The Tall Man

NBC (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Phoebe
      Episode 38
      Billy falls in love with a girl whose life he has saved. Phoebe Canfield is running away from her violent and over controlling father. Billy must stand between Phoebe and her father if he is to marry the girl he loves.
    • Doctor on Horseback
      When old Doc Baines passes away and young Dr. Wade Parsons tries to take his place, the local citizens regard him with mistrust.
    • The Woman In Black
      The Woman In Black
      Episode 36
      There was a time when Don Diego wanted to marry Rosa, but now all he wants is to see her dead.He believes that she put a curse on him.
    • The Black Robe
      The Black Robe
      Episode 35
      Garrett is called in to investigate when it becomes apparent that the Mescalero Apaches are getting guns and ammunition illegally.
    • The Runaway Groom
      The Runaway Groom
      Episode 34
      Garrett encounters Burt and Luke Tugwell who are engaged in a grim manhunt. The quarry is their sister's husband who ran off and left her with a baby.
    • The Frame
      The Frame
      Episode 33
      Isobel Stewart, an old classmate of Pat Garrett's arrives in town with her sickly husband, Henry. Pat and Isobel renew their friendship causing the overly jealous Henry to plot revenge. When Henry turns up dead, Pat and Isobel are the prime suspects.
    • Trial by Fury
      Trial by Fury
      Episode 32
      Billy, Sadie Wren and Jason Cutter all have one thing in common. They were all acquitted of murder by juries in Judge Cromwell's court, much to Cromwell's displeasure. Now the judge has definite plans to correct these verdicts with his own brand of private justice.
    • A Time To Run
      A Time To Run
      Episode 31
      Abner Moody walks into the Lincoln County Jail House and demands that Garrett jail him for grand theft. In case Garrett has any doubt, Abner has a valise full of stolen cash to prove it.
    • The Long Way Home
      The Long Way Home
      Episode 30
      A tired Billy takes a snooze during a train ride and misses some interesting action. A Marshal uncovers an illegal gun shipment and is shot by the conductor.
    • The Four Queens
      The Four Queens
      Episode 29
      Showman Jacque Montreaux and his four lovely song-and-dance girls arrive in town, and Jaques stops off to show Garrett a letter from the mother of one of the girls, asking that plans to kill Billy the Kid be called off.
    • Quarantine
      Episode 28
      Garrett takes his wounded prisoner, Bob Kelso to Doc Beckett's office to be treated. Kelso tries to confince his ex-girlfriend, the doctors daughter Amie, to help him escape. Garrett must keep a close eye on the situaton or lose his prisoner.
    • Three For All
      Three For All
      Episode 27
      Maw Kilgore and her boys, Hyram and Dwig, meander down from the hills for a little fun in town, which consits of smashing up the local saloon.
    • Night of the Hawk
      Night of the Hawk
      Episode 26
      Pat and BIlly accompany Army Major Judd Randolf on a mission to secure the surrender of the outlaw Apache, Chato, and his band. Billy and Nelson share a mutual dislike for each other until they are trapped in a life and death situation with the Indians. In order to survive, both Billy and Major Nelson must learn to trust and respect each others courage and leadership skills.moreless
    • Property of the Crown
      Angelita Sanchez has an old Spanish land grant she thinks is valuable.Garrett agrees that it show Angelita owns half of Lincoln County.
    • An Hour To die
      An Hour To die
      Episode 24
      Also known as "A Day to Kill". Billy sustains a head injury while trying to break a wild horse. When he regains conciousness, he has amnesia. He does not recognize his friends including Pat Garrett so the paranoid Billy holds up in the local saloon with two hostages. Pat must take a chance on killing Billy or being killed in order to capture Billy and return him to the doctor's care.moreless
    • Rio Doloroso
      Rio Doloroso
      Episode 23
      Pat Garrett is bringing in a prisoner, Curtis, to Lincoln when bad weather forces him to stop in a small Mexican village. The village is very poor and jealousies develop between some of the townspeople and Pat. Sympathy for the prisoner begins to grow and Pat finds the situation becoming more and more hostile. In the end, Pat must rely on the courage of the good people of the town to survive and bring his prisoner to justice.moreless
    • The Impatient Brides
      A stage coach carrying four mail-order brides is forced to stop in Lincoln when the Apaches go on the warpath. The housing situation is desperate,so the girls turn to Garrett and demand that he put them up in jail.
