The Three Stooges Show

Season 3 Episode 1

Ants in the Pantry

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Feb 06, 1936 on AMC
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Episode Summary


The Stooges are exterminators who pump up their business by supplying the insects and mice, and crash a high society party.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

Clara Kimball Young

Clara Kimball Young

Mrs. Beulah Burlap

Guest Star

Douglas Gerrard

Douglas Gerrard

Lord Stoke Pogis

Guest Star

Lynton Brent

Lynton Brent

Party Guest

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Moe and Curly are hiding under Mrs. Burlap's bed, a cord can be seen holding the moth that tickle's Curly's nose.

    • Goofs:

      We see Moe place the bear trap on Mr. Mouser's chair when he's trying to talk him into giving them another chance, and we expect the boss to sit down and get his butt caught in the bear trap, but we never see it happen.

      After Gawkins says "Come with me, Gentlemen", Moe and Larry follow him, and Curly walks the other way. Before there's any explanation of why Curly did that, it suddenly cuts to the next scene.

      When Moe is helping Larry in the piano, the camera shows a brief close-up of Moe for some strange reason. In the close-up, Moe has a different look on his face than in the shots before and after.

      When the piano starts to fall, Moe begins yelling but it's cut off in the cut to the next shot. Also, you can see the string the pulls the piano when it falls.

      While Curly is trying to life the piano off of Moe, the camera shows a close-up of Mrs. Burlap's friend and in the background, you'll notice a man standing behind her with a looks of shock on his face, but in the shots before and after, the man isn't standing anywhere near the lady, and he's laughing.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Curly: (angrily, after Larry fed him rat poison) What does he think I am, a rat?
      Moe: Yeah...what about it?
      Curly: (shyly) Well, you don't have to tell everybody.

    • Larry: (after getting poked in the eyes) I can't see! I can't see!
      Moe and Curly: What's the matter?
      Larry: (opening eyes) I've got my eyes closed.

    • Man: Get to work at once, and above all, don't be conspicuous.
      Moe: Hey! If that 'conspickerus' means what I think it does, I'm apt to punch you right in the nose!
      Curly: Pipe down! It's derived from the Latin 'nookinus spicker anglus'.
      Moe: What school did you go to?
      Curly: Oxford!
      Moe: Then you better go back to high shoes.
      (Moe stomps Curly's foot)

    • Mrs. Burlap: If you gentlemen will exterminate them without letting my guests know, I shall reward you handsomely.
      Curly: You can depend on us, toots.
      Moe: (to Curly) What do you mean getting familiar with the dame?
      (Moe nudges Curly aside)
      Moe: (to the woman) Don't pay any attention to him, babe.

    • Moe: (pointing to a bear trap Larry is carrying) What's that thing for?
      Larry: You never can tell. We might meet up with a bear.
      Moe: my bare hand.
      (Moe slaps Larry)

    • Moe: (to Curly) Cut the cards.
      (Curly pulls out a cleaver and chops the deck in half - an old gag also used by Harpo Marx in 1932's Horse Feathers)
      Moe: Oh, you don't trust me, eh?

    • Mr. Mouser: Where are those three loafers?
      Secretary: They're in there, talking politics.
      Mr. Mouser: Politics?
      Secretary: Yeah, I just heard one of them say, 'Let's have a New Deal.'

  • NOTES (6)

    • Actress Stella LeSainte has a small background role as a party guest. Although this unimportant part would be her only Stooges appearance, her husband Edward would play substantial parts opposite the Stooges in Half-Shot Shooters and Disorder in the Court.

    • This short's title during production was "Pardon my Ants".

    • This is the first short directed by Jules White's older brother Jack White, who used the pseudonym "Preston Black" on all his directorial efforts with the team.

    • Ants in the Pantry was later remade in 1951 as Pest Man Wins.

    • In the scene where a mouse goes down one of the invited guest's neck, not knowing what it is causes the guest to go into an impromptu reckless 'dance'. The Stooges exploit this by joining in and turning it into an staged 'cossack' dance. A gag they used in their vaudeville days and recurring in later shorts.

    • This is the first short in which Moe attempts to kiss a woman and accidentally kisses Curly instead, followed by Moe screaming, "I'm poisoned!" and striking Curly. This would be a recurring joke in Stooge shorts.


    • (The Stooges are playing cards, but the secretary mistakenly believes that they are talking politics.)
      Secretary: Yeah, I just heard one of them say, 'Let's have a New Deal'.

      This joke is making a reference to "The New Deal", President Franklin Roosevelt's economic programs to combat the Great Depression.