The Thin Blue Line

BBC (ended 1996)


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  • Should be continued

    Great show, great actors, funny stories... too bad, that there were only two seasons! This series should be continued!
  • A classic 90's comedy

    Thin Blue Line was a complete joy to watch. Including a diverse set of well designed charecters and library of fantasic one-liners.

    The show had a great mix of comedy and point-making, the show was loaded with simple comedy but wasn't afraid to be a bit more clever if the situation required it. Having them poke open a social issue and deal with it every week played out great with a nice balance of ideology - each side of a issue being represented by each charecters. This show was always good at letting you make up your own mind and not loosing sight of the fact that each episode should make you laugh more than think. The actors chosen were all perfect for thier roles and played them well for the most part, the on screen charecter chemistry ment that lines were very often timed and toned to comedy perfection, this show stands out as personally being a show I laughed at more than many other comedies, also finding that I still find it as funny as I did as a young teen.

    I really wish that this show had gone on longer than 2 short series.
  • Welcome to Gasforth Police Station – CID headed by Detective Inspector Grimm and the traditional "bobbies" lead by Police Inspector Fowler.

    This is the wonderfully funny world of 1990's policing written by Ben Elton. The CID officers and the uniformed officers seem, at times, to be warring against each other but when it comes down to the crunch, they are both one the same side. The quick witted humour will have you laughing so hard you miss the next punch line!

    It's set in the fictional town of Gasforth and various troubles are in store for our PC Plods to deal with such as a drugs raid on a rave, trying to outsmart football hooligans and dealing with activists protesting against a new bypass (including one of their own!)

    Most episodes touch on the 10 year relationship between Inspector Fowler and Sergeant Patricia Dawkins. She is always seeking sexual attention from her partner however the poor fellow is very reluctant to oblige! This creates funny and sometimes moving scenes and you can really feel for her. It was such a shame that the series ended as I consider it to be one of the finest British comedies to have ever been produced.
  • The adventures of a small English police station, led by Inspector Raymond Fowler...

    The Thin Blue Line was a BBC comedy written by Richard Curtis and starred Rowan Atkinson as Inspector Raymond Fowler, the main character of a small English police station. His main nemesis was Detective Inspector Derek Grim, the officer in charge of the CID unit. Usually they would try to out-do each other, often ending in hilarious failure.

    Only 14 episodes were made – 12 regular plus 2 Christmas – in 1995 and 1996. The main cast were good in their roles, and although the scripts weren’t the best, they would try and get the best performances out of them.

    Available on DVD, if you haven’t seen it, then go and try it – only then would you be able to give an honest opinion like mine...
  • Certainly not a 10 out of 10, but also not utter garbage... certainly been harshly compared to other works instead of being judged on its own merits.

    This is a typical sitcom, that had an Ok first series and a pretty good second series. There is nothing really new here, and for those looking to be shocked, a la Little Britain's second series upping the ante of "bitty", you may be disappointed. It isn't flash or toilet humour... you will never wince or cringe at what is being done or said, and it that respect functions like an old time sitcom.

    The characters are very sitcomish in that they are playing obvious roles and have no semblance of realism. For example, Rowen Attkinson and his grilfriend act very similar to Al and Peggy Bundy from "Married With Children" with regards to the bedroom. Not inventive, but staying to a tride and true formula that guarantees laughs if you dot your 'i's and cross your 't's, which this does successfully.

    Yet, personally, I was sucked in and enjoyed it, particularly the head of CID who, like JJ's "Dyn-o-mite", has a catch-phrase of "fannying about" which rears its head as more and more as the series goes on, which you will either love or hate.

    If you prefer the growing trend and idea of comedy, that the charcters in humourous situations is funnier rather than gags and jokes, then this is not the show for you. For example, P.C. Goody's apparent homosexuality as well as his affinity for W.P.C. Habib, a voluptuous woman, is the basis of many gags and jokes.

    Yet, taken for what it is, and not necessarily comparing it to much better shows, it is a simple and entertaining "old school" sitcom, that packs some fun lines and witty moments on par with Blackadder, only they are fewer and further between.
  • I've only seen the show once, but I don't think I fully understand it.

    Considering the brilliance of Blackadder, a previous show written by Ben Elton and starring Rowan Atkinson, I fear I might have set my hopes a bit too high for this show.

    I think my main problem was that I was expecting a witty, in-your-face comedy the likes of Blackadder. I now know that Ben Elton didn't want to do another show in that style.

    However, although the show isn't near as funny as that of Blackadder, it still has some really funny moments. One of my particular favourites is from ISM ISM ISM, which starts off as "What kind of 'ism' ever committed a crime?".

    As you can see, my major problem is that I keep comparing the show to Blackadder, when in retrospect I should've read-up on the show's style and viewed it as it's own show.

    Maybe after seeing the show again I will appreciate it more.
  • Rowan Atkinsons Best role yet

    This has to be one of the best British Shows ever. Rowan Atkinson has had many great roles over his carrer but as Inspector Fowler he at his best.
    Each time my wife and I sit down and watch repeats of this we laugh just as hard as we were watching it for the very first time.
    The best episode has to be 'KIDS' as this single epside delivers more cassic lines then any other show of it's kind.
    The cast is a perfect fit as the actors protray their characters as realistic as possible and blend with one another so well.
    This is one british show I would recommend to everyone.
  • The cast were just terrific- Goody was the best cast and the funniest guy I have ever seen-everyone assumed he was gay and he quite acted like it-yet was completely entralled with his female co worker-and Rowan Atkinson is just the best in everything

    The cast were just terrific- Goody was the best cast and the funniest guy I have ever seen-everyone assumed he was gay and he quite acted like it-yet was completely entralled with his female co worker-and Rowan Atkinson is just the best in everything. Interesting concept and can be very funnny. I do not always understand british humor but this one I liked and I though that the cast were pretty good together. We always like to watch shows were there is at least one bumbling idiot who just doesn't get what is going on around him.