The Three Stooges Show

Season 16 Episode 7

Dunked in the Deep

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Nov 03, 1949 on AMC
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The Stooges accidently become accomplices to a spy smuggling microfilm out of the United States in watermelons.

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  • The Stooges stow away on a ship with a foreign spy and his stolen microfilm hidden in watermelons.

    "We're known as the Fish Market Duet!" "The fish market duet?" "Yeah, we sing for the halibut!" So many silly (somewhat cliche) jokes and lots of crazy fight scenes in this one. The film is totally politically incorrect, with Gene Roth playing Bortch in a far over-done Russian accent. Of course, political correctness was hardly mandatory in 1949. There are many old, rehashed gags (such as the ones involving sea-sickness), as well as some funny new ones, such as Borch eating the metal taps and his "pre war" liquor that can strip paper off of walls. Shemp does a great job in this one with many funny lines and physical comedy bits.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • As Shemp is yanking on the padlock to try to get away from Bortch, he stops suddenly and glances at his hands a few moments later. This is because Shemp cut his hand on the lock in reality.

    • As Bortch puts salt on the metal knob that he's about to eat, Larry reaches over to grab the pepper shaker. In the next shot, Moe is suddenly holding the pepper shaker with no explanation whatsoever.

    • When Bortch eats the first metal knob, his hands are empty. In the next shot, he suddenly has another one in his hand.

    • When the mud splatters on Shemp at the end, some mud accidentally flies onto the backdrop that is supposed to be the sky and stains it.

    • When Moe and Larry both wake up from their night's sleep, Moe says "What a rest!", but Larry says "What a nice sleep!". Due to this mix-up, their line comes out sounding like "What a rice sleep!".

    • The voice of the radio announcer at the beginning of the film is Moe's voice.

    • When Shemp says "Suckers, let them sleep on hard boxes.", his mouth isn't moving.

    • The shots of the ship in the harbor are reversed. The writing on the front of the ship is clearly backwards.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Shemp: Give me the high seas, give me the salty waters!

    • (Moe pulls a canister of microfilm out of a watermelon.)
      Moe: Oh! A prize!

    • (Bortch locks the Stooges onboard the ship with him.)
      Bortch: I got a secret for you. I am a stowaway, and you are stowaways.
      (The Stooges begin to laugh and joke. Moe suddenly stops.)
      Moe: What are WE laughing for?

    • Shemp & Larry: Oh we went to sea to see what we could see out on the open sea...
      Moe: Hey you two knuckleheads,why you singing?
      Larry: Where starting a new group, The Fish Market Duet.
      Moe: The Fish Market Duet?
      Shemp: Yeah, we sing for the Halibut!
      (Moe knocks shemp in the nose)

  • NOTES (1)