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  • Nick Cannon, double standard

    Dressing as a white man is ok huh? It's all so funny until a white guy puts on black face and Nick would instantly say he is being disrespected. Nick looks like a clown with his skunk stripe have style. Also, Sheryl, please lose the Ebonics!
  • This was supposed to be a show for moms huh?

    Okay, this show throws about the "b" word way to often to get some cheap approval from the audience. Also notice how anytime they have a cooking segment the host if they hear the words, meat, stuff, sausage, or anything that could be an innuendo they start laughing and giggling every single time(today they were stuffing a chicken and when the host said stick the lime in the cavity they started laughing). The thing that really kills me is when Julie Chen talks in her stereotypical home girl voice. Sheryl doesn't really bug me that much but she really only has 3 jokes she makes over and over again. The show gets creepy if Sharon or Sara aren't their to wave the normal flag.
  • Sheryl Underwood

    I enjoy watching the show and have always loved watching Sheryl Underwood; get real people she's a comedian and a good one I must say. She's one reason I watch the show. When I'm having a bad day she makes me laugh because she's so funny. To be honest I have been watching The Talk since it's been on the air. I was a little saddened when Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were replaced but if it had to be then I think their replacement was a good one. I love all the ladies on The Talk. God bless each one of them.
  • I love the show but.....

    Please stop breaking away to the audience as the girls are greeting their guests. I want to watch the connection between look at an audience member clapping.
  • About Sheryl Underwood

    I used to love watching The Talk on CBS. However, since Sheryl Underwood was hired as one of the co-hosts; I feel the essence of show has gone downhill. Her constant attempts to take(to hog) the spotlight from her co-hosts is disrespectful. She has made many

    comments on the show on matters that are non-related to the topic; and have been inappropriate. I have lost a great deal of respect for her. I can't help but feel her buffoonish behavior on the show is very disgraceful to black women.
  • Aisha Tyler

    I stopped watching The Talk for awhile because Aisha Tyler drives me crazy. I have never hear anyone talk so fast except people on speed. It is hard to even know half of what she is saying but mostly it drives me crazy. I tried it again today. I had to cut it I will have to watch something else.
  • About Sheryl;

    Let her live and let her enjoy!! They all taste the food and there's nothing wrong with what she is doing!! She is doing no wrong to anyone!! She just enjoys and appreciate the food that is being done on the show!! It's a compliment to the chef on that note. Don't like it, don't look at it!! Everyone enjoys food and we don't judge you!! Yes, she can be loud but she is a lovely lady. I think we all can be loud! They all have their own personality and responses/opinions, just like all of us. All the ladies on the talk are great!! Live and let live!! Enjoy life, you only have one!!
  • This is about getting a restraining order for that nine-year-old

    Me as a parent I will go above and beyond I would do anything to protect my child especially when I'm not present at the time. Adding a restraining order is the best thing I ever heard of .my neice which is eight years old was was in school and she got Choked by a little boy was like 9/10 and the only reason he got off of her was because the bell rang to go back into class. And of if this continues I will be telling my brother to put a restraining order on the little child or the parents of that child. And that will show them if it happens again someone's getting locked up so the cycle will have to repeat itself again
  • Been married 33 years

    I am ashamed to hear you ladies saying that people always cheat. We'll I have been married for 33 year's I never looked at another man he was the only man I 've been with, he did everything he wanted before he was commented to me. So please all of you ladies shame on you to say we have to be cheated on well if you are happy content & have a normal relationship this matters a lot . If I would change anything I would marry the same man again.
  • Sheryl - UCK!

    Why is Sheryl part of this show? She's LOUD (have to adjust the volume every time she talks), eats like a pig and her attempt at humor is vulgar. The rest of the women are smart, well-spoken and actually discuss the topics at hand. Then she pops in with her screech to yell about food or sex. Shame on the producers for keeping this woman on such an otherwise classy show.
  • Sheryl

    I find it ridiculous how Sheryl was bad mouthing Justin Bieber but defending Chris Brown's actions. Justin is a punky kid that is mischievous. Chris is actually causing physical harm to many people. Sheryl even called Chris a genius?!? She's crazy!!! I love the show but lately I wish Sheryl would just keep quiet.
  • Does anyone agree?

    I don't understand why The Talk has an audience. They just sit there at the table and totally ignore the audience and talk among themselves. When they do address a topic, they look in the camera and then go back to their talk and they don't include the audience ever. I don't get it. When I watch The View which is a similar format, they do address the audience and they don't just chat among themselves.

    My only other comment is that I think Julie Chin would look so much better if she had surgery to open her eyes. Just my opinion.
  • No clever kudos

    I'm not sure who thought it would be clever and entertaining to have a panel of women sitting at a table interrupting and arguing with each other. Whoever it was obviously works for ABC and not for CBS and for that I send a huge THANK YOU. It is such a joy to turn on a show and know that the women will not spend a good portion of the show interrupting and arguing. Thank you.

