The Three Stooges Show

Season 14 Episode 2

Fright Night

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Mar 06, 1947 on AMC

Episode Recap

In the first Shemp short, the Stooges are boxing trainers to a boxer named Chopper. He impresses his girlfriend, Kitty, with his boxing skills sparring with Shemp.

When Chopper & Kitty left, two tough guys enter. They tell the Stooges to throw the fight under Big Mike's orders. So they decide to do so by feeding him rich foods (cream puffs) and have Kitty read romantic stories to calm him down.

Outside the arena, the Stooges are shocked that Chopper is angry & wants to fight, because Kitty dumped him. After entering the arena, Shemp complains about his cream puff & Moe accidentally throws it in the challenger's face. The challenger punches Moe, but hits his fist on the brick wall. His manager blames them & calls off the fight. Moe's about to smack Shemp until Larry explained it's a lucky break. But Big Mike and his gang found out & drags them to a warehouse.

At the warehouse, the gang & the Stooges battle each other, chasing each other. When Moe & Larry escaped, the gang uses Shemp as a door ram. Then Shemp drops moth balls all over the floor and conks the bad guys with an axe while they were slipping. The police arrive and arrest the gang, but Big Mike shoots a can of red paint, which pours over Shemp's clothes thinking he's been shot!