The Thin Blue Line

Season 1 Episode 1

The Queen's Birthday Present

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1995 on BBC



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    • Fowler: Detective-Constable Kray, there is a place for fatuous, flippant, would-be humourous inanities ... and that place is on Noel's House Party.

    • Habib: Sir, if Holmes and Watson are lovers, so what? Is there anything wrong with that?
      Fowler: Yes, constable, there is! Because sex plays no part in these stories whatsoever, hetro or otherwise! The point of Biggles and of Sherlock Holmes is to solve crimes and kill Germans, and by heavens, that should be enough for any man!

    • Ron: No-one respects me, nobody cares about me, I'm a nothing! A nobody! Friendless and alone...
      Fowler: The same could be said about the Prime Minister, and he leads a full and active life!

    • (Fowler is talking about his constant read: Biggles)
      Fowler: Because even Biggles has much to tell us that is true about loyalty, courage, honour...
      Habib: Gay love.
      Fowler: Yes.
      (The penny drops)
      Fowler: I beg your pardon?

    • Dawkins: Raymond, have you bought a birthday present for the Queen?
      Fowler: Uh, yes, is there a problem?
      Dawkins: When did you last buy me a present?!
      Fowler: Why, on your last birthday, I believe.
      Dawkins: A set of reversible spanners is not a present. It is a coded request to get a smack in the mouth!

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