    Oh, and just as an story about the cat who cornered the family in the bedroom. What people are not saying is that the 7 month old has been pulling the cat's tail and the cat finally had enough and turned around and "bonked" the kid on the cat didn't "attack" he child. It also didn't go "crazy" until after the mom's boyfriend kicked the cat across the room. Maybe the parents ought to teach the child not to pull the cat's tail.
  • Canadian

    Today on the talk the comment that was made about Justin Beiber and Canada by Sheryl made me and I am sure a lot of other Canadians very upset. Who does she think she is other than a horndog. She may think that she is a comedian but that comment was not funny by no means. There are a lot of singers, actors and famous other people in USA that have done the same thing as Justin. She need not apologize I am sure we Canadians don't really think that it would be sincere at all. Reading the other comments on this page seems like no one likes her so why are you keeping her on the show. Maybe once your ratings go down you will get the hint.
  • So Disappointed

    The Talk has been my favorite daytime talk show. I have appreciated their discussions, and, unlike another women's talk show, they are respectful to each other and do not interrupt. However, as an audience member on Wednesday, March 5, I was quite disappointed and felt totally disrespected by the ladies. There was a segment of the show that had been prerecorded, so there was about 12-15 minutes where the audience sat there waiting. This was disappointing because we drove quite a distance to see an entire show, but understanding show biz, we were ok with it. However, while this waiting period by the audience took place, the ladies, except for Sharon, sat back on the couch with their heads down as if we weren't even there, texting on their cell phones. It was rude and inconsiderate of their

    audience - their fans. We have attended various other shows such as Queen Latifah and Craig Ferguson. These celebrities interact with the audience during commercials/breaks, and they make the audience feel appreciated and welcome. Not so with The Talk. Please note: Sharon Osbourne was very nice. I sat in the second row, and we made eye contact. She gave me a nice smile!!!! Thank you Sharon!
  • Almost Perfect!!

    Love your show-with one exception. Sheryl acts like a young, immature child!! It's embarrassing, and sometimes even sad, to watch her and her childish antics on the show, trying to bring attention to herself, instead of trying to be part of the cast. It even seems, at times, as though the rest of the cast is uncomfortable with some of the things she does to get a laugh for herself!! The show would be much better without her!!

    (excerpt from my TV shows blog on 3/4/2014: 2014/03/04/thetalk-cbs/ )

    ok the biggest reason i wanted to do this blog is cuz i've been so bothered by stupid sheryl b----literally put her BARE hand into a cake meant for EVERYONE and got her piece of cake that way! that's some s--- a 1 yr old does at their bday party! she's def NOT 1, and does not have the mind of a 1 yr old, so WTF was she thinking?! that was beyond childish and gross.. forget that i have OCD, but just any joe schmoe would be disgusted by that! and on top of it, she jumped up once that cake was brought out (no one else even got up at all) and she had the nerve to do that.. def an unforgettable moment. i wonder if anyone else even bothered to have any of that cake after sheryl did that s---! we all know she loves her food cuz b---- ain't skinny (and i'm not either so this isn't some fat-bashing) but this woman has NO CLASS when it comes to food! she's constantly in the chef cooking segments chowing down and rudely interrupting the chefs.. she did that bulls--- w/ the cake today.. anytime there's food, she scarfs it down like she hasn't eaten for a month.. plus she talks w/ food in her mouth and chews w/ her mouth open GAG ME! this woman needs some etiquette classes to say the least. there's nothing wrong w/ loving food, cuz i know i love my food! but do it w/ class, dignity, and respect for others! yeesh sheryl! i don't expect her to be 'fine dining' but damn, be more than 'chuck E cheese!' ur supposed to be a grown adult! and let's not even get me started on her slutty a-- comments! w/ one of the hot topics, she actually said if she saw two ppl making out, that she'd jump in and join em :///// SMH! if i was making out, i would NOT want sheryl involved at all! B---- NEEDS TO GO! idk how much more clear i can be about this lol. there's no reason y they can't have just 4 hosts or hell, replace sheryl w/ anyone else! PLEASE!!!!
  • Sheryl and her Forever Eating

    How many more times do we have to watch Sheryl shove food down her throat without even taking a breath. You looked so ridiculous two days ago when you were cooking. You didn't even share with any of the other ladies. You kept making orgasmic pig-like noises because your mouth was so full but that didn't stop you from eating and kept shoveling more food down your throat. It's time to watch Judge Judy. At least she has class..
  • A wonderful Show

    They are funny and Beautiful

    I think all of you beautiful ladies are excellent in your opinions, whether I like them or not at times. Yesterdays show, 2/10/2014, your comments on gays in the NFL and the fact it has become such a big topic is more of an issue with media news. Why is it that this athlete felt as though he has to let the world know? To me if we need to stop making martyrs out of gays, race, weight, etc....

