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  • Nigella get's Fd

    Biggest problem with this show, 3 superstar mentors and Nigella. That's not to diminish the talent that Nigella brings but the recruits,The best chefs, are going to go with the star chefs if given the opportunity and Nigella is left with the dredges. Nigella does poorly because she's stuck with the dredges and the next year people are even more inclined to go the star chefs and Nigella is left with the dredges. It's a vicious downward spiral. It would be interesting for the producers to switch it up and after the teams are determined, switch them around so that Nigella ended up with some legitimately 'star' chef's in the making. I think the results would be very different to the formula that we've been seeing. Bottom line, Nigella get's the crappy end of the stick and to a great extent is defeated before she get me wrong I love all the star chefs but structure of the show definitely paints Nigella as the throw-away judge and I believe that with some real talent she would have much to offer to the recruits if she were given the opportunity.
  • Ludo is a verbal abuser!

    As someone who worked in restaurants for 10 years and put up with verbally abusive chefs, I think it is shameful that this TV show would allow Ludo to behave this way. What an immature idiot he is!
  • food from space

    This show is so unrelatable for most ordinary people. Only the elite eat the stuff I've seen prepared on here. Regular people eat the type of food hundreds of recipe websites cater to -real food we and our families would like. Half the ingredients on this show I've never heard of and they don't explain a thing to the viewer. People like Bourdain go around the world eating any and everything, but I doubt most viewers appreciate the tastes and foreign appeal he does. I won't be watching again.

    PLEASE Cancel this show please... where's the president's speech when you need 2 cancel
  • JackBurton

    Season 1 wasn't as good for me because Brian Malarkey came off as an elitist jerk. I used to dislike Ludo on Top Chef Masters but he's just very intense and competitive. Bourdain is just awesome. Cool and brutally honest. Ludo and Malarkey didn't get along and even though Malarkey's chef won Season 1, the chemistry suffered because of him. He was loud and obnoxious and was rude to the contestants. And the worst part was I am not sure he knew it, he's just half a fruitcake. Now they brought in Marcus Samuelsson who too came off as arrogant on Top Chef Masters and The Next Iron Chef but seems like a great guy. The best part of the show is when they argue for their chefs to stay in the competition. Nigella does an awful job of picking her chefs because she feels obligated or is just stubborn enough to only pick home cooks. It's a terrible strategy and this year she picked possibly the worst 4 people you could. She picked a Latina woman who claimed Nigella was jealous of her beauty and then a woman who wanted to do bacon and eggs for Nigella's requested salty & sweet dish. Then she has one person left, she finishes 2nd in a challenge and walks off the stage before it's announced and quit. So she either needs to take a different approach for mentoring or start picking her chefs more carefully. But she is gorgeous and I don't mind looking at her for a couple hours and she's got the biggest heart. I don't want her off the show at all.
  • The Taste

    If Ludo is a part of next season my wife and I will not watch! He is an arrogant ass! If you want a celebrity with an edge, find someone else.
  • The Show grew on me

    Watched season one on a whim and enjoyed it. Was never a Bourdain fan from seeing him on other shows but I have to same I'm becoming one. Nigella I find a terrible mentor. The other two judges I didn't know who they where but seem to be fine (including the original one in season 1). I think Nigella should be replaced.
  • Ramsey instead of Nigella

    I think if they could get Gordon Ramsey on the show it would boost reviews!
  • A terrible and wonderful show

    The Taste, a cooking show where a panel of "celebrity" judges choose chefs to cook for them on their team, via a blind taste test. The chefs then compete in a series of awkward and predictable challenges "you can only cook with squid tonight!" and the like. The show is unbelievably scripted, and in being so scripted, crossed a line with me. It became something of a campy distraction in the same vein as "mystery science The shameless product placement "hey what kind of CAR are you loading your groceries from THAT PARTICULAR GROCERY STORE into?" and the makeshift drama "will a home cook beat a professional chef?" I think we need to look at this show from another perspective. 4, because it is NOT A GOOD COOKING SHOW, but it's a halfway decent comedy if you're into that sort of unintentional humor.
  • Worst Ever Cooking Show

    What a waste of time.
  • Not Really About The Cooking

    If you like cooking shows, this is probably not the best one - unless, of course, you enjoy watching the judges talk about how great they are and what amazing palates they have. The rest of the show's time focuses on the contestants, who are comprised of both know-it-all professionals and home cooks, and their battles to win the affection of their respective judges/coaches. There are a few seconds in there where they actually focus on food, but the pompous attitudes from just about EVERYONE in front of the camera was enough to turn me off.
  • Wast of time and ingredients.

    Cooking shows have gotten popular lately and this show has some talented people behind it, but the concept and execution is horrible.

    This show is like Chopped and The Voice mixed into one. It doesn't focus on the cooking or the skills of the contestants, instead it seems to be more about the egos of the judges and the contestants. The loser is not sent home by a blind decision. They pick the worst then choose after deliberating on who the worst are.

    Then the format. There seems to be no reason for this show to be an hour long, other than ti fill it over and over with phrases like "We could send one of our chefs home", "We're tasting it without knowing what it is or who cooked it" and commercials. If they cut the time and egos in half, maybe this show would be palatable in a 30 minute time slot.

    i saw 2 episodes and thats it!!! i just cant stand some judges with there "you are amazing fabulous... bla bla bla i didnt choose cause I DON'T KNOW". If its that judging; no thank you!

    and Ludo Lefebvre please go study some English cause your accent sucks BIG DEAL!!! and it s NOT sexy or attractive.

    the only thing positive is Nigella Lawsons! Thats all!

    so Bye!

  • Grab a bite of this series!

    American Idol but with food! You can't hate that!