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The Test

FX (ended 2001)


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The Test

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Jillian Barberie hosts a show where 4 celebrities discuss moral questions. Most of the time they aren't really moral.

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  • Pathetic Maury-show wanna be

    As bad as Maury is, this is ten times worse. There's not much to say about this, because it's just ghetto. trashy human beings fighting and starting up drama, just to be on .

    Kirk Foxx is a biased little shit. I hate him ever more than Maury, this schmuck takes sides, and he 'runs' when his guest are about to pummel each other, it's just a miserable trainwreck of chaos.

    I actually remembered this episode where the woman accused her husband of 15 years of cheating and it turns out that he didn't. Okay then, that's good, but the woman argues that he gave her reasons for her to suspect that he's cheating on her and then Hugh blatantly states that he's siding with the male, and then during the break, he's talking about how he could treat her a "little" better. All this half-assed talk, and he could've stopped her from storming off the stage, and the audience started to boo. as is a two-faced asshole, and he looks like a warlock, the way he plays each side is beyond disgusting, and I can't go through an episode without being thoroughly disgusted with him.

  • I'm So Embarrassed!

    Jan. 2nd - Off work for the holidays. Chance to get caught up on my tv court shows. After the court shows ended, I left the tv on while I was online. Then, these talk show started - with this Brit named Trisha - I thought, "another talk show with people making their parents PROUD!". Then I saw this "The Test" show. I got SICK. I don't even remember what the subject-matter of the show was. All I remember is that there were people jumping over furniture, throwing punches and doing a whole lot of As a 55 year-old African American grandfather, there are some tv shows I can't debase myself to watch. But Test" thing? The FIRST thing I thought to myself these were any of my children, I would kill (just kidding) My parents marched and were on "The Mall" for Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech. My mother (in her 70's) went back nearly 50 years later to watch the FIRST African-American President be inaugurated. I watched The Test tv show and simply felt SO EMBARRASSED. I grew up in the "Projects" of Jersey City, so we don't all grow up as children of But Good Lord, can't we at least RAISE our children? Where is Cosby Show when I need it?moreless

    I found myself home sick for a few days and ended up watching this wasted piece of air time! Two hours of my life I'll never get back! Will never waste my time on it again. Kirk Fox is rude, unattractive and irritating to listen to AND HIS guests are even worse then the Maury show (at least Maury is laughable). Do yourself a favor and turn the channel if you come across it. I'd love to give it a negative rating but it won't let me.moreless
  • Not a good show

    First of all he need to control your guests, they have more control over what's happening than the host does. Most the time the guest are yelling and talking over each other that you can't even understand what's going on or being said. The camera panning back and forth over and over really quickly right before he announces the test results for one of the questions is super annoying and stupid. I 'm pretty sure there won't be a second season of this show because unfortunately it's really bad. An 8th grade class could film, write, direct, edit and come up with better show content and guests than the current crew. It doesn't give you an option to rate this show less than one star which is too bad because that's were I and I am sure many others would have rated it.moreless
  • Stupid

    I can't watch this show. I tried a couple of times. It's nothing but chaos and very, very unorganized. The host can't control his guests and just allows them to scream over each other and attack each other. The reasons why they are there and the story they want to tell never really gets out. They should let each party say their side and at least have some control. If I wanted to watch this craziness I would go to a trailer park in Detroit and sit on the curb. It's nothing but a headache and very confusing. The guests are not there for any other reason than to get their 15. Please take this off the air!moreless

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