    Your comments were all "what if's" with the premise that anything that happens to this guy going into the pros is because he's gay. I can see it now, he gets hit too hard or he is yelled at, its all because hes gay. I'm disabled and have lost everything I worked for it must be because I am a white male over 60. If I were to go out today looking for a job I most likely would have a tough time because of my age. So I guess if I announce my age before and don't get hired I should sue for age discrimination even though the employer has certain criteria other than the fact I am older.
  • hippocrits and liars 100%

    the show on 02-10-2014 were talking about gay football players in the is not ok not now or ever.. here is the real deal.. if its ok then all of the talks co-host should go shower with the pro they wont then they have lied to they refuse to do what they want the players in the nfl to do and that my friends is to shower with a bunch of guys looking at your be looking at your co-holst ass,s even the gay don't have anything against gays but when I shower I don't want some guy staring at my that's the only reason your girls wont shower with the nfl teams.. isn't it!!! so get off not pedjudice its just common sence and curtosy...
  • ur topic on gay fool comes out to NFL

    Firstly If the fool is a *** I don't need to know about it, just play the game. Secondly this fool is already making an excuse, so when he is cut, he can claim it's because he is a ***. Thirdly getting sick and tired of people treating these ***s like they are some sort of hero, the only heroes out there are our troops, first responders, single moms and children who battle against disease hunger and poverty everyday. Lastly who the hell does sheryl underwood think she is her comment is absolutely absurd on the topic of this fool coming out "he is the Jackie Robinson of the NFL" comparing some *** who came out to the great Jackie Robinson, who could not control the hatred of the white fans for the color of his skin, underwood you should apologize to the family of the Great Jackie Robinson for even mentioning this football clown in the same sentence, hey underwood what's next immortalizing this clown in the same manner as the Great Martin Luther King, underwood you are truly an idiot.
  • more a comment than review

    although I love all of you, my two faves left the show, Holly and Lea, WHY? Do not say schedule or excuses, tell the truth. They were the two most honest and not afraid to say the truth or their feelings. Thats what you need. I no lpnger watch because of this and now I watch DOOL. Thank you for an honest answer, although, I do not feel I'll get a reply. MARY
  • the server that got stiffed on her tip

    it makes me so mad when the ladies on the talk start defending the entertainer that apparently stiffed the server. I have two daughters who both are servers and they depend on their tips. Both of them who have customers that ask for them and no one else. And for you to make excuses for him with out hearing both sides of the story just makes me so mad. It sounds as tho you think that because he's an entertainer that he wasn't at quite sticking up for your own....
  • Sheryl's comments on child Sexual abuse

    Bravo Sheryl for your very personal and insightful views on child Sexual abuse. It was very obvious to the viewers that even after the passage of time this abuse robs children of their innocence and leaves a deep wound in the child. Parent's need to be vigilant and protect their children against these predators.
  • back ground noise

    will you please please stop the audience from clapping and screaming so loud. being in the . world because of the loud noise we miss so much of what you are talking about and when you are talking to your guest it is impossible to hear what you are saying. so please please tone it down. a little bit goes a long way. i have stopped watching your show because of the noise. clap quiet clap quiet
  • Rebound relationships

    My husband and I met after both of us leaving a bad relationship, we both knew what we didn't want in a relationship.... but as for rebound.... we have happily been rebounding for 33 years in March. Not all rebounds are bad. But I love the show and try never to miss it... Sorry Girls but Mrs. O is my
  • Can't believe anyone would compliment Beyonce's opening number

    All of you thought her opening number was so wonderful. Did you happen to read the lyrics to that SHAME SHAME on you guys. These lyrics are anything but family don't care if they are "dance with the chair" and the costuming was extremely children watched? This was as bad as Miley Ctrus...
  • Sharon Osborne

    I heard today from Wendy Williams show that Sharon Osborne threw water at Johah Hills brother. She really needs to grow up! Actually seeing her act immature on the show makes me not want to watch anymore. She just needs to grow up!


    Carolyn Waugh
  • Down to earth!

    Having been a "guest" in the audience and having watched the show for quite awhile now, I haven't a clue where these negative reviews come from but, I absolutely do not agree. All the hosts are the most "down to earth" real people I have watched on daytime TV. Unlike other talk show hosts, they (for the most part) do not have perfect bodies and do not always say exactly what they think we might want to hear. I don't either for that matter! They are all down to earth and approachable. I would much prefer to watch people I can relate to and that I believe to be (as they say) "keeping it real". Each and every host on this show has earned my respect not as an actress, but as a person. Thanks to all of them for being there for me each and every day! I might not like or approve of what they have to say sometimes, what they eat or what they wear.... but I am fairly certain if we got to know one another, the feeling would be mutual!
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