The Three Stooges Show

Season 14 Episode 1

Half-Wit's Holiday

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Jan 09, 1947 on AMC

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  • In a remake of "Hoi Polloi," plumber Stooges are protege's for a professer who turns them into gentlemen through environment. All goes well until Moe and Larry start a piefight.

    This was a conclusion, or end to one great chapter in the Stooges film history. This was Curly's last film, as a result of a paralyzing stroke that happened before the pie fight segment. Moe and Larry and the rest of the cast were filming this scene as Curly missed his cue. As sad as this was, this was still a pretty good short. I loved Moe getting all hot with the slegehammer. Bits where Curly tried to bite off the party guest's diamond from her ring was very funny as well. I loved how hard Moe was trying to keep his mates from screwing up the chance to win $1000, and Larry is trying to eat a whole pie. It was very hilarious. I think the interesting thing is because this short happened in a transition period, they made a pretty good use of the pie fight footage for later shorts.