The Thirsty Traveler - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Alaskan Beer
    Alaskan Beer
    Episode 13
    Alaskans boast a rugged individualism unmatched by Americans in the Lower 48. The place is cold and crisp, just like its beer! And with the near-Arctic environment, beer masters tend to make a heartier blend.
  • Newfoundland 'Screech' & Iceberg Vodka
    The thirsty traveler take us to the most eastern point of North America otherwise known as the rock. When the waters arn't covered with snow, industrial boats come out and use the contents of the clear virgin waters to make Iceberg Vodka. He also introduces us to the local moonshine, Newfie screech!moreless
  • Greece Is The Word, Ouzo
    Ouzo is a traditional Greek spirit which is made well on the island of Lesvos, Greece. Ouzo is pure alcohol made from raisins which is mixed in with local herbs. The Thirsty Traveler takes us to many villages were they drink Ouzo like water and we see exactly how it's made.moreless
  • Japanese Sock’em To Ya Sake
    The Thirsty Traveler travels to Japan were he finds out that the average age of Japanese people is higher than the average of Americans. Of course it's no surprise; it all depends on the food and drink. The Thirsty Traveler finds that the Japanese have very healthy diets compared to the American 'junk' diet.moreless
  • Wine Of The Valley
    Wine Of The Valley
    Episode 9
    California brings a vision of sun, surf, sand, and the Beach Boys. Travel a little further up the coast and you're in wine country. Sonoma County is a mass of fine Californian Wineries. It all started in the 1800's when a Spanish Priest planted the first vines. Then a Hungarian Count brought vine cuttings, then the Russians, Italians and Germans hopped on. Join our Thirsty Traveler as he explores the history of America's melting pot.moreless
  • Jamaican Rum Man
    Jamaican Rum Man
    Episode 8
    During World War 2, whiskey was in very short supply so a Jamaican company experimented on a new drink as a substitute for whiskey. This drink was called Rum. Rum is very popular today and contains a lot of sugar. The thirsty traveler goes on a hunt to find out how Rum is made and what's in it.moreless
  • Mexico, Tequila Taco Bell
    The thirsty traveler takes us to the heart of the hot Mexican desert where he finds that the agave plant grows beautifully on ground covered by volcanic ash. He discovers the Tequila making haciendas and burro riding Jimadors who cultivate this national drink.
  • Ontario, Vin Glace
    Ontario, Vin Glace
    Episode 6
    The thirsty traveler takes us to Canada where he learns everything about how frozen grapes turn into Canada¹s premium dessert wine, Icewine. This sweet winter grown wine is fast becoming an International favorite. Plus The Thirsty Traveler and a local chef prepare a decadent meal using these Icewine grapes.
  • Kentucky, The Frontier Spirit
    Bourbon, the local spirit of Kentucky which was discovered by Daniel Boone in the 1700's. Bourbon is the type of drink you sip while eating a hardy home cooked meal at the local bed and breakfast. The Thirsty Traveler discovers what it's made of and exactly how it's made.
  • Belgium, Beer Paradise
    Today the Thirstly Travaler travels to Belgium and finds more beer than he can handle! Everyone here is making beer and have been for generations. Some of the world's tastiest and most unique beers can be found among the naturally fermented lambics and wheat beers. Our Traveler's zest for the history of the drink leads him to the Orval Monastery. Join him as he leads you to the rarely-seen abbey in the Ardennes Mountains of Belgium.moreless
  • Black Gold, Irish Nectar
    In today's episode of The Thirsty Traveler, Kevin takes us to Ireland and explains to us how their is nothing more Irish than a pint of stout. The thirsty traveller takes us on a journey to find the history of this dark ale and makes his way from the crowded streets of Dublin, through Waterford and lands in Cork. From haunted castles to yacht sailing to the local pub for a caleigh, the Irish nectar is there.moreless
  • The Sparkle Of France
    The French have always been known for their flare for the elegant. Champagne is just one of their many aristocratic passions. Our Thirsty Traveler journeys through the heart of the French Champagne region, picking grapes, pressing, bottling and even sabering the odd bottle. He'll take you under ground, through miles of caves that house millions of fine bottles. Plus he's invited to dine at one of Europe's finest restaurants.moreless
  • Scotland, The Water of Life
    The thirsty traveler takes us through the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh to the rolling hills of the Speyside Valley to the salty water of the Island of Islay where he searches this lush and historic country for its fine whiskey on the 'Whiskey Trail.' And while on Islay he helps a local B&B owner prepare a whiskey-laced meal.moreless