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Clip: Sneak Peek: Mariah Carey Spills on Wedding Details & Son's Obsession with 'Boobies & Butts' to Sharon Osbourne (1:33)

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"The Talk" host and "Entertainment Tonight" special correspondent, Sharon Osbourne sits down with superstar Mariah Carey at her Vegas Residency at Caesars Palace to discuss her upcoming wedding and recent dieting. Osbourne asks, "Would it have anything to do with a wedding?" Carey admits, "It was the whole situation, it made me want to try to be better for all...and then we do have to get fittings, and dresses..." Osbourne asks, "Do you think you actually have time this year?" Carey responds, "That's the goal, but that's a lot on my plate." The multi-Grammy-winner also spills on her son, Moroccan's new obsession, "Oh boobies and butts?... That's his password. What am I suppose to do? It's inappropriate, but what can I do. They're obsessed with these things at this age...It's a bit much, but I'm trying."moreless
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