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  • The "Tex Avery Show" was and still is fabulous, in its humor, from beginning to end. My all time favorite cartoon was directed by him. The title is "Symphony In Slang". To me, it is extremely and hysterically hilarious, from begenning to end! It was theat

    This animation classic is "crazy" to most, if not all people. There were seventy-plus slang terms said in it. Some of them are "Does the cat have your tongue?", "I grew up overnight.", "I got up with the chickens.", "He was shorthanded.", "I couldn't cut the mustard.",
    "He give me the gate." Then I met Mary, "I was all thumbs!", "I had goose pimples.", "She had good-looking pins.", "Her hair was in a bun.", "Our eyes met." "She ate like a horse." "The proprietor drew a gun on me.", "But I give him the slip and hid in the foothills." "At the witness stand, everytime I tried to talk, my foot got in my mouth", "After doing a long stretch, in the jug, I finally spoke to an under-cover agent, he sprung me." "After going through a lot of red tape," "I dropped in on Mary." "I heard from the grapevine that she was going around with an old-flame." "That burned me up!", "I tried to chisle in.", "But he got in my hair." "I went to Joe's Malt Shop, where a bunch of the boys were hanging around, the music was nice." "He played it by ear." "A tear ran down my cheek." "I sent her a cable." "She sent me a wire." "She had a bunch of little ones." The groom had his hands full too. This was so funny, "That I died laughing."