The Thin Blue Line

Season 2 Episode 6

Road Rage

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1996 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Road Rage
Sgt. Dawkins joins a group protesting a new bypass.

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James Dreyfus

James Dreyfus

P.C. Kevin Goody

Mark Addy

Mark Addy

D.C. Garry Boyle

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

Inspector Raymond C. Fowler

Mina Anwar

Mina Anwar

W.P.C. Maggie Habib

Serena Evans

Serena Evans

Sgt. Patricia Dawkins

David Haig

David Haig

D.I. Derek Grim

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    • Fowler: Inspector Grim, can I have a word please?
      Grim: Well be quick; don't fanny about.
      Fowler: Of course.
      Grim: I've no time for fannying about or otherwise. Fanny about on somebody else's time, not mine, 'cause I 'aven't got any. Find someone who's got time to fanny about and fanny about with them- I 'ave't, mate, so fannying about with me is out.
      Fowler: Look, Derek, you're clearly late for your lobotomy; I'll come back later.

    • Grim: If you get in the way, I'm responsible. Your cock-up, my ass.

    • Fowler: Besides which, you don't even look like a tree. I thought you said you could act. You look like a plank.

    • Gladstone: I can do an impression of a palm tree, sir, but it means taking my trousers down.

    • Habib: Sgt. Dawkins has joined them (the Dongers) for her holiday, hasn't she? I think it's great!
      Goody: Yes, me too. (pause) I wonder if she's had her nipples pierced yet?
      Fowler: Be quiet, Goody! (pause) It's not compulsory, is it?
      Goody: Oh no. It's just that when they're cavorting naked in a haze of marijuana,(points to his chest) it gives them somewhere to hang their keys.

    • Dawkins: We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children!
      Fowler: We don't have any children.

    • Goody: Can't constable Habib do this?
      Habib: I'm not sticking my head in there, Kevin!
      Goody: No, I mean you get your leg over Inspector Fowler.
      Fowler: Goody! Constable Habib is a woman of the opposite sex. If I'm going to get between anybody's legs, it's going to be a man's!

    • Fowler: These environmentalists may have admirable intentions, but being honest, fair and decent doesn't necessarily make a personal right, Habib. If it did, Rolf Harris would be Prime Minister!

    • Gladstone: When I started out as a young constable in London, I was partied to a very regrettable incident involving a man with no trousers chained to the railing of Buckingham Palace.
      Fowler: Good heavens! Was the fellow protesting?
      Gladstone: I should think I was, sir, I was getting married that morning!

    • Boyle: I'm not sharing my car with anyone, especially veggie environmentalists! I don't want some bean-eating greenie blowing off into my leatherette!

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