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  • I change the channel

    Sorry but I really can't stand listening to Sheryl. She has the most ridiculous comments and just likes to hear her own voice. Bring Leah back. Just a stupid gossip show with stupid topics. Such unintelligent drivvel.


    I love The Talk Show. I tape it and watch it after work in Atlanta GA. Sheryl has embarrassing behavior. I saw her eating with 2 hands. She was taking a bite of food with one hand and desert with the other hand . Disgusting! Sheryl eats like a pig. She should eat before she comes on the show. She eats all the time and is always having the hots for men that come on the show. She should have a man of her own. Enough is enough. Not funny or becoming. I hate this part of the show. She is not funny. Some of the things she say are just plain stupid.

    She know she weights too much because she takes too long to get to the table at the beginning of the show. Her stomach is too big and she can bearly walk. She had to buy a new wardrobe because she cannot fit in anything from last year and the same thing will happen in 2015. Sharon has a nasty attitude about everything. She is nasty and mean She is always talking about having the hots for other men. Her husband is not up to par. Sharon wears the same white and black suit. She do not spend any money on clothes. I have the same suit from 10 years ago. Both should be replaced. Sharon takes too much time off. Bring Carnnie in as a regular. Sharon Osbourne comments are too nasty for this show. She criticize everything.

  • About Sheryl Underwood

    I used to love watching The Talk on CBS. However, since Sheryl Underwood was hired as one of the co-hosts; I feel the essence of show has gone downhill. Her constant attempts to take(to hog) the spotlight from her co-hosts is disrespectful. She has made many

    comments on the show on matters that are non-related to the topic; and have been inappropriate. I have lost a great deal of respect for her. I can't help but feel her buffoonish behavior on the show is very disgraceful to black women.
  • sharon osbourne on her high horse

    Sharon Osbourne is so superior, her attitude towards Witherspoon demonstrates her haughtiness and nasty attitude to those who aren't in her "inner circle". She should think twice before judging others considering her own behavior in the past such as the scatological reference she made to an incident in which she angrily delivered a "gift" which was disgusting and showed her lack of refinement. She laughs about it!

    What is up with all of you advertising how to get your husband, boyfriend, lover etc. back. We don't CARE.... This site is for fan reviews, comments and opinions about THE TALK. If you want to continue with this nonsense, then get your own website. Don't waste our time or space!
  • Obnoxious B***

    Sheryl Underwood is the most obnoxious b*** on tv ... her filthy sexual comments are not funny, they are disgusting ... The Talk started out a good afternoon talk show, but since they got rid of Leah & Holly and added this digusting b*** they really messed up a good show ... I keep trying to watch it and then Big Mouth opens her extremely big mouth & I feel like puking and turn the tv elsewhere ...
  • Sheryl - UCK!

    Why is Sheryl part of this show? She's LOUD (have to adjust the volume every time she talks), eats like a pig and her attempt at humor is vulgar. The rest of the women are smart, well-spoken and actually discuss the topics at hand. Then she pops in with her screech to yell about food or sex. Shame on the producers for keeping this woman on such an otherwise classy show.
  • Find a Sheryl replacement please.

    Lately I've had to turn the channel about 50% of the time at some point. It seems Sheryl is trying to overly exaggerate her blackness and appeal to a wider audience. Instead it drives audience away with her 'bitches' lines about her mother, for example. Just too loud and obnoxious nearly every day. I like the show, but am then annoyed daily when she makes an exaggerated wise crack or yells, and I have to turn it off. I'm sure she is nice enough, but her mannerisms are not a good fit at all for the show. Not the right humor for what they seems to be trying to present. I asked around it if was just me - Results: All 6 friends said she was annoying, and one if them is even black and does not appreciate the black stereotypes Sheryl portrays.
  • Sharon Osborne

    Sharon needs to tone down on her fake British accent... I am British and no ways do we talk like that. It is so put on it is ridiculous. It is so annoying when she elaborates her words am sure if she spoke normally it would come across so much better..... Listen Sharon as it might help you !!!!!
  • Racist

    I am tired of Sheryl's comments on black people. She is clearly not as educated as Aisha. Sheryl is trying to get high ratings by downing her people,but this is only getting her low ratings. Sheryl, do not put all blacks in the same boat and sending us down the river. We are one race, but different people. Stop it with the stale jokes already

    Love the show this week, it's sooooooo enjoyable without all the non-sense, vulgar antics of Sheryl. Wouldn't it be great if Marie could take her place fulltime.

