The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye

(ended 2006)


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  • An excellent anime with one of the best female leads in a long time.

    The story is set in a distant future where human beings lives as second class citizens thanks to pseudo-humans (the third) who rule the earth thanks to their psychic powers. The main character is Honoka a young girl who makes a living doing odd jobs, anything from finding lost cats to bodyguarding covoys through the desert. But in typical anime fashion her life is turned upside down when she meets a very mysterious young man in the desert.

    The main highlight of this show is Honoka. The character is original and well written. She has morals and struggles with her emotions and place in the world whilst still being entertaining. (She kicks ass too.) The voice talent is also very good as is the animation. Which all in all makes this a great show and well above par.