The Thin Blue Line

Season 2 Episode 4

Alternative Culture

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 1996 on BBC

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  • Folks making decisions that are difficult due to others making the decisions tough, from bathrooms to drinking to family.

    Despite the obvious set-ups for some situations, it's a fun episode!

    Seeing the guys deal with having to share the loo with the ladies gave us a fun, typical Grimm rant. (Poor Tina!) Also, Boyle's talk with Habib about sharing the showers is amusing, as is the ladies responding to Grimm's distaste.

    Hearing and seeing Fowler discuss a particular dispenser for the ladies was also amusing.

    Kevin deciding whether or not to join CID in an illegal drink-in gets a "wacky",though understandable,twist. Gladstone and Kevin's interaction is some of the sweetest bits of the show. Maggie's reaction to Kevin's "problem" was totally in-character and sweet.

    Maggie's problem was so telegraphed that Alexander Graham Bell said ,"Dude, I get it." Yet, it was understandable and empathic; who wouldn't be torn about how to deal with an essentially good sibling?

    There is something just a bit extra funny in Fowler's appearance at the bar near the end and his requests of Patricia at the end of the episode. Rowan Atkinson just rocks!

    I highly recommend this show and this episode in particular.
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