    Whether it's drooling (and physically clinging) over the male guests or being the first to taste the food created on the show, including chewing with her mouth open, not to mention ALL the outrageous remarks that come out of her has all the makings of a pig! CBS got rid of 2 really good co-hosts with great chemistry and a lot of fun, and class to be replaced by a pig??? Makes no sense to me. I watch solely to see who is a guest and for some of the comments made by some of the other ladies, but the pig can oink her way and I tune her out. How can CBS justify this hire????
  • Sheryl

    Please, Please get rid of Sheryl! On the show today she put some kind of disgusting "stuff" on her feet and believe me this is not funny. She is outrageous and over the top in every way. I hate it when she opens her mouth to say ANYTHING since it seems to be difficult for her to speak English! I am not the only one who feels this way as you can see from other reviews. I have stopped watching many times because of her. Love the others and love the show but am beginning to avoid it. My rating is a 2 because of her. You will be making a mistake to keep her on.
  • Canadian

    Today on the talk the comment that was made about Justin Beiber and Canada by Sheryl made me and I am sure a lot of other Canadians very upset. Who does she think she is other than a horndog. She may think that she is a comedian but that comment was not funny by no means. There are a lot of singers, actors and famous other people in USA that have done the same thing as Justin. She need not apologize I am sure we Canadians don't really think that it would be sincere at all. Reading the other comments on this page seems like no one likes her so why are you keeping her on the show. Maybe once your ratings go down you will get the hint.
  • Sheryl

    I find it ridiculous how Sheryl was bad mouthing Justin Bieber but defending Chris Brown's actions. Justin is a punky kid that is mischievous. Chris is actually causing physical harm to many people. Sheryl even called Chris a genius?!? She's crazy!!! I love the show but lately I wish Sheryl would just keep quiet.
  • Reese sadness....

    I watch The Talk almost everyday and to say the least, I am truly disappointed in all of you regarding Reese Witherspoon. The woman is human and made a horrible mistake. Do I condone drunk driving or behaving badly, no. However, guess what we do make mistakes! Maybe find a little more support and a little less cattiness!
  • Can't watch it anymore

    I can't watch the show anymore I like Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osborne Julie Chen.. I can't stand Cheryl Underwood, she is obnoxious and Aisha Taylor is horrible she's not a host she talks too fast and doesn't make any sense at all
  • Another Sheryl Comment . . .

    I was just reading a few of the comments, and most of them have to do with disliking Sheryl Underwood. She comes across as quite vulgar. The way she eats (or shovels) food into her mouth is just gross. I used to find some of the topics and opinions of other hosts very interesting, but decided to stop watching because I found Sheryl's behavior very disturbing.
  • Leah and Holly

    The show has never been the same without them. They were so cute and funny. Sometimes Julie looks really embarrassed when Sheryl says something loud and ridiculous. Sheryl is a nice person, but I miss the other two so bad! I only occasionally watch it; whereas, I watched every day when Leah and Holly were on.
  • Sharon Osbourne on Reese Witherspoon

    Sharon needs to shut her trap about Reese because she has enough going on in her own house to keep her busy. I guess dysfunction pays well when you're a "celebrity" but I would be embarrassed. I'm glad she's gone from America's Got Talent and hope she will soon be dropped from The Talk.

