The Thick of It (UK)

BBC Two (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 10/27/12

      As the enquiry fallout continues, the Home Office cut police numbers and blame enormous queues at police stations on DoSAC. Meanwhile, Malcolm sends Dan Miller to the local police station in order to make the government look incompetent .

    • 10/20/12

      Now that an inquiry has been set-up to look into the suicide of a nurse after his flat was sold off, the government, opposition and civil service have a questions to answer.

    • 10/13/12

      When the plan to sell key-worker housing goes awry, both Peter Mannion and Nicola Murray must strive to avoid scandal, whilst vigorously pointing the finger of blame at one another.

    • 9/29/12

      Malcolm sees an opportunity to continue his plan to replace Nicola with Dan Miller as Leader when she is stuck on a train to Bradford. Unfortunately he is missing accomplices as Olly's burst appendix has him in hospital and Ben Swain will want more than chocolate for going along with the scheme. When Nicola discovers what's happening, she must try to control the situation from a standard class seat, right in front of the media.

    • 9/22/12

      Peter Mannion is forced to spend his Easter weekend 'imagineering' with at a 'Thought Camp', being run by Stewart Pearson. With phones, and iPads being banned from the event, chaos ensues when an unexpected news story breaks.

    • 9/15/12

      As the new Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, former DOSAC Secretary Nicola Murray wants to concentrate on practising walking for laying the poppy reef at the Cenotaph. Unfortunately, what with being accosted by an 8 foot pork chop and her new aide, Helen, being photographed with embarrassing discussion notes, this is proving difficult.

    • 9/8/12

      The General election has been and gone and it's all change at Number Ten. Peter Mannion is now the Conservative Secretary of State for Social Affairs in a coalition government and must launch one of his coalition partner's policies. Meanwhile, Terri attempts to get on the redundancy list.

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