The Thick of It (UK)

Season 3 Episode 3

Series 3 Episode 3

Aired Saturday 9:55 PM Nov 07, 2009 on BBC Two
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Chaos ensues at the Annual Party Conference, as Glenn and Malcolm clash over a great publicity opportunity and Nicola and Ollie try desperately to write a speech.

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      • Malcolm: (On the phone) We need to persuade Matt Delaney not to cross the floor. I think we should use the carrot-and-stick approach, yeah. Take a carrot, you stick it up his fucking arse, followed by the stick, followed by an even bigger, rougher carrot.

      • Malcolm: OK, do we have anything that we can use against her?
        Nicola: There's the Metric Martyr stuff.
        Ollie: Yeah, that is right-wing. That's really…that's an insanity signifier.
        Malcolm: Fruit by the pound? That's what I've got to work with? Fuck's sake. Fruit by the pound. Watch and fucking learn, okay? We say that we're dropping her because of extremist views, right? Just don't mention that the extreme views are about how she feels about the fucking finer points of fruit and fucking veg merchandise.

      • Ollie: Oh hey, Malc, how's it hanging?
        Malcolm: Like the Gardens of Babylon.

      • Malcolm: Listen, just casually mention to Alan Dunn and, uh, Lindsay Anorexi at The Mail, that the PM has brought Julie Price to the conference.
        John: That's not strictly true though, is it?
        Malcolm: Yeah, well Strictly Come Dancing isn't strictly dancing is it? They also have a bit at the beginning where an old man dribbles. So what?

      • John: How was your holiday?
        Nicola: Oh well you know. We wanted to go to Florida but Malcolm 'suggested' we went to Suffolk; and so the kids were miserable, weather was miserable and Malcolm rang and shouted at me for looking miserable.
        John: I saw the photo in the wellies next to the horse. 'Why the long face'. It was funny. Or not. Depending on how your perspective... Still things are looking up, you're in Eastbourne now which really is the jewel in the crown of our shit seaside resorts. Clacton of the south-west they call it. Anyway I'm here to meet Julie Prince
        John: Glen: Price.
        John: That's the fellow, she's the...
        Ollie: Applause monkey.
        John: Funny. Yes, the applause monkey.
        Glen: Show some respect for fuck sake her husband's just died.
        Ollie: I'm so sorry, Glen, you're quite right. I will now observe a moment's silence. John do you know what the wi-fi password is?

      • Malcolm: Listen mate I'm really, I'm really sorry right. I'm really sorry about what happened in the heat of the f**kin' moment, yeah. I'm under a lot of pressure right now, I'm trying to plug a lot of leaks. I had my finger in the dyke but the dyke's very squirty.
        Ollie:Is it Fat Pat? I've heard that she's...

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