The Three Stooges Show

Season 4 Episode 4

Back to the Woods

Aired Daily 6:00 PM May 15, 1937 on AMC
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Lawbreakers in England, the Stooges are sent by the government to the new colonies to help fight the red man savage.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • A string can be seen attached to the branch that the Stooges use to fire things at the Indians to help it swing.

    • The prosecuter clearly moves his foot before the Stooges drop their iron balls on it.

    • Goofs:

      When the judge slams his gavel, the top accidentally breaks and flies off.

      At the end of the courtroom scene, Larry turns to say something to the judge, but the scene fades out before he speaks.

      When Larry slams his rifle on the ground along with Moe, it was supposed to hit Curly's foot but it missed.

      When Moe, Larry and Curly take off their hats and bow to Faith, Hope and Charity, only Moe and Curly bump heads, but Larry acts like he was hit too.

      When Curly is dancing, his shoe accidentally falls off.

      Moe's hat keeps falling off when the boys are doing their "about face" routine, and it falls off again when the boys are backing out of the door, chanting "A-Hunting We Will Go-eth."

      When Curly drops his rifle down and shoots down a turkey, the rifle doesn't really hit Larry's foot.

      When the Stooges are using a tree branch to throw objects at the indians, Moe says to Curly about an object he (Curly) brought over "Ahha, 'tis a hornet's nest', but his lips don't move.

      When Moe and Curly club the Indians who are dancing around the tree to which Larry is bound, some of the Indians land at Larry's feet, but in the next scene, they've been moved to the side.

      When Curly throws the bucket at the Indians, the bottom of the bucket falls out when it hits the ground.

      The Stooges only dump hot coal down the pants of three Indians, yet there are five Indians soaking in the water afterwards.

      After the camera shows the Indians in the lake, the camera cuts back to the Stooges and Curly is holding his face as if he was hit, but we don't see it.

      When Moe hands the governor the credential which says "Giveth them the works", Moe takes a peek at it himself. So if he knew what the letter said, why did he smile at Larry and Curly afterwards as if he knew nothing was wrong?

      In the canoe scene reused from Whoops I'm an Indian, Moe's original line to Curly, "C'mon, hurry up!" is redubbed in this version as "Make- eth haste, quincehead!", but you can see that the new line doesn't match his original lip movements correctly.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Chief Rain-in-the-Puss: Pay 5000 shackels!
      Governor: (handing him a small sack) But we have no more than this!
      Chief: Good down payment. Take mortgage on balance. Interest six percent.
      Pilgrim: Thank goodness! At last we are free to hunt!
      Chief: No, no hunt till F.O.B!
      Governor: F.O.B?
      Chief: Fork over balance!
      Curly: Indian givers!

    • Prosecutor: Pleasant journey, gentlemen.
      Moe: The same sire, to thee!
      (The Stooges drop their ball and chains on his feet.)

    • Prosecutor: Why not send them to our colonies in America to fight the redskin savage?
      Curly: Mmmm! I just love corn beef and savage.

    • Judge: Ye are accused of doing battle with His Majesty's guards. What say ye to the charge?
      Larry: I can explain, judge! You seeth, it was like thiseth...
      Judge: Guilty!

    • Curly: No camping, no shooting, no smoking, and they call this the land of liberty!

    • (Moe admires Faith.)
      Moe: All my life I have searched for a maid like thee...toots.

    • (The Stooges spot some turkeys on a ridge.)
      Moe: Fire at will!
      Curly: Which one is Will?

    • Moe: Alright, if we're gonna survive we'll need to hunt our food. I'll get an elk, Larry you get a moose...
      Curly: And I'll get a Knight of Columbus!

    • Curly: I'll be back before thou canst say Ticonderoga, if thou canst say Ticonderoga.

    • Larry: We're trapped like rats!
      Moe: You gettin' personal?
      (Moe slaps Larry)

    • Moe: (giving the Governor a note) We be sent by his Majesty to defend the colonies. Our credentials, sire.
      Governor: (reading the note) Boston Downs, weather clear, track fast. First race, Whopper, two to one.
      Curly: (looking through fake binoculars) They're off!
      Larry: Who's at the quarter?
      Curly: Whopper!
      Larry: Who's at the half?
      Curly: Whopper!
      Larry: Who's at the stretch?!?
      Curly: Whopper!!
      Larry: Who's the winner?
      Curly: (matter-of-factly) Rosemont.
      Moe: Who's the winner?
      Curly: Rosemont.
      (Moe slaps Curly)

    • (Larry and Curly are fighting over two women named Charity and Hope)
      Larry: (to Curly, about Hope) What doest thou? I saw her first!
      Curly: Pish posh and tish tosh. I'll never give up Hope. Why dost thou not take Charity?
      Larry: I need not Charity. I'm on the WPA.
      Curly: WPA?
      Larry: Aye, Willing Pilgrims Association.

    • Moe: (referring to the Indians) They'll scalp us alive!
      Curly: (pointing at his bald head) Not me!

    • Judge: Order, order.
      Curly: Order? I'll take a ham sandwich.
      Judge: Hold thy tongue.
      Curly: Not tongue, ham!

    • Moe (in old English) Shutteth up!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Curly and Larry refer to Whopper and Rosemont, two very popular racehorses of the era.

    • Near the beginning of the short when the Stooges are prisoners, each Stooge drops the metal ball that is being used to restrain him, in succession. When each ball hits the ground, a chime rings. The notes are the G-E-C chime sequence that was (and still is) associated with the NBC radio (and later television) network. This is followed by Curly imitating a radio announcer.

    • Larry refers to the WPA, which he identifies as the "Willing Pilgrims Association". This is a reference to the Works Progress Administration, a New Deal program that was prominent in the 1930's.

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