The Three Stooges Show

Season 14 Episode 1

Half-Wit's Holiday

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Jan 09, 1947 on AMC



  • Quotes

    • Quackenbush: Now will start our reading lessons. Turn to page 1, read Moe.
      Moe: (Reads book up-side down) Tar ytrid eeth say, glug zap snorglots ramintz. Ronassonce kibertz... (Quackenbush turns the book right side up) Oh, see the cat. Does the mouse see the cat? (Turns to Larry) Yes, the dirty rat!
      Larry: Don't get personal!
      Moe: Ahhhh!
      Quackenbush: Here here! Read page 4.
      Curly: Oh see the deer. Has the deer a little doe?
      Larry: Yeah, two bucks!
      (Larry laughs and Moe conks him on the head)
      Quackenbush: No more levity. Read Larry.
      Larry: Oh see the pretty cat. Does the pretty cat have chickens?
      Quackenbush: That's kittens. A cat does not have chickens!
      Larry: Oh yeah, my cat got into a chicken house and that cat had chickens!
      (The Stooges laugh while Quackenbush pulls out his hair, then Curly picks it up.)
      Quackenbush: Oh why did I ever take this on to myself?
      (Moe slaps Curly's head taking off Quackebush's hair.)