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The Three Stooges Show

Season 13 Episode 5

Monkey Businessmen

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Jun 20, 1946 on AMC
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Episode Summary

After wrecking the office of Smilin' Sam McGann, the Stooges decide to leave the workforce and travel to a rest home for some relaxation. They soon realize that the head honcho Dr. Mallard and his staff are all a bunch of crooks and try to escape.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • The Stooges check into a rest home, unaware it is run by crooked doctors.

    "We'll get some grease...Yes!....spill it on the floor...Yes!...and slip by!!!" One of my favorite Stooges lines of all time! This short has Curly in a deplorable physical state, and so Moe had to coach him with his lines. You can spot him elbowing Curly in some scenes. The film actually has some great gags, mainly those with the steam room and in the gym, and it is quite notable for the ultimate Three Stooges villain Kenneth MacDonald in his Stooges primere. The rest of the cast is only decent, and just kind of goes with the flow. Not a Stooges masterpiece.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When McGann walks over to the Stooges after hearing the commotion, Curly has two pipes leaning on his head. The pipes then disappear and change positions multiple times in subsequent scenes.

    • When Dr. Mallard tries to grab the fireaxe on the wall, he attempts to grasp the axe itself before he realizes that it is behind a pane of glass and then he quickly opens the glass panel.

    • When Curly falls of the stretcher, the yell we hear is the yell of actor Bud Jamison, a Stooges stalwart who died in 1944.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (A nurse throws Curly through a door.)
      Curly: I can take a hint!

    • Moe: He's out like a light! What'd you give him?
      Curly: Either.
      Larry: Either?
      Curly: Either the bottle or the hammer!

    • Moe: Yeah, we're doctors. Dr. Windbag, I presume?
      Larry: Well, blow me down!

    • Curly: We'll get some grease...
      Moe and Larry: Yeah.
      Curly: Spill it on the floor...
      Moe and Larry: Yeah.
      Curly: And slip by!

    • Larry: That Mallard's nothing but a quack!
      Moe: That means duck!

    • Clarence: What do you think you're doing?
      Moe: We're breathing.
      Clarence: Well, cut it out, it ain't on the schedule!

    • Larry: Five o'clock! That's the time to get up to be shot at sunrise!

    • Dr. Mallard: I'm going to prescribe your daily schedule. You'll arise at five a.m., horseback riding until six, chopping wood until seven, roadwork until eight, and then breakfast! A nice, big bowl of milk! After breakfast more roadwork, more woodchopping, a good stiff workout in the gym, and then lunch! A nice, big bowl of milk! In the afternoon, more roadwork, more woodchopping, more gym, you punch the bag for an hour and then, dinner!
      Curly: I know, a nice, big bowl of milk.
      Dr.Mallard: No, no. No milk. You drank it all for lunch.

    • Dr. Mallard: Now the first thing to discuss is your diet. We'll begin by cutting out starches, sugars, proteins, and carbohydrates.
      Curly: What'll we eat?
      Dr. Mallard: Vitamins and calories.
      Curly: Oh boy! With cream gravy!

    • Dr. Mallard: We'll run 'em ragged and take 'em for every nickel they've got!

    • (Dr. Mallard finishes examining Mr. Grimble.)
      Dr. Mallard: Yeah, he'll get out of here when we get the rest of his dough and not before.
      Rocky: Say Doc, is there really anything wrong with his foot?
      Dr. Mallard: No, it's mostly in his mind, but if our patients like to stay sick and pay us for the privilege, it's their business.
      Clarence: What a racket! Doc, you're a chiseler after my own heart.

    • Moe: Rest your cares away. Mallard's Rest Home and Clinic. High altitude, low prices. No matter what you got, you'll lose it at Mallard's.

    • Moe: We'd better get busy before he finds out we were breaker-uppers in a peanut brittle foundry.

    • Moe: Keep smilin', McGann!

    • Sam McGann: I want some juice and I want it right away!
      Curly: Here you are.
      (Curly hands him a live wire and he gets shocked.)

    • (Curly falls from a ladder)
      Moe: You pebble brain! Why aren't you more careful when you climb up a ladder?
      Curly: I only climbed up seven steps!
      Moe: The ladder had six!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This film's working title was "Sanitarium Stooge".

    • Curly had experienced a stroke in reality and was in rather poor health during the filming of this short. Moe had to coach him line-by-line and cue him when he was supposed to speak.

    • The first Three Stooges film for actor Kenneth MacDonald. MacDonald would appear in 16 Stooges shorts throughout the 40s and 50s, playing villains on all but one occasion.