The Thin Man

NBC (ended 1959)


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  • Peter Lawford as Nick Charles, Phyllis Kirk as Nora, and Asta as Asta.

    William Powell and Myrna Loy were big shoes to fill but Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk were great company. Peter played Nick Charles, a retired private detective who was now a book publisher. Nora was his rich wife. Lawford had a breezy, friendly quality and Kirk made Nora sweetly kooky and sexy. Reportedly Lawford didn't like Kirk, but on screen they made a fine couple. The first season they lived in a great New York City penthouse apartment and the second season they moved to a roomier townhouse in Greenwich Village that was also magnificent. Since this was the 1950's, they slept in separate beds even though they were married. A fine 30-minute comedy mystery about a married couple. Peter and Phyllis made a fine Nick and Nora.