The Thin Man

Season 1 Episode 34

The Art Of Murder

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 23, 1958 on NBC

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  • An actor with a penchant for disguise inadvertently kills a lawyer and panics when Nora sees him leave the scene of the crime.

    A very ordinary episode with a promising notion, of which little is made. The killer, played by Shepherd Menken, has the ability to transform his extremely ordinary and unmemorable features via his actor's art and elects to murder Nora Charles using a variety of disguises. But he can't go through with it. It seems a very easy matter indeed for Nick Charles and the police to find this extremely nervous fellow, and he's a drab sort. If he'd had a bit more psycho twitchiness, there might have been at least a smidgen of suspense, but we never think for a moment Nora's in danger.