The Three Stooges Show

Season 9 Episode 2

Cactus Makes Perfect

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Feb 26, 1942 on AMC
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Curly is euphoric when he receives a letter from the Inventor's Association, saying that his Gold Collar Button retriever was impractical. He mistakenly thinks he's hit the jackpot and goes out with the other Stooges to find their new fortune. A con man convinces them to buy a map to a "lost" mine, but when they actually find one, two desert rats decide to try and jump their claim.


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  • Curly's gold finder invention has been patented, and the trio are swindled into buying a lost mine way out west. They soon find real gold and run afoul of evil prospectors.moreless

    "Look how he spells Jack, J E R K!" So says the letter telling Curly that his gold finder is pointless and a waste of time. Taking this as good news, the trio head west, and engage in lots of silly gags. Some are tried and true, like the cactus thorns in the rear, but some are time wasters like the Stooges hitting each other with digging implements in the mine, which goes on for too long. The ending in the hotel safe is also lackluster and weak. There are a few verbal gems, "We'll take ma out of the kitchen...and put the stove in the dining room", but still not a masterpiece.moreless
Monte Collins

Monte Collins

Ma Stooge

Guest Star

Eddie Laughton

Eddie Laughton

Gold mine 'salesman'

Guest Star

Vernon Dent

Vernon Dent

Heavyset prospector

Guest Star

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The backgrounds are obviously paintings when the Stooges climb out of the mine.

    • You can tell that the Stooges are standing in front of a screen projector when the truck behind them nearly knocks them over. In fact, the projected footage is stock footage from the earlier comedy How High is Up?. When the arrow stabs Red in the behind, you can see a board in his pants.

      When Curly is flying in the air, there are visible strings holding him up.

      Moe's hair pattern changes during various close-ups of him during the digging scene.

      When the two claimjumpers run after the Stooges, Stumpy accidentally trips over something and falls off-screen. When Red and Stumpy are looking through the window, Curly does an eye poke on Red and clearly hits him at the top of his hat. Red still reacts as if he were hit in the eyes, though. When Curly says, "What's all this fuss about?!" at the end, Larry cracks up in the background.

      We see the Stooges crawling out of the lost mine, but a little earlier in the film, Moe broke the ladder leading down into the mine, so how did the Stooges get out?

      After the con-man says "I can sell you the map to the lost mine", the camera cuts to a quick close-up of Curly and the look on his face is different than the look on his face in the shots before and after.

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