The Three Stooges Show

Season 10 Episode 6

Higher Than a Kite

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Jul 30, 1943 on AMC
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Higher Than a Kite

The Stooges destroy their commanding officer's car and forced to flee the RAF garage where they work. They accidentally hide inside of a bomb and are dropped behind German lines in Nazi-occupied France.

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  • The mechanic Stooges accidentally trash the Colonel's car and hide inside of a bomb heading for Berlin.

    "Come here and sit on my lap." "What lap?" As the exchange between Boring (Vernon Dent) and Moronica (Larry in drag) goes. This provides an opportunity for Larry to be versatile and prove how gifted a comic he was. The rest of the short is great too. From the Stooges taking apart the car ("What does a squeak look like?" "They're usually a small, round..." to playing checkers on a world map with Nazi legions, to Dick Curtis' appalling German accent (he sounds like he's being strangled and gargling at the same time, to the symbolic finale involving a picure of Hitler and a US Marines bulldog. Don't miss this WW2 classic!moreless
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Vernon Dent

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Duke York


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goofs: A jump cut in the picture when Kelly's car runs the Stooges over.

      Right before the engine blows soot in Moe's eyes, you can see Moe's eyes already blackened.

      When Moe pokes Curly in the eyes, the sound effects men added in a honking noise instead of a ukulele plunk.

      After Curly uses the forked end of the crowbar to get Moe out of the pipe, Curly uses the other straight end of the crowbar. Then the camera shows Moe yelling as the crowbar keeps hitting him on the face, then it shows Curly and Larry yanking the crowbar, and when it shows Moe again, the forked end of the crowbar is pressing up against his face!

      When Larry and Curly try to heat off the pipe on Moe's head, Moe has his hands on the pipe, but in the next shot his hands aren't on the pipe, then when it goes back to the original shot, Moe's hands are on the pipe again.

      When Curly and Larry twist Moe out of the pipe, they twist him towards the right of the pipe, but when the camera shows a close up of Moe's head in the pipe, he's being turned towards the left all of a sudden.

      When Larry says, "Maybe they're droppin' the pipe in the ditch" Curly mouths that line.

      When Larry "lifts" the car hood off of Curly's arms, you can see the string that lifts it.

      Curly is trying to bite open the hand grenade, then it cuts to the next shot and the pin is suddenly pulled out of the grenade.

      When Marshall Boring comes riding into town on his bicycle, he stumbles and accidentally elbows Bommel in thecrotch.

      When the Stooges land inside of the German house, Larry climbs out of the hole and accidentally crushes Moe's face. Moe grunts, "I'll moider you when I get out of this!" Then it cuts to the next shot, and Moe is suddenly out of the hole before Larry.

      When Moe looks in the exhaust pipe, his hat is on. Then the camera shows a quick shot of Curly stepping on the gas in the car, and when it cuts back to Moe, his hat is suddenly gone.

      When Kelly walks up to the car, the window on the passenger's door is closed, but when Kelly gets in the car, the window is suddenly open.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Moe: And what did you say when they asked you "what does a navigator do"?
      Curly: I told 'em an alligator lives in a swamp until it becomes a suitcase...and bites like this!
      (Curly uses his hands to emulate an alligator jaws.)

    • (Larry is in drag and trying to seduce Boring.)
      Larry: Oh Marshall, you're so big and strong.
      Marshall Boring: Do you mean that?
      Larry: I love every chin on your face!

    • Marshall Boring: We Germans never get stuck!
      (Boring sits on some pins and jumps up in pain.)

    • Marshall Boring: (seeing the Stooges in Nazi uniforms) No wonder we're retreating.

    • Moe: Don't tell me you want some more of those ersatz frankfurters.
      Curly: They ain't bad with mustard.
      Moe: Yeah, but that wasn't mustard.

    • General Bommel: Don't you listen to our radio? Don't you know a German soldier never runs?
      (The bomb crashes through the ceiling and scares Bommel and the Nazis away.)

  • NOTES (2)


    • Dick Curtis and Vernon Dent play Nazi officers General Bommel and Field Marshall Boring, who are direct parodies of Nazi General Erwin Rommel "The Desert Fox", and Herman Goering, commander of the Luftwaffe.