was right. (We were not in that room with Let's listen and calm the situation not exacerbate it. I might add the Jury was made up of a diverse group; all ages, incomes, races, etc. Riots, looting, robbery, setting fires, and killing are not what should take place. Let's not forget some of these people were not even from Ferguson. This was not a crime of race and killing black boys as "The View" likes to say (and worse). Please do your homework and then apologize to the people of Missouri. Missouri is a good place to live. It is not the most racist place in the . (again as "The View" says. Please let me continue to have faith in you to report with knowledge instead of emotion.
  • Hypocrites

    Ok there have been several times I have been outraged about comments on your show, Sharon talking about cheaters when she is married to the biggest cheater of all time, Julie holy er than thou attitude , Aiesha talking about people being vulgar, has anyone seen her stand up comedy act VERY Vulgar!!! Now this thing with the Officer and Michael Brown ( did you all not listen to the evidence) get your facts straight, all you are wanting to do Aiesha , Julie, and Sharon is cause more outrage and riots!!! Shame on you. I will never watch this show again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ferguson, Mo

    Really Ladies, I am a fan of your show until today! You four insulted the grand jury in Ferguson who were chosen to do their civic duty, they heard testimony and saw evidence we were not privy to but all four of you obviously consider them STUPID and unable to make an informed decision. From what I heard on the news Michael Brown was NOT shot in the back (per forensic evidence) and did not comply with the officers instruction. I feel you should devote one entire show to educating the public on the law, the evidence in this case and explain the forensic evidence to ALL of us that are incapable of making an informed decision. I look forward to watching the four of you muddle through that show.
  • about not the indictment on the officer that protects everyone

    you know I did have respect for you guys but by y'all sitting here and degrading and acting like it was an act of crime it was not and if you would have listened for what they said last night the young man was not shot in the back so the problem is everyone has their own opinion and that's fine but number 2 you don't need to publish it all over TV I am sorry but two of you that have made remarks about this I'm proud of the officer to get rid of the hoodlums and that's what you guys need to honor and make for sure that all the officers no matter where they live or who they protect I granted you ever need one they will be there to protect you so quit making it sound like it is all the time that the blacks are the one that's being mistreated you are wrong and yeah I'm pissed and I don't think I will ever watch your show again
  • Mama June Needs Help

    I really like how you ladies are together. You also are interesting and fun and the show has a lot of good reasons for me to spend my time on. Today, however, I was a bit disappointed. That lady that is in the news for dating the monster who molested her daughter is a bit slow for sure, but the nasty things you said about her today just made me so sad that you would do this to her. I have never seen their show, and I do not know anything other than what is in the news right now. I have felt sorry for her and the children since the onset of hearing about this family and now to hear the nastiness in your voices as you cut her down I just feel sick. I thought you gals were different. This lady is a bit slow and you can tell she must feel very unloved to do what she is doing. She needs someone to take her under their wing and help her; not belittle her.

  • November 5th show

    Always liked your show but having Jane Fonda on is a VERY BAD IDEA !!!!! Who cares about her sex life. She is a Traitor to her country. My husband was in Vietnam and I will NEVER forget what she did to our POW's. Some of those POW's never got to have a life!!!! I wonder if you will post this?

  • The Same Old Stereotype

    Sheryl Underwood, Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee disappear! Aunt Jemima Underwood is such a wonderful asset to the image of black women everywhere. WHAT A CLASSIC BUFFOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
  • Sheryl

    I can't stand watching her stuff her fat mouth any longer. She has no class when it comes to food she acts like she's starving. She just about rips the food out of the chef's hands. Get rid of the pig.
  • Show is horrible now!!!

    After Sharon got Leah & Holly fired, I refused to watch the show. The little bits & pieces I've watched were absolutely horrible & I would be embarrassed to have any ties to the show. I won't watch it & took it off my Facebook.
  • Can't watch anymore!!!!

    I have watched this show since the beginning because it was a breath of fresh air from The View (which I don't ever watch anymore). Unfortunately, you have totally turned me off with your total Crucifixion of Justin Beiber. Honestly Ladies, it is totally beneath all of you!!!!!!!! The latest videos are from when he was 14 years many of you would like to be judged by what you said and did when you were 14 years old? Luckily, there are no videos of any of us at that age and/or people that would/could sell them for money! I am absolutely not condoning in any way the contents of the videos, but where on earth is your compassion? Justin Beiber was raised in a very small town in circumstances that we know nothing about. Was he trying to be a big shot with his peers (14 remember)? What I thought at 14 is certainly not in the same universe as what I thought at even 20. I totally agree with Sarah when she said that her 9 year old wouldn't say that, but she has no idea what he would say at 14 amongst his she thinks she does, she's in for a shock!!! I would have totally claimed the same thing when my boys were 9 and been right, but at 14, nothing would have surprised me. BTW, I raised two sons that are wonderful, thoughtful and kind men today. Sharon especially annoyed me, because she has raised children to adulthood and must remember the teen on, she is married to The Prince of Darkness! Is she trying to say her kids were always "politically correct"? I am not a Justin Beiber fan (way too old) but for a group of adult women to carry on as if he is the devil incarnate is ridiculous. He's still a kid with reportedly not a great childhood and a lot of growing up to do and of course, becoming a megastar at his age and everything that goes with it, can not be imagined. I for one pray that he finds a way to become the sort of adult he can be proud of despite the craziness of his childhood and the international criticism of every move he makes.

    These women have nothing of substance to contribute to any conversation. Their opinions are only self serving, race baiting and ratings driven tripe. When my television is accidentally left on and they are allowed into my home, they are some of the most vile humans I have witnessed since MSNBC. If only there were a negative rating available.
  • Yipes!

    This show has zero compassion for others. The last time I watched they were making fun of the pilot who suffered a mental break. Now it is Donald Sterling. An 80 year old man who made inappropriate remarks. Why is it okay for tv actors and politicians to say things that are inappropriate then apologize and everything is okay? Sharon Osborne is hands down is the most vicious in these attacks. Like she is sinless! Give me a break!
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