The Three Stooges Show

Season 3 Episode 3

Half-Shot Shooters

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Apr 30, 1936 on AMC
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The Stooges seek revenge on their old Sergeant after they are discharged from the army after WWI. Little do they know that they meet up once again in the army, and now it's the sergeant's time to seek revenge.

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  • The Stooges find themselves out of work and away from their mean commander after the war ends, but a mistake lands them back under his command.

    All quiet on the Stooge front! The ultimate Stooges war and destruction piece is both a film of pleasure and pain. There is loads of slapstcik violence in this film, but some of it goes too far. The Sgt. (played by the great Stanley Blystone) beating the Stooges up goes a little over the top, and the Stooges blowing up bridges and houses with their wild cannon is also somewhat overdone. The ending gag is almost morbid. Lots of great verbal gems though, especially when the Stooges are being questioned by the general. Be prepared for Stooges warfare taken to the next level!!moreless
Stanley Blystone

Stanley Blystone

Sgt. MacGillicuddy

Guest Star

Vernon Dent

Vernon Dent

Man in Restaurant

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Heinie Conklin

Heinie Conklin


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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goofs:

      When the camera shows the Stooges sleeping, Moe is in the middle faced skyward with Larry and Curly on opposite sides facing him, but in the next shot, all of the Stooges are faced towards the right.

      After Moe pokes Curly in the eyes, Moe turns away from him but in the next shot, he's still looking at him.

      When MacGillicuddy bonks Larry and Moe's heads together, Larry's hat falls off, but in the next shot, Larry's hat is back on. In the same scene, you can see Curly in the background beginning to get up from the floor, but in the next shot, he's laying down and he gets up again.

      When Moe walks up to the donkey, you can hear Moe laughing but he's not even laughing.

      Where'd that dog come from? We see the Stooges as bums by themselves, then it shows Vernon Dent in the restaurant, and when it goes back to the Stooges, they have a dog with them.

      At the end of the scene with the Stooges begging Vernon Dent for food through the window, we see mashed potatoes splattered on the window, but no explanation of how it got there.

      In the part where the Stooges try to catch the dog with the turkey but fall flat on the ground, if you look in the window above the Stooges, you can see a reflection of Vernon Dent who is standing off-screen just looking at the Stooges, but he was supposed to still be in the restaurant.

      After the Stooges try to get the turkey from the dog but end up landing flat on their faces, it cuts to Vernon Dent yelling "Hey!" and there's a man behind him getting up from the floor yelling "Hey, what's the idea?" as if Dent pushed him, but we don't see it.

      After Curly says "Soitenly, what do you think we're here for?" to the man, Larry opens his mouth to say something, but it cuts to the next shot before he speaks.

      When the Stooges walk over to the troft, Moe puts his hand in the troft and accidentally gets water on his hand. You can see him shake it off afterwards.

      When MacGillicuddy orders the boys to stick their heads in the troft, Moe is standing closest to the screen, with Larry in the middle and Curly on the end. Then it shows a brief close-up of MacGillicuddy and when it goes back to the Stooges, Larry is closest to the screen with Moe in the middle and Curly on the end.

      When the Stooges stick their head in the water, MacGillicuddy sticks his gun in the water, but in the next shot, he's still holding his gun, clicks it, then sticks it in the water again.

      When the Stooges are yelling after the Sgt. blasts the gun, Larry yelling "I can't hear" is dubbed in and strange enough, you can hear what Larry is really saying, even under the dubbing. 14) At the beginning of the scene in the general's office, the general has something in his eye.

      After Curly says "Upstairs in the front room", the general begins to say something else but his dialogue is deleted.

      After the general says "Remember your place" it cuts to Moe bonking Larry on the head as if he said something silly, but we don't see it.

      When Larry is closing the cannon door, he accidentally crunches his fingers in it and yells "Ahh, my finger!!"

      In one of the parts where the Stooges fall backwards on the ground after firing the cannon, you can hear Larry groan as if he hurt himself.

      At the end when Curly asks "Maybe he's gonna take our picture", Larry holds his hat as if he's going to take it off, but in the next shot, it's already off.

      When Moe and Larry are awakened by Sgt. MacGillicuddy, they jump up, grab their rifles and shoot. Larry's rifle, however, doesn't fire.

      During the loving cups scene, when Moe asks "Wait a minute, where's Larry?", his mouth isn't moving.

      We see the Stooges cart in a buggy with 3 cannon shells on it, but they shoot and hit a tower, a house, a bridge, and the admiral's flagship. Where did they get the fourth shell to fire at the flagship?

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  • NOTES (6)

    • The shot of the huge brick tower collapsing after the Stooges shoot it with cannon was later reused in the Stooges feature film The Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1961).

    • Some of the WWI combat scenes are stock footage from the Academy Award winning epic film All Quiet on the Western Front (1930).

    • Lynton Brent, who plays the radio operator on the battlefield during WWI, was an actual veteran of the First World War.

    • This Stooges short has the most bloopers of all 190 Stooges films. Almost 25 known errors have been discovered.

    • Running time: 18 minutes 35 seconds

    • This is the first Stooges short to feature an appearance by Vernon Dent. Dent appeared in more Stooge shorts than any other supporting actor.

      This is the last Stooges short in which the old Columbia Pictures "torch lady" appears.