The Three Stooges Show

Season 4 Episode 2

Dizzy Doctors

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Mar 19, 1937 on AMC
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The Stooges get new jobs selling Brighto. Without knowing that it's a medicine, they think it's a cleaning fluid. They accidently take paint of cars and scar peoples clothes and shoes. Once they are aware of what it is, they try to peddle it at the hospital, that is until they find out the head of the hospital is the same guy who just lost the paint of his new car. The Stooges find inventive ways to make it back home before they can be caught by the man.


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  • In order to keep their home together, the Stooges sell medicine, mistakenly thinking it is polish.

    "Bright-o, Bright-o, Makes old bodies new". The catchy, classic slogan made popular by the Stooges is the highlight of this anarchic, zany, fast-paced film. The Stooges have a pretty even balance of verbal and physical humor in this film, proving their adeptness on all fronts. The cast also provide excellent back-up, particularly Vernon Dent, who was just starting out in his Stooges authority roles. Some great slapstick bits shine through as well, notably the Bright-o's ability to take paint off of a car and burn a hole in a cop's uniform. Although the title isn't very creative, this film is an instant Stooges gem.moreless
Bud Jamison

Bud Jamison


Guest Star

Vernon Dent

Vernon Dent

Dr. Harry Arms

Guest Star

Bobby Burns

Bobby Burns

Man in wheelchair

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goofs:

      When Curly is slicing the bread, the first slice accidentally falls off the table.

      After the Stooges wake up and run over to their wives, in the next scene, the Stooges' wives are standing in different positions.

      A jump in the picture when the Stooges are overhearing Dr. Bright asking for salesmen.

      When Larry begins wiping the cop's uniform, he has a worried look on his face, but he's smiling in the next shot.

      When Dr. Arms yells "Police! Help!", he's standing to the left of the Stooges, but in the next shot, he's standing to the right of them.

      When Curly is pulling out the patient's hair, it cuts to the next shot, and Curly's standing to the side all of a sudden and not doing anything.

      When the boys are fleeing Dr. Arms and the orderlys, the skid marks and scuffs on the floor change from shot to shot. Many of these were probably left over from previous takes.

      When Dr. Arms (Vernon Dent) and his two assistants fall over the stretcher, you can tell that the man playing Dr. Arms in that shot is a stuntman because he looks nothing like Vernon Dent.

      When the boys run up to the elevator, Moe puts his hand on the elevator door as if he's going to open it, but in the next shot his hands are to his side and the door opens by itself.

      When Moe says to Harry Arms "Hey, mister, polish your car with Brighto; makes old bodies new!", Larry is digging in his right pocket, then in the next shot, he's suddenly holding a bottle of Brighto in both of his hands.

      When the Stooges dash out of Harry Arms' (played by Vernon Dent) office after he remembers them from earlier in the short, Arms yells to his two assistants "Those are the birds who wrecked my car! Get 'em, boys!", but that line was actually dubbed in by Jules White, the producer of this short, and he sounded nothing like Vernon Dent's real voice.

      When the Stooges crash through their window at the end, watch the order as they run. First, when they begin running, Curly's first, followed by Moe and Larry. Then it shows a shot of a window and the boys still running, and Moe is suddenly first now. Then the camera cuts over to the inside of the house, and we see Larry jumping into the window first!

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Moe: (looking at a patient's tongue) Ah! A coat!
      Curly: Where's the vest?

    • (The Stooges crash into a man in a wheelchair.)
      Moe: Drunk driving! Give him a ticket!
      Larry: One way or round trip?
      Moe: Make it a one-way round trip...

    • Moe: (seeing a sign for a hospital) There must be plenty of sick people in here. This is the place to sell medicine!

    • (Curly walks over to a car and begins talking to its owner, who is dressed in a suit.)
      Curly: Mister, can I rub a little bit of this on your body?
      (The owner turns around and Curly sees that it is a woman.)
      Woman: You just try it if you want a good punch in the nose.

    • Moe: We'll go out and get that job even if it kills us!

    • (Curly is flagging down passing cars.)
      Man in car: Want a ride?
      Curly: No, want to buy a bottle of Brighto?
      Man in car: No.
      Curly: Then I'll take a ride!

    • Curly: Hey, what's this stuff for anyway?
      Larry: Why, it's a cleaner, you chump!
      Curly: I know! It's auto polish!
      Moe: You boys really wanna know what it's for?
      Larry and Curly: Yeah!
      Moe: It's for sale! Now get busy selling it!

    • Curly: We looked for a job one day last year. There isn't any!

    • Moe: What's that you got?
      Curly: Cheese.
      (Moe examines what Curly is eating.)
      Moe: Cheese? That's soap!
      Curly: I thought it tasted kinda strong.

    • Curly: I'm awake, but I can't get my eyes open.
      (Moe eyepokes Curly.)

    • Curly: (holding a telephone) A man wants to know what to do for inflammation.
      Moe: Why call us? Tell him to dial inflammation.

    • Dr. Brighto: All right...I'll give you another chance.
      Moe: All three of us?
      Dr. Brighto: Yes.
      Moe: That's three more chances, boys!

    • Dr. Brighto: (pointing to a bottle of Brighto) You idiots...that's medicine!
      Curly: Medicine? Oh!
      (Curly picks up the bottle of Brighto and takes a drink)
      Curly: I feel better already!
      Moe: "What was wrong with you?
      Curly: Nothin'.

    • Policeman: (to Larry, whose leg is hidden) Oh, I'm sorry, buddy. I didn't notice the leg was gone.
      Larry: (playing along) Huh? Oh, yeah. Gone but not forgotten.
      Policeman: War, eh?
      Larry: No, banana peel.

    • Dr. Brighto: Have you ever sold anything?
      Larry: Have we ever sold anything?
      Moe: Have we ever sold anything?
      Curly: Have we?

    • Dr. Brighto: Salesmen! That's what I need...salesmen!
      Moe: Here we are...three of the best salesmen that ever sailed.

    • Moe: Brighto, Brighto. It makes old bodys new!
      Larry: Will sell a Million bottles!
      Curly: Whoob whoob whoob whoob whoob!

    • Larry's wife: And I haven't had a new dress since we've been married.
      Larry: Well we're only married 5 years.

  • NOTES (4)


    • When Moe hits each of the skulls in turn each sounds a different note. The G-E-C pattern was used for NBC radio (and later, television).