The Three Stooges Show

Season 8 Episode 3

All The World's A Stooge

Aired Daily 6:00 PM May 16, 1941 on AMC
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All The World's A Stooge

Ajax Bullion is a millionaire with a wife who wants to adopt war refugees because it is the "in" thing at the moment. Mr. Bullion meets the Stooges as they are washing windows at a dentist's office. The Stooges, after request from Mr. Bullion, dress up as children in sailor suits and mop top wigs, in order to get Mr. Bullion's wife to think they are wartime "refugees".


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  • The Stooges are hired by a wealthy man to pose as refugees to convince his wife not to adopt kids.

    "What would Emily Post say?" "Come and get it!!" The Stooges act as children in this instant classic. Curly's antics in particular help to define this films as a slapstick classic. His rendition of Mammy is my personal favorite, although rubbing himself with limburger cheese is a very close second. The cast is also quite able, particulary Emory Parnell, who shines as their always frustrated "Father". The opening dentist scenes are typical Stooges slapstick, but I think they drag a little, and the plot is never really well defined. The Stooges just kind of run from place to place. Still a great film for all fans.moreless
Lelah Tyler

Lelah Tyler

Lotta Bullion

Guest Star

Emory Parnell

Emory Parnell

Ajax Bullion (as Emery Parnell)

Guest Star

Symona Boniface

Symona Boniface

Party Guest

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • A bandage can be seen on Curly's leg throughout the film.

    • Blooper 1: At the very end of the short, the Stooges hide behind a tree, but if you look carefully, you can see a dividing line in between the two tree halves just before Ajax throws the ax into the tree.

      Blooper 2: Just as the tree splits into two pieces, you can see clean cut pieces of wood fall in between the two halves.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (The Stooges try to decide how to remove the cement from Ajax's mouth. Larry grabs a drill.)
      Larry: Maybe you can drill it out with this!
      Moe: What do you mean 'maybe'?

    • Curly finds the bad tooth in Ajax's mouth.)
      Moe: Boy, you should have been a surveyor.
      Curly: Thanks. I'll bet you tell that to all your interns!

    • Lotta: I'm simply overcome with joy!
      Botters: Beg pardon, madam, I thought it was the heat.

    • Party guest: You're just as cute as you can be!
      Curly: You're not so bad yourself.

    • Ajax: Where are my cigars? I bought a new box yesterday.
      Lotta: You're smoking too much, dear.
      Ajax: I'm smoking too much!? Say, where are those little refugees?

    • Botters: Luncheon is served.
      Moe: EATS!

    • Ajax: Now remember, you're supposed to be children. Just three dumb kids!
      Moe: We gotcha, boss!
      Curly: Hey, I relent that!
      Moe: Relent what?
      Curly: He called us children!
      Moe: Act your age!
      (Curly begins making funny faces and sounds.)

    • Moe: (trying to pull a tooth) Hey! After all I'm the sturgeon, give me a little room!

    • (Curly pulls out all of Ajax's bottom teeth.)
      Curly: An octopus!
      Larry: You stripped his gears!

    • Ajax: Give me an anesthetic!
      Curly: Annie who?
      Moe: Anesthetic! He means he wants to be knocked out.
      Curly: Oh! A pleasure!

    • Ajax: Get busy and pull this tooth!
      Larry: Go on! Pull it!
      Curly: Go ahead, doc, take a chance. What've you got to lose?
      Moe: OK, buddy. It's your tooth...

    • Moe: I'm the boss and I want you to stop falling off of this scaffold.
      Curly: Can I help it if I was born dizzy?
      Moe: I'll dizzy you!
      (Moe slaps Curly)

    • Lotta: We're soon going to hear the pitter-patter of baby feet around the house!
      Botters: May I be the first to congratulate you, madam?
      Lotta: Thanks. I've just been awarded a refugee. A little waif from the war-torn battlefields of...ah...of somewhere. Isn't it splendid?
      Botters: I can't imagine anything more intriguing, madam.

    • Moe: Here, eat your spinach!
      Curly: I don't like spinach!
      Moe: Well, you're gonna eat it whether you like it or not!

    • (Moe and Larry hear the Curly has a cold.)
      Larry: How did that applehead get a cold anyway?
      Moe: Slept with his feet hangin' out the window.
      Larry: He would!

    • (Ajax chases Moe and Larry into the living room with an axe and scares the party guests.)
      Ajax: I was just, uh, playing with the children.
      Moe: Yeah! Let's play some more!
      (Moe throws a pie into Ajax's face.)

  • NOTES (2)


    • Curly: Mammy!

      Curly's exaggerated yelling of "Mammy" to end the Stooges' greeting to Lotta is a reference to singer Al Jolson. Mammy was one of Jolson's signature songs, and he even performed it at the climax of the early sound movie The Jazz Singer (1927).

    • Moe: (watching Curly dance with the dentures) Hey, Nijinsky!

      Vaslav Nijinsky was a popular male dancer of the early 20th century.

    • Moe: What would Emily Post say?

      Emily Post was a woman who wrote books about etiquette in the 1920s.

    • Curly: Oh, a Jack the Ripper, eh? Hittin' little girls!

      Curly is referring to Jack the Ripper, an unknown serial killer who murdered prostitutes in 19th century England.

    • Larry's child name Mabel is a tribute to his wife, Mabel Fine. Moe and Curly's names; Frankie and Johnny are named after the popular song Frankie and Johnny.

    • The title of the short parodes William Shakespeare's "All the world's a stage."

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