The Three Stooges Show

Season 2 Episode 6

Hoi Polloi

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Aug 29, 1935 on AMC
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The Stooges' performance at a fancy society party will determine how much money Professor Richmond will win if he can turn them into gentlemen.

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  • Two professors make a wager that the Stooges cannot be transformed into gentlemen.

    If "Micro-Phonies" is the "Citizen Kane" of Stooge films, this is "The Godfather". Everything in this short is classic anarchy. The Stooges are at their wild comical best. 1935 was a kind year for the Stooges; lavish sets abound, and a top notch supporting cast, particulary Harry Holman and Robert Graves, who shine as the two pompous professors. I can remener seeing this film as a kid of abput 6, and laughing hysterically at the Stooges party antics. Larry's lost shoe and Kitty McHugh as the ugly Duchess are the highlights. Curly is off the wall, and slips in both his light-footed dance moves and some clever wordplay, especially regarding his spelling skills. An epic Stooge film.moreless
Robert Graves

Robert Graves

Professor Nichols

Guest Star

Grace Goodall

Grace Goodall

Mrs. Rich

Guest Star

Bette McMahon

Bette McMahon

Nichol's Daughter

Guest Star

Bud Jamison

Bud Jamison


Recurring Role

Phyllis Crane

Phyllis Crane

Nichol's Daughter

Recurring Role

William Irving

William Irving

Party Guest

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The amount of shaving cream on Curly's face changes from shot to shot as he sits with the Duchess.

    • When Moe is getting all the cans dumped on him, he has his hat on, then the camera shows Curly and Larry briefly and when it goes back to Moe, his hat is off.

      When the two professors walk out of the restaurant, Professor Nichols says that they'll call a taxi for them, but after they decide to reform the Stooges, Professor Rich says, "There's my car, climb into it!"

      At the beginning of the table etiquette scene, Professor Rich says "Well, we'll uh..." then it suddenly cuts to Curly pouring nonexistent gravy on his imaginary potatoes. After Curly pours gravy on his potatoes, he puts the gravy bowl down, but in the next shot, he's still pouring gravy.

      At the end of the dancing lesson scene, as the Stooges and their teacher jump out of the window, Curly's stunt double has a full head of hair. Not only that, but the shot of the four of them landing in the water obviously uses dummies. When Curly responds "Why soitenly not!" to Moe when asked if he took the champagne bottle, he almost says "soitenly" at first.

      After Curly sprays the Duchess with the champagne bottle, the camera shows a close up of Moe and Curly and you can see Larry in the background, then the camera shows another angle shot and Larry's in a completely different position.

      You can see the string tied to the spring on Curly's behind.

      When Professor Rich pokes the man next to him in the eye, it cuts to the next shot and the man is holding his face as if he was slapped but we don't see it.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Moe: Listen, mister, I can explain the whole thing.

      Curly: Soitenly!

      Moe: You stay out of this! (Moe slaps Curly)

      Moe: (to Larry) And you too! (Moe slaps Larry)

      Larry: I didn't say nuttin'!

      Moe: Well, that was in case you do.

    • Moe: (Slaps Curly)Look at you!
      Larry: (Slaps Moe in the back) Leave him alone!
      (Moe slaps Larry)
      Curly: I'm quittin!
      Moe: Put up your hands!
      (Curly puts his hands up & Moe slaps him in the face!)
      Curly: YEOW!
      (Curly grabs Moe's arm & yanks it)
      Moe: (Slaps Curly) What's the matter with you!
      Larry: (Slaps Moe's back) Leave him alone!
      (Moe slaps Larry)
      Curly: I'm not dancin!
      Moe: (As Curly leaves) Put your hand over your ear.
      (Curly puts hand on his ear & Moe grabs his arm and Curly screams!)

    • Moe: Oh, see the deer. Has the deer any doe?
      Curly: Yeah, two bucks!

    • Larry: Oh, see the cat. Does the mouse see the cat? Yeah, the dirty rat!

    • Professor: Can you spell cat?
      Curly: Why certainly, cat...K-I-T-T-Y, pussy.
      (Professor gets frustrated, and slaps Moe & Curly. Larry laughs at that & Moe slaps Larry with the book!)

    • (Moe slaps Larry & Curly for no apparent reason)
      Larry & Curly: What's that for? We didn't do nothin'.
      Moe: That's in case you do, and I'm not around.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Photographs survive of several scenes that were cut from the final film, among them being a scene of Curly cutting a garbage can off of Moe's head with giant pliers, the Stooges going to the professor's home in their garbage truck, and the butler giving the Stooges a bath. The first picture was used on the cover to the Hoi Polloi VHS release.

    • In the Three Stooges 75th Anniversary Special, hosted by Woody Harrelson, the dancing scene at the 6:00 mark of this short was voted by the fans as their favorite Stooge moment of all time.

      This is the first of several Stooge shorts in which Curly manages to get a spring attached to his backside. Others include An Ache in Every Stake (1941) and Three Little Sew and Sews (1939).

      When Curly antagonizes a very large women he's dancing with, she initiates a 'tit for tat' slap fest. This goes on until a 'draw' comes out of it and they continue to dance. A similar slapping gag reoccurs between Curly and Minnie in the short False Alarms (1936).

      In the first street scene where the Stooges are rubbish sanitation workers, you can see the original "Hollywoodland" sign on the hill in the distance.

      On the street is a marquee advertising the films Laddie and Mississippi with Bing Crosby (1935). Coincidently, the second film also co-stars Fred Kohler who was "Double Deal Decker" in the short Horse's Collars made the same year.

    • The dancing lesson scene was reused In The Sweet Pie and Pie (1941).

    • This was reworked as Half-Wit's Holiday (1947) and remade as Pies and Guys (1958).

    • Filming Dates: 5-2 thru 5-4 and 5-6 (4 days)


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