    As to rating this show, I give it a 1.
  • Best show

    I think you should replace Sheryl with Marie. It makes a much better show.
  • I use to like the show

    When did it become the View of Aisha? and why so in sensitive of Paula Deen ?My gosh she is being crucified for a statement that she said she was sorry for.. You had people on promoting the Movie Django which said the N word 115 times .Your ok with people having Babies out of wed lock. when Bill Clinton Lied to Our faces on TV and said he didnt have a affair when he did.. and he is forgiven... Show some sympathy to Paula here being fired effect all the people who worked for her also .. Oh I know she started it well some one needs to Stop the bleeding .and Tell everyone that NO ONE should say it

    (excerpt from my TV shows blog on 3/4/2014: 2014/03/04/thetalk-cbs/ )

    ok the biggest reason i wanted to do this blog is cuz i've been so bothered by stupid sheryl b----literally put her BARE hand into a cake meant for EVERYONE and got her piece of cake that way! that's some s--- a 1 yr old does at their bday party! she's def NOT 1, and does not have the mind of a 1 yr old, so WTF was she thinking?! that was beyond childish and gross.. forget that i have OCD, but just any joe schmoe would be disgusted by that! and on top of it, she jumped up once that cake was brought out (no one else even got up at all) and she had the nerve to do that.. def an unforgettable moment. i wonder if anyone else even bothered to have any of that cake after sheryl did that s---! we all know she loves her food cuz b---- ain't skinny (and i'm not either so this isn't some fat-bashing) but this woman has NO CLASS when it comes to food! she's constantly in the chef cooking segments chowing down and rudely interrupting the chefs.. she did that bulls--- w/ the cake today.. anytime there's food, she scarfs it down like she hasn't eaten for a month.. plus she talks w/ food in her mouth and chews w/ her mouth open GAG ME! this woman needs some etiquette classes to say the least. there's nothing wrong w/ loving food, cuz i know i love my food! but do it w/ class, dignity, and respect for others! yeesh sheryl! i don't expect her to be 'fine dining' but damn, be more than 'chuck E cheese!' ur supposed to be a grown adult! and let's not even get me started on her slutty a-- comments! w/ one of the hot topics, she actually said if she saw two ppl making out, that she'd jump in and join em :///// SMH! if i was making out, i would NOT want sheryl involved at all! B---- NEEDS TO GO! idk how much more clear i can be about this lol. there's no reason y they can't have just 4 hosts or hell, replace sheryl w/ anyone else! PLEASE!!!!
  • Sara's Comments

    Sara Gilbert making that gynecology internship comment just about turned my stomach the same as it would have had a man said it. I turned off the tv at that point and will never, ever, ever, view the show again. I know it's now the "in" thing to be gay, and fine, I don't care, but she goes into her sex life way to far and way to often. But today's comment was so nasty and totally unnecessary. Ellen is gay too and she's open about, but Sara take a lessen from her, she's never vulgar about it.
  • A little class

    The presence of Sheryl Underwood takes away the class of The Talk. She is filthy mouthed, overeats on the show and tries to make a joke about everything. I hate when I am listening to a serious discussion, an interesting, well spoken discussion and she comes in with a tasteless quip about the very serious subject.

    I have DVR and now I tape the show and watch it later so I can fast forward through anything she has to say. I certainly hope the shows producers take another look at what this woman has done to this once wonderful and heartwarming show.
  • Sweet little talk - unfortunately, not that interesting ...

    I quite liked the first season during 2010-2011. But ever since Leah Remini left (and Holly too) it is not the same show anymore. Leah added that extra spark for me, I guess. Not even Sharon is that funny now. Hm, Julie Chen is being her typical self, but i happen to like this lady. Sara Gilbert is boring, Aisha is Aisha and the other new lady is stupid and boring at once. Not the best combination for a daily talk show co-host.
  • Don't talk down to scream... Just don't

    I just can't watch the show anymore. Julie has loosened up, but if she is using her husbands position to threaten people, that's not right, and she should stop being a bully. If I had acted like Sheryl at my job, I would have been fired. Her job is comedic relief, but she goes over the line with sexual innuendo, her eating food, and preparing food comedy act. Her routine is just old and no longer funny. It is just loud and obnoxious. I suggest that she retire. Sharon stopped her pouting routine this year, so her act became more palatable.
  • Unprofessional

    I think Sheryl Underwood is too Ghetto to be on the show. She is too childish! She doos not exemplify no sense of dignity. She greets the celebrities on your show like a Horny Toad. She is sooooo wrong for the show. She needs to be replaced!
  • She aint funny!

    Sheryl you are not cute or funny. I love this show except for you. You make me want to change channels. Tone it down plzzzzz!
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