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  • Bill Cosby-pills

    I would like to know why none of the women never asked what the pills were for b4 they took them!!! I would certainly have asked, "What the heck are you asking me to take?" b4 I took something from someone I hardly know---supposedly? Maybe one or some of the women did ask---I just have not heard!!
  • Sarah Gilbert

    Nov 17, 2014... Did I see a baby bump on Sarah?

    if not, she shouldn't wear tight sweaters or, she should get some Spanx.
  • Mama June Needs Help

    I really like how you ladies are together. You also are interesting and fun and the show has a lot of good reasons for me to spend my time on. Today, however, I was a bit disappointed. That lady that is in the news for dating the monster who molested her daughter is a bit slow for sure, but the nasty things you said about her today just made me so sad that you would do this to her. I have never seen their show, and I do not know anything other than what is in the news right now. I have felt sorry for her and the children since the onset of hearing about this family and now to hear the nastiness in your voices as you cut her down I just feel sick. I thought you gals were different. This lady is a bit slow and you can tell she must feel very unloved to do what she is doing. She needs someone to take her under their wing and help her; not belittle her.

  • Long-winded irrating Aisha Tyler

    I love Sheryl's humor! That mouthpiece Aisha? that replaced that other mouthpiece, talks waay too much!!! And cant stand her long-winded opinions and shes soo irratating. UGGH If anyone needs to leave the show, it's her. I change channels when she talks.
  • Sara Gilbert

    Hello, I usually don't contact shows to provide my opinion or weigh in on views or even complain about a segment or guest, however I've been extremely bothered by your show aired 11-11-14. As my mother and I skimmed through channels to look for good tv, we came across The Talk. This show is not new to us, we are in fact very familiar with the show. My mother couldn't help but notice Sheryl Underwood ' s weight loss which was accompanied by a compliment. Congrats Sheryl. .. On the other hand we were a bit disturbed by Sara's appearance. This is in no way shape or form to make fun of or offend but she did not look well. Just a bit tattered if you follow what I am saying. All ladies looked well groomed and professional but I couldn't help but notice how Sara came across. I appreciate that she doesn't care to be classified as a Hollywood glam goddess and marvel at the thought of looking like all other Hollywood ladies, however I do except for a lady who sits before the camera especially one whom is recognized as the shows creater to at least look as tho she cares to exist. Her hair was extremely messy, she had bags lining throughout her face, she had on some bluish lumber jack coat that wasn't very becoming and she sloutched in her seat which did not appeal to our eyes one bit. We could not even concentrate on the show because she looked so unappealing in a non professional way. My point as close, I am not asking her to change who she is or how she dresses I am just asking that she at least look like she cares to some degree. She almost looked as tho she was on drugs, just very harsh looking. If there are things going on with her then my prayers for strength are with her. Please don't take this wrong it is purely out of concern. Ps love the show...


    I love The Talk Show. I tape it and watch it after work in Atlanta GA. Sheryl has embarrassing behavior. Sheryl eats like a pig. She should eat before she comes on the show. She eats all the time and is always having the hots for men that come on the show. She should have a man. Enough is enough. Not funny or becoming. I hate this part of the show. She is not funny. Some of the things she say are just plain stupid.

    She know she weights too much because she takes too long to get to the table at the beginning of the show. She had to buy a new wardrobe because she cannot fit in anything from last year. Sharon has a nasty attitude about everything. She is always talking about having the hots for other men. Her husband is not up to par. Sharon wears the same white and black suit. She do not spend any money on clothes. I have the same suit from 10 years ago. Both should be replaced. Sharon takes too much time off. Bring Carnnie in as a regular. Sharon Osbourne comments are too nasty for this show. She criticize everything.

  • November 5th show

    Always liked your show but having Jane Fonda on is a VERY BAD IDEA !!!!! Who cares about her sex life. She is a Traitor to her country. My husband was in Vietnam and I will NEVER forget what she did to our POW's. Some of those POW's never got to have a life!!!! I wonder if you will post this?

  • one saving grace

    Sara Gilbert is the absolute voice of reason. Objective and fair, I wish she added more to balance things out. Ever think of running for office, Sara?
  • The Same Old Stereotype

    Sheryl Underwood, Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee disappear! Aunt Jemima Underwood is such a wonderful asset to the image of black women everywhere. WHAT A CLASSIC BUFFOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
  • Uggs to Support Breast Cancer?, how about supporting the hanus slaughter of sheep to make them!

    Among the gifts for Sharon Osborne's Birthday Oct. 9, were Uggs. My title listed above tells the story - huge petition to stop Uggs due to the torture of sheep. Unfortunately they are still allowed to be sold around the world. Yes, support for breast cancer is always fulfilling but another gift would have been just as good. After all, you are fulfilling one cause while destroying another. Shame on you.

  • The Real Talk Show

    Tamar Braxton is exhausting, she talk too much. She is talking 80%. The others 4 ladies are talking 20%. I am tired of hearing her TALK, TALK, TALK she is ruining The Real. I do love Tamar Braxton, share the show with your casts.
  • How stupid do they think we are?????

    The tests they give some of their guests are stupid, or dumbed down for the celebrities. The audience is going to get whatever the celebrity is hawking at the moment.
  • the truth hurts...

    I just would like to tell sheryl underwood to keep doing what she do , I Love her cause she keeps it real,and people only get mad at the truth...

  • Love the cast, the audience is unruly and obnoxious

    Those people scream and yell at everything.. get some class, the cast are such cool people!
  • it's just Kanye????

