The Tex Avery Show

Cartoon Network (ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Daffy Duck and Egghead/A Wild Hare/Porky's Preview
      Daffy Duck and Egghead: Daffy Duck is back. And this time, he's playing tricks on Egghead. A Wild Hare: Elmer Fudd goes hunting for a hare, but the one hare that he finds starts to fight back. Porky's Preview: Porky holds a preview show at the local theater.
    • Porkey's Duck Hunt/ Hound Hunters/ Happy-Go-Nutty
      Porkey's Duck Hunt: Porkey pig goes hunting for ducks, but one duck is driving him crazy. Hound Hunters: George and Junior become dog catchers. Happy-Go-Nutty: Screwy Squirrel escapes from a insane shelter and causes trouble for a dog.
    • Cellbound/Droopy's Good Deed/The Screwy Truant
      A prisoner finds himself in an old TV. Droopy and Spike make good deed. A nutjob squirrel plays tricks on a dog.
    • The Crackpot Quail/Little Red Walking Hood/The Counterfeit Cat

      A dog chases a quail to catch. The Big Bad Wolf demands the story for the Red riding hood to be told in a modern way. A cat spots a tasty morsel in a birdcage but has to get past the family bulldog.

    • Cock-a-Doodle Dog/Little Johnny Jet/Cagey Canary

      Cock-A-Doodle Dog: A bulldog comes in after a late night out and can't get any sleep due to a persistent rooster who just won't stop crowing.

      Little Johnny Jet: With jets being the latest thing, an old B-29 isn't able to find work. He begins to hate jets and when he spots the stork dropping a bundle down his chimney he rushes home to find his new son is a jet and not the B-29 he expected which only adds to his fury. His tune soon changes when his little son saves his life and wins a contest sponsored by the Air Force.

    • Hick Chick/Billy Boy/Believe It or Else

      Two roosters fight for a hen...

      A baby goat with a ferocious appetite gets left on the doorstep of a hillbilly.

      A tour of the strange and bizarre, Ripley's

    • I Love To Singa/Slap-Happy Lion/Northwest Hounded Police
      A Jazz story about a singing homeless owl.

      The scariest animal in the jungle is afraid of mouse. The lion meets one of these rodents.

      McWolf escapes prison, but Droopy is on his tracks!
    • Little Red Walking Hood/Henpecked Hoboes/First Bad Man

      Little Red Walking Hood: The wolf is lusting after Red and she refuses to accept a ride from him. After several attempts to persuade her he decides he has to follow the storyline to get her.

      Henpecked Hoboes: A couple of hoboes spot a potential meal at a nearby farm.

      The First Bad Man: A tale of the history of the first jail in Texas and the person it was built to hold.

    • Egghead Rides Again/Big Heelwatha/Farm of Tomorrow

      Egghead Rides Again: Egghead answers an advertisement for help at a dude ranch where he's put through the test to see if he has what it takes.

      Big Heel Watha: Heel-Watha must capture Screwy Squirrel to get Chief Rain-in-Face's daughter.

      The Farm of Tomorrow: Science is experimenting with a few things for making farming more productive.