The Thick of It (UK)

Season 3 Episode 1

Series 3 Episode 1

Aired Saturday 9:55 PM Oct 24, 2009 on BBC Two
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It's reshuffle day at Number 10 and there's a new face on the show. When the job at the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship is rejected by all the other candidates, there is no option but to promote unknown MP Nicola Murry to the Cabinet. Spin-doctor Malcolm soon puts her in her place then there's an unfortunate poster launch that brings things crashing down for their PR.moreless

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Pearce Quigley

Pearce Quigley

Doug Hayes

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Rory Kinnear

Rory Kinnear


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Polly Kemp

Polly Kemp

Robyn Murdoch

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Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan


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Zoe Telford

Zoe Telford

Marianne Swift

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    • Glenn: I've learnt to look out for these sort of things I have developed a sort of sonar for them like a bat.
      Nicola: Glenn, do you want to erm, do you want to maybe stay on. I could use that sonar, battyman.
      Glenn: Right. Forgive me, I think that's Jamaican slang for homosexual.
      Nicola: Yes, I was thinking that as I said it. I'm really sorry.

    • Malcolm: You hit the phones, right. I'll be with you in two shakes of a crying baby.

    • Malcolm: What's up with you? You look like you've shat a lego garage.

    • Nicola: She's not going to the comprehensive, Malcolm. She's going to a local independent school.
      Malcolm: Jesus H. f**kin' Corbett. Do you honestly think, do you honestly believe that as a minister you can get away with that? You are saying that all your local state schools, all the schools that this government has drastically improved are knife addled, rape sheds and that's not a great story for f**k sake. Sort it or abort it.

    • Malcolm: That's the sort of thing the press will throw at you. I mean you step out of line they'll be all over you like a pigeon on a chip. You know. Is that your chair?
      Nicola: Oh God yes, it's cool isn't it. It's got lumbar support.
      Malcolm: Bin it. People don't like their politicians to be comfortable. They don't like you having expenses. They don't like you being paid. They'd rather you lived in a f**king cave.
      Nicola: OK, fine. So what should I be sitting on? Should I just get an upturned KFC bucket?
      Malcolm: A f**king normal chair, right. Not a f**king massive vibrating throne.

    • Malcolm: Doug, Doug, Douggie. Look at you. C**k the size of Pink Panthers tail. Come and have a Kit-Kat.

    • Malcolm: I've got this, this re-shuffle going on, the Lemmington Spa by-election coming up. I've got more on my plate than a spinster at a wedding. That wasn't a reference to your daughter by the way, Andrew.

    • Malcolm: He's making Paul Remmington a cabinet minister. Remtard Remmington. I mean the guy is an epic f**k up. He's so dense that light bends around him.

    • Malcolm: Ed, get Tom Rudd in now. We're offering him Northern Ireland.
      Ed I think he's expecting to be offered Transport.
      Malcolm: Well tell him he's taking the bus to George Best Airport, right.

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