    How dare S. Osborne take this cavalier attitude about this ignorant little man who demeans his own concert going fans. He even went on the net claiming that he's the victim of the media! Never giving an apology! Disfusting.

    Then today S Osborne claimed that her comment was taken the wrong way. No it wasn't. You meant every word -that people know how he is. Never saying he was wrong. More disgust from me.
  • thank God Leah and that Pete chick are gone!!

    Couldn't Stand Leah!! Couldn't Stand Her TV Show And Disliked Her Even More, If That's Possible, On The Talk! A Reality Show Around Her!!??? Pllleeeeease! She Is Just So Uncultured And Uncouth!! Love Sheryl!! Getting Kind Of Sick Of Osborne, She Gotten Quite Haughty And Full Of Herself.
  • Get rid of Sheryl Underwood

    She is NOT funny, she is too extra and it is APPARENT that she is looking for a man. Come on now! Get some DIGNITY about yourself. Stop making yourself so obvious. Everyone else is chilled and you are knocking yourself out trying to be funny. Bring it down and get some sense and dignity and perhaps you will find a man.
  • drama

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  • Can You Get Anymore Disgusting!!

    Sheryl makes such a PIG of herself on TV. On Friday when the guest chef was cooking, Sheryl kept shoving the food in her mouth. At one time Julie tried to get some of the food to taste but Sheryl wouldn't give her any. Not only does Sheryl shove food in her mouth, she also chews with her mouth open. It is so apparent that the public does not like Sheryl because of the comments about her. Someone needs to tell her to stop watching herself on the TV monitor. Please, Please get rid of the COW!!!
  • Robin Williams

    Watch all of you every day love all of you as a retired and very old lesbian Sheryl and Sara my favorites lol don't take me serious your all great. Okay i am pissed about Zelda williams having to drop her account on twitter which i only do facebook of hateful things being said about her dad how can people do that. Way to much cruelty in our world. Robin has given us all so much. And such a humanatarin . I have struggled with depression my whole life so i understand, Just wish i knew him and we were friends maybe i could of helped him, but if not then it was his time i don't blame him for his decision but well miss him. Wish i could tell his daughter to ignore all those stupid hateful people they don't matter. That poor child this is not something she should have to deal with at this time. This house well always enjoy his old movies oh i am 64 so yes i have them. God bless all you ladies keep up all the great work you do
  • Sharon Osborne

    It's so obvious that Sharon can't stand Sara's that squeaky voice drives me up a wall. She could do the part of the wicked witch of the west,
  • The Talk

    I haven't watched a full episode of The Talk since they fired Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete. They were the only reason I watched. Julie Chen comes across as thinking she is better than anyone else. She is married to the network head Les Moonves who's marriage she broke up. The only one I like on that show now is Sara Gilbert but I wish she would get a new hairdo. That show lost it's appeal when they fired Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete.
  • Sheryl

    I can't stand watching her stuff her fat mouth any longer. She has no class when it comes to food she acts like she's starving. She just about rips the food out of the chef's hands. Get rid of the pig.
  • Show is horrible now!!!

    After Sharon got Leah & Holly fired, I refused to watch the show. The little bits & pieces I've watched were absolutely horrible & I would be embarrassed to have any ties to the show. I won't watch it & took it off my Facebook.
  • When they come back.......

    I hope Sheryl and her big mouth will be gone. So tired of this loud unfunny big mouth.

  • Sheryl ~ ~ the Queen of Barf

    How and or why the producers continue to allow Sheryl I'll never understand. She is vile, uncouth, eats like a horse out of a feed bag, hangs on to any/every male who enters as a guest and needs some corrective gum surgery and needs to stop prancing around like an overgrown Twinkle Bell. I can't think of one constructive thing to say about her. WHY, when you can have a co-host such as Marie Osmond would you wait a minute longer than to toss the Queen of Yuk out on her ample butt. From the reviews I've read, I'm far than alone on my dislike on this classless act. I'm already leaving the room when she is given won't be much longer until I leave all is a loss for me as other than sex craving /bottomless pit Sheryl , I enjoy the program. PLEASE get rid of her. is this a contractual issue?
  • Sheryl Vulgar Idiot

    Cheryl is vulgar and disgusting with the way she simulates sex acts with food. She chews her food, which is constantly, like a cow chewing cud. She's always looking for the camera so she can stick her big bug eyes in. And Sheryl, You Walk Like Ya Got A 2x4 up your 350lb Butt. Just wear flats. You are a disgrace to women and women of color. I vote to fire the fat, ugly, sexually disgusting cow and replace her with Marie Osmond. Marie has Class. Sheryl has Ass. I'd give a higher rating if it wasn't for the "Token Black Female".
  • The Talk

    What is up with all the Vegan receipts!! Why should U always have to please Sara! Marie should replace Sara!! Tired of her! The score is O for Sara!
  • gummy smile

    Omg... Sheryl is so annoying. I use to think Alisha was most annoying and obnoxious person, but Sheryl has kicked it into high gear! Good Lord, this lady is trying too hard. Please stop with the disgusting, obnoxious, and non-funny sexual innuendos. Please replace her, so the TV show can be once again watchable.
  • Sheryl please switch gears

    I like Sheryl but she's just become so obnoxious with the sexual innuendoes allll the time I Dont watch, she makes food sexual for gawds I was john stamos I'd file a restraining order and demand she never even speak my name, and the poor male guest could sue for sexual harassment. If a man acted like that his career would be OVER.
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