The Three Stooges Show

Season 10 Episode 7

I Can Hardly Wait

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Aug 13, 1943 on AMC

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  • After Curly breaks his tooth on a bone, and all home treatments fail, he is forced to go to the dentist.

    "Dr. Tug wants to know when your husband is coming in to have those other teeth pulled. Oh he died after the last extraction." Some hilarious dialogue from the dental secretary. Much of this short takes place in Curly's dreams after his tooth is broken, and it's all quite funny. Using everything from strings on doorknobs to firecrackers in typical Stooges fashion helps to add the physical ends, while the verbal aspects are held up by the dentist office lines, such as the "dentist-butcher" comparison. Many of the dentist gags are taken from Laurel and Hardy's Pardon Us, but the Stooges perform them much better. Lots of fun!!