The Ten Commandments

ABC (Mini-Series 2006)


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  • I loved him in The Ten Commandements!!!!

    He was Moses's brother. It was nice to see him in something other than Lost. Now I know he is gonna be aroung for a long time. I still perfer him as Sayid. I think they could have had a longer part for him in The ten Commandements. It was a shame that he died so quickly in the movie. I was hoping to see alot more of him.
  • This TV movie was indeed very confusing, maybe because i am not a big bible reader, or maybe because this movie wasnt entirely accurate. I hope someone can tell me.

    Ok, so we all know God is who we all look up to whenever we need help. God is there to comfort us whenever we need comforting, because we all know that good is great. That what he does is great, good. For the goodness of Mankind. But can someone answer me one thing that happened in this tele movie.

    Towards the end, God commanded Moses to slaughter those non believing people who surrendered after the little fight between the believers and non believers...when asked what to do with them, Moses said \\\"Its gods way, kill them all\\\" They were than slaughtered. Can someone tell me if this is supposed to of really happened? Or just a terrible terrible made up thing.
    If it is true, then what is the difference between this certain act of god to that of Satan? I am completely confused. I thought slaughtering people, children included, was a bad act. Therefore Satan is behind it? Am i wrong? If its god doing a bad thing does it mean its ok? Then what is the point of saying certain acts are because of Satan? Who is Satan? Gods other personality?? his vengeful side?? Like in this movie. All the bad things in life can be put down to God having his vengeance.

    I am sorry if i offend anyone, but i am just confused. I really hope this movie was ridiculous and that these things didnt happen, but i would have trouble keeping faith if i knew that god would ever command someone to do such a horrible act.

    ps: Any movie that shows a little boy getting his throat slit needs to be banned from television! disgraceful!
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