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NBC (ended 1959)


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    this one's a guilty pleasure i'm not even sure would still be a pleasure.  i was pretty bored and stressed (if that combination is possible) when this show was on the air.  i was having a tough time in junior high school and at home.  my neighbors were watching lloyd thaxton, and i didn't even like rock n roll yet.  so... this one reminded me of the movies, which i HAD seen, and which were FAR superior to this.  but then, to a little teeny-ager, peter lawford seemed fairly cute, and cute counted for a lot back then!


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    It's interesting to see which shows do hold up and which don't. They've just recently shown all of the Monty Python episodes on PBS after about 20 years. And you know, where I laughed my guts out at every show in the 70s, I didn't this time. The famous sketches were still funny. But the other more British goofs were almost boring.

    So I don't know how Thin Man would hold up if I saw them today. Good point and thanks for writing!

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