The Three Stooges Show

Season 8 Episode 5

An Ache in Every Stake

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Aug 22, 1941 on AMC
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An Ache in Every Stake

The Stooges are ice men who agree to be Mrs. Lawrence's kitchen help for a fancy birthday party she is having for her husband. The Stooges end up making a gas-filled cake which goes off in the husbands face as he recognizes the Stooges as the icemen.


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  • The Stooges, ice deliverymen, wind up filling in for missing kitchen staff at a birthday party for an angry client.

    It's just like Laure; and Hardy's " The Music Box" with blocks of ice instead of a piano. That still doesn't stop the Stooges from dominating this film with many fast paced and loveable gags involving taking ice up a huge flight of stairs. This probably what this short os best recognized for. The cooking gags, which were used in untold other slap stick comedies both before and after, are still funny here, as is the funny "exploding birthday cake" finale. Many of the gags were used by the Stooges again to a lesser extent in 1952' "Listen Judge". One of the all time greats.moreless
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Symona Boniface

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    • The oven that the Stooges use to bake the cake is a "QUICK MEAL" oven. However, to conceal the brand name, the letters "U", "C", and "E" were altered. Thus, the oven has a gibberish brand name reading "QDIOK MBAL." The smaller text printed beneath the name has also been heavily changed, rendering it mostly illegible.

    • Goofs: You can see where the ice has been split before Moe cracks it open with the axe. Also, Larry is holding one of the ice block halves in position until Moe hits it, then jumps out of its way when it falls.

      In many scenes, they use Styrofoam boxes as the ice blocks, but you can easily tell the difference.

      After Curly gives the maid an ice cube and says "Free sample" the maid looks like she's going to throw the ice cube back at Curly, but it cuts to the next scene before it happens.

      The shot of Mr. Lawrence running down the stairs is played twice. This might not be a mistake. Maybe they just wanted to make it seem like he was running longer. After Curly says, "What does blood smell like?" he has a lot more "blood" on his face than he did in the shot before.

      When Curly is dragged out of the back of the ice truck, the seat of his pants are obviously very thickly padded, and the 'ice' is obviously plastic. When Curly first bumps into Mr. Lawrence due to the spring on his back, Mr. Lawrence looks up with mean expression on his face, but in the next shot, he's looking down and smiling.

    • In the scene where the cook throws a knife at Curly, frame by frame viewing reveals a string attached to the knife. Obviously the scene was filmed in reverse of the way it was shown.

    • If you watch closely, you can see the split in the ice block before it breaks over Curly's head.

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