The Three Stooges Show

Season 14 Episode 1

Half-Wit's Holiday

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Jan 09, 1947 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • Just before Moe and Larry bonk Curly on the head to knock the stolen silverware out of his coat, a knife accidentally slides out of his suit.

    • When Moe hits Professor Sedletz with a hammer, Sedletz's hands are clutching his chest. In the next shot, they are at his sides.

    • You can see a wire slowly pulling the pie downward before it falls on Mrs. Smythe-Smythe.

  • Quotes

    • Moe: Why, you petty larceny Stooge! What are you trying to, ruin us?

    • Lulu: May I present Mrs. Smythe-Smythe.
      Moe: Ah, very-very happy-happy!

    • Mrs. Gotrocks: Quanit, aren't they? But cute!

    • Larry: My lamb chop lost his pants.
      Moe: Dress him and eat him!

    • Curly: There's a hair in my soup!
      Moe: You're crazy, that's a crack in your plate.
      Curly: I never saw a crack go that-a way!
      Moe: That's neither hair nor there!

    • Prof. Quackenbush: There is definite evidence of vacancy of the cranium.
      Curly: Gee, thanks.

    • The Stooges: We are morons tried and true, and we'll do our yell for you!

    • (Moe hits Prof. Sedletz with a hammer.)
      Moe: I'm sorry, bub, but you shoulda honked your horn before you approached!

    • Prof. Quackenbush: The world speaks of one missing link, but I swear there are three!

    • Prof. Quackenbush: Your theory, my dear Professor Sedletz, is completely illogical, preponderately impractical, and moreover it sinks!

    • Quackenbush: How would you boys like to make a thousand dollars?
      Moe: Who do you have to murder?

    • Prof. Sedletz: (to Larry) You with the mattress hair. Now if I gave you a dollar and your father gave you a dollar, how many dollars would you have?
      Larry: One dollar.
      Prof. Sedletz: You don't know your arithmetic!
      Larry: You don't know my father!

    • Quackenbush: Now will start our reading lessons. Turn to page 1, read Moe.
      Moe: (Reads book up-side down) Tar ytrid eeth say, glug zap snorglots ramintz. Ronassonce kibertz... (Quackenbush turns the book right side up) Oh, see the cat. Does the mouse see the cat? (Turns to Larry) Yes, the dirty rat!
      Larry: Don't get personal!
      Moe: Ahhhh!
      Quackenbush: Here here! Read page 4.
      Curly: Oh see the deer. Has the deer a little doe?
      Larry: Yeah, two bucks!
      (Larry laughs and Moe conks him on the head)
      Quackenbush: No more levity. Read Larry.
      Larry: Oh see the pretty cat. Does the pretty cat have chickens?
      Quackenbush: That's kittens. A cat does not have chickens!
      Larry: Oh yeah, my cat got into a chicken house and that cat had chickens!
      (The Stooges laugh while Quackenbush pulls out his hair, then Curly picks it up.)
      Quackenbush: Oh why did I ever take this on to myself?
      (Moe slaps Curly's head taking off Quackebush's hair.)

  • Notes

    • The script was originally written with Curly participating in the climatic pie fight. However, the ending had to be rewritten after Curly's incapacitating stroke and none of Curly's pie fight scenes were filmed.

    • This short's title during filming was "No Gents- No Cents".

    • Emil Sitka's first film with the Stooges. Sitka would become one of only two actors to appear with all six Stooges, acting in their films until 1965. He would go on to become synonymous with the Stooges and Stooge-related events until his death in 1998.

    • Footage from this short was used in the Stooges' compilation feature Stop! Look! And Laugh! (1960).

    • Curly had a stroke at the filming of this episode.

    • This short is a reworking of the 1935 short Hoi Polloi. Although the plots are identical, the script and gags are all original to this film.

    • The last episode that Curly was one of the Stooges

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