The Thin Blue Line

Season 2 Episode 3

Fly on the Wall

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1996 on BBC



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    • Grimm: He is the chief Todger of my lodge! If I can't swing him a permit, I'm gonna look a right dickie-doo-dah, aren't I?
      Fowler: I do not approve of issuing firearms applications in order to prevent you from looking a dickie-doo-dah, Grimm. Besides which, I could issue the fellow with a cruise missile permit, and you would still look like a dickie-doo-dah! It is not within my power to prevent you from looking like a dickie-doo-dah, only God or a large bag can do that!

    • Grimm: Usually our job would be a blurr, a blurr of...drugs, violence, pornography, illicit sex...
      Boyle: Of course, sometimes we have to do a bit of work as well!
      Grimm: Shut up!

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