    • The Hunt
      The Hunt
      Episode 21
      A shipping tycoon, Edward Van Doren, arrives in town with his mother looking for Billy the Kid. Van Doren is an avid hunter and he convinces Billy to become his guide on a hunt for mountain lion. Once Billy and Van Doren are alone on the hunt, Van Doren reveals that his real prey is not mountain lions.moreless
    • St. Louis Woman
      St. Louis Woman
      Episode 20
      Tom Davis asks his friend Pat Garrett to watch over his fiancee Miss Harper and her son David while Davis is out of town on business. Pat and Miss Harper find their relationship is deepening as they spend time together. Pat finds himself torn between his loyalty to his friend and his love for Miss Harper.moreless
    • The Girl From Paradise
      Billy is framed for murder by Sheriff Tolinger. Tollinger is taking BIlly to Pecos to hang when they pick up another convicted murderer, Annie. Despite being chained together , they manage to escape and head for help in Lincoln. During the journey the two fall in love.When Tollinger closes in,Billy and Annie must choose between their desire to survive and their love for one another.moreless
    • Substitute Sheriff
      Substitute Sheriff
      Episode 18
      The railroad line is coming through and that means eviction for the McBean family. But May and June McBean get an idea. Pa can stop the process server if he pretends to be Sheriff Pat Garrett.
    • Apache Daughter
      Apache Daughter
      Episode 17
      Pat and Billy accompany their friend, Bartlett, on a trip to recover his long ago captured daughter,Sherry,from a now friendly Apache Indian band. However,after Sherry joins her father,it becomes obvious that her loyalties lie with her adopted Indian tribe. When her Apache husband defies his chief and pursues Sally in an attempt to recapture her, a showdown insues.moreless
    • Sidekick
      Episode 16
      Billy saves a mexican boy, Fosfortito, from being whipped by Sledge, the man who he is indentured to. Billy decides to take the boy back to his parents in Mexico. When they get there, Billy finds that the town is controlled and vicimized by an American businessman. Billy shows the town that there is strength in numbers and that there is a time to stand up and fight.moreless
    • A Tombstone for Billy
      Cyrus Skinner, the town skinflint, has purchased his tombstone. Fate, however, seems to have other plans as the tombstone appears over the grave of Maria Gonzales, whose husband, Juan was too poor to afford one.
    • Legend of Billy
      Legend of Billy
      Episode 14
      Billy meets a western sensationalist writer named Dean Almond on a stage bound for Lincoln. For fun, Billy conceals his identity when he finds that Almond has come to write about him.He tells Almond "tall tales" about "Billy the Kid' and Almond writes an article based on Billy's lies. When ALmond discovers he has been duped, he takes revenge on Billy. It is up to Pat to save Billy from falling into Almond's trap and getting hanged.moreless
    • Fool's Play
      Fool's Play
      Episode 13
      Billy has a job riding shotgun on Bert Wilson's stage. It looks like a pretty routine run until they are surprised by a bandit named Pollitt.
    • Time of Foreshadowing
      Billy runs in to an old pal,Skip Farrell, who once saved Billys life. Out of obligation, BIlly helps him escape from the soldiers who are searching for him for desertion. When Billy and Skip arrive at Skips old girlfriends place, Billy learns that Skips reason for desertion was more sinister than he was led to believe. Billy has to choose between his sense of obligation and doing whats right.moreless
    • Petticoat Crusade
      Petticoat Crusade
      Episode 11
      Suffragette Amy Dodds throws a brick through Pat Garrett's window and demands to be arrested. Garrett refuses, so she goes on down the street to Murphy's saloon and throws some more bricks.
