The Three Stooges Show

Season 12 Episode 2

Booby Dupes

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Mar 17, 1945 on AMC
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Booby Dupes
The Stooges decide to run a fish business, and catch their own fish, but the whole thing turns to disaster when they're mistaken for Japanese spies when their boat sinks, and they raise a pain-splattered rag to signal for help.

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  • The Stooges come up with a plan to catch their own fish, and buy a broken down boat, which causes them lots of trouble.

    1945 was a declining year for the Stooges, and this short is a pretty good example of an average Stooges film. The beginning is funny, featuring some great gags involving records and fish bones. The highlight has to be when Curly steals a captain's uniform (and his girlfriend), and spends sometime at the beach, disgusied as a mound of sand to elude him. The boat buying gags are pretty standard stuff, not bad, but not fun and original either, and even the scenes of the little boat at sea just fail to do it for me. The ending is also way too rushed. Decent and passable.moreless
Vernon Dent

Vernon Dent


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Rebel Randall

Rebel Randall

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Moe strikes Larry in the neck with the horn at the beginning of the film, Larry grabs his forehead in pain at first, but quickly switches to his neck.

    • When Moe is hit by the wooden post from the dock, he accidentally pulls the boat's steering wheel off while pretending to be dazed.

    • When Curly lifts the anchor, he knocks a nearby fishing pole over by accident. The pole is back in its original position in the next shot.

    • The shot of the Captain landing face first in the ice cream cart is reversed, you can tell by the writing on the cart.

    • When Curly uses the drill to let water out of the boat, during     the drilling of the second hole, you can see him turning the drill     the wrong direction. Also, upon closer look, you can see him     using foam pads under his knees.

    • When Curly goes to the beach, you can see a shadow of a     microphone in the background.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (A bomb explodes in the water next to the Stooges.)
      Moe: What was that?
      Curly: A flying fish!

    • (The boat is leaking.)
      Moe: Bail out!
      Larry: I haven't got my parachute.

    • (The Stooges begin to sail away from the pier but are still tied to the dock.)
      Moe: Boy! She sure runs smooth.
      Curly: Yeah, it's a little slow ain't it?

    • (Moe grabs the propellor and turns it in his hand.)
      Moe: Everything is loose on this thing.

    • Moe: Say! With our car thrown in, how much cash would you want?
      Con man: Well, I'll consider...two hundred.
      Moe: We'll...
      Curly: Two fifty!
      Larry: Three hundred!
      Curly: Five hundred!
      Larry: Seven hundred!
      Curly: Nine hundred!
      Larry: Twelve hundred!
      Curly: Listen, you ain't scarin' me. One thousand!
      Moe: Look mister! All we got is our car and three hundred dollars in cash.
      Con man: I'll take it. Well, goodbye boys.
      Moe: Goodbye.
      Curly: See, if you'd kept your mouth shut, I would've got it for a thousand.

    • (The con man shows off his junky boat.)
      Con man: Why, you know you can go anywhere in that boat. I sailed it from China.

    • Captain's girlfriend: (seeing the captain in Curly's tight clothes) My! What a uniform does cover up!
      Captain: If I do catch the guy that copped my uniform, I'm gonna twist his head off and use it for a football.

    • Captain's girlfriend: What a beautiful head of bone you have!

    • Curly: Do you mind if we sit this one out?
      Captain's girlfriend: Oh, I'd love too!
      (The woman sits in the sand.)
      Girl on beach: See you later, captain.
      Curly: Don't hurry back!

    • Captain: (throws Curly the uniform) Here, press this uniform for me right away.
      Curly: But I'm not the...
      Captain: Listen, I'm in a hurry and my girl's waiting for me. She don't like to wait!

    • Moe: Let me see. The point is...
      (Moe sits on the fishbones and sticks himself in the rear.)

    • Curly: If we had a boat we could catch our own fish and we wouldn't have to buy any. That would cut out the middleman and the profit would all be ours.
      Moe: Hey genius, say that again.
      Curly: If we had a boat and a middleman and the fish on the left side...
      Moe: That's enough! When you didn't know what you were talking about, you really had something!

    • (Curly holds up some fish bones.)
      Curly: Hey look! A skeleton fish!

    • Moe: (looking at a record) What's the name of this thing?
      Curly: "Don't Chop The Wood Mother, Father's Coming Home With A Load."

    • (Larry blows his horn right in Moe's ear.)
      Moe: Hey, Harry James!
      Larry: Aw, I'm not that good.
      Moe: You said it!
      (Moe hits Larry in the face with the horn.)

    • Larry: Shut up!
      Moe: Are you talking to me?
      Larry: No, I'm talking to the fish.
      Moe: Don't call me a fish.

  • NOTES (2)