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Full Episode: 9/10/2013


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Chef Antonia Lofaso stops by.

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Sep 10, 2013
Aisha I too wanted to have babies all my life, and until 2008 I never gave up , I would get pregnant but by time i was 4 mnths along my body would miscarry them , and it wasnt til my OB/GYN told me i needed a hystoscopy to clean all the scar tissues and edometriosis (pls forgive my spelling) he told me at my age then i was 45 i would either go into menapause or i could be very fertile cuz he said i had lots of eggs ... i was so happy to hear the last part of his discussion that i completely ruled out the first thing he said , i went home after surgery and told my fiance' that i will be able to have babies now.. so we tried and tried but instead of getting pg i went menopaused so i cried with you today when i heard your heart break , and like someone there said God has a plan for you , he also had one for Me and that is to help other women like us to know that even though we can not conceive a baby there are babies all around us that we can love , we may never hear mama and the child be talking to us but its because of the mama's we can also love them and spoil and then give them back to the parents . So Aisha hold your head high and know ur not alone and God has given u a new way to love babiesmoreless

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