    • The Leopard's Spots
      Billy wants to impress a gentle girl named Charity, so he stops wearing a gun. Then a couple of hired killers show up and they are out to get Billy.
    • Trial by Hanging
      Trial by Hanging
      Episode 9
      Billy goes to work for a rancher called Jake Newton, unaware that his new employer is wanted for murder. When the lynch mob shows up and finds Newton gone, they turn their menacing attentions on Billy.
    • The Woman
      The Woman
      Episode 8
      Pat Garret shoots down a horse theif only to find out that the theif is a member of a traveling group of religious fanatics. When Pat goes out to tell the group of the killing, he is kidnapped and forced into becoming the husband of the woman who's husband he killed. Pat's only hope to escape is the understanding of his new mate or the determination of his friend, Billy Bonney, to find him.moreless
    • The Judas Palm
      The Judas Palm
      Episode 7
      Drifter , Archie Keogh comes to Lincoln and is immediately arrested for harrassing the local saloon owner. As Garrett is checking Keogh into jail, Billy the Kid recognizes him as an old friend. After Billy goes out of his way to help Keogh find a job , Keogh betrays him by killing Billy's girl, Rita's father and blaming it on BIlly. It is up to Pat to find the truth before Billy hangs.moreless
    • An Item for Auction
      Buffalo skinner, Sam Nayfack comes to Lincoln to sell his daughter Susan to the highest bidder. Garrett interfers and , for his effort, ends up taking Susan in. It falls upon Pat to rehab the 16 year old and make her presentable as a lady. Harrassment from Billy and opossition from the girl's father make Pat's role less than enviable.moreless
    • Shadow of the Past
      Ben Wiley and his family have moved to Lincoln and Billy has taken a liking to his daughter. When Billy introduces Pat Garrett to the family, Pat believes he recognizes Ben Wiley as a fellow prisoner from a prison camp in the Civil War. Garrett has sworn revenge on Wiley and Billy feels obligated to defend his new friends. A showdown between the Kid and Garret seems inevitable.moreless
    • The Female Artillery
      Billy and Pat are on a gambling vacation in El Paso when Pat wins $600 in a pocker game. In a short period of time,a con-lady named Sylvia is successful in seperating Pat from his winnings. Billy and Pat chase her to Durango and execute an elaborate plan to retrieve $600. It is a classic case of the battle between a wronged man and the whiles of a pretty woman. Many funny sceenes.moreless
    • Where Is Sylvia?
      Where Is Sylvia?
      Episode 3
      Billy and Pat are on a gambling vacation in El Paso when Pat wins $600 in a pocker game. In a short period of time,a con-lady named Sylvia is successful in seperating Pat from his winnings. Billy and Pat chase her to Durango and execute an elaborate plan to retrieve $600. It is a classic case of the battle between a wronged man and the whiles of a pretty woman. Many funny sceenes.moreless
    • The Liberty Belle
      Elena, Pat's old flame, returns to town to obtain Pat's protection against her ex-boyfriend Joe Durango. Neither Pat nor Billy know that Elena is really hoping to lure one of them into killing Joe who is pursuing Elena to retrieve money that she stole from him. When Joe arrives in town and attempts to kill Elena, the stage is set for a showdown between Pat and Joe.moreless
    • Full Payment
      Full Payment
      Episode 1
      Ex-Quantrel raider, Jack Baron, is coming to Lincoln to kill Billy Bonney in revenge for Billy's killing of one of Baron's men. The townspeople of Lincoln are reluctant to fight Baron to protect the chronic trouble-maker Billy Bonney.Pat finds himself standing alone with Billy against Baron. Will Garrett's words and faith in "the Law" change the town's mind in time?moreless
  • Season 1
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