The Three Stooges Show

Season 15 Episode 2

Pardon My Clutch

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Feb 26, 1948 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • When the tent collapses and the ropes begin pulling the furniture over, a vase falls onto Shemp's head. But the table the vase was standing on didn't move at all (despite a rope being attached), so it doesn't make sense how it fell over.

    • Shemp's hair is combed and neat when he stops jumping rope, but it is messy in the next shot.

    • When Larry says "Knock first and then don't come in!", he turns and accidentally knocks over the pole standing next to him.

    • When Moe hits the mechanic in the stomach, there is no sound effect.

  • Quotes

    • (The Stooges look at the Professor's business card.)
      Moe: Talent scout?
      Larry: You want us for the movies?
      Moe: (to Shemp, as an actor) Come girl, your answer. Either consent to marry me and become my wife...
      Shemp: Never!
      Moe: Than you shall die!

    • Claude: (showing the trio the car) Well boys, there she is!
      Larry: Yeah, but what is it?
      Claude: A Columbus.
      Shemp: Never mind who you bought it from. What make is that?
      Claude: I told you, a Columbus!
      Moe: I thought he came over in a boat.
      Claude: Ha ha! You couldn't find another car like that if you searched for weeks.
      Shemp: That I can believe!

    • Moe: (seeing the car) Oh boy, a super-deluxe special!
      Shemp: Yeah, and all trimmed with chromomium!

    • (Claude pulls Shemp's tooth.)
      Shemp: Thanks, I feel like a million bucks.
      (Shemp faints.)

    • Moe: (preparing to pull Shemp's tooth) We'll have that thing out before you can say Ticonderoga...if you can say Ticonderoga!

    • (Claude is examining Shemp's teeth.)
      Claude: None of them came out...yet!

    • Claude: He's got a rash. It tells ya right here a rash may be caused by excessive use of the gray matter of the brain.
      Moe: Oh, it must be something else.
      Shemp: Sure, it can't be that!

    • Claude: I can take care of Shemp better than any doctor.

    • (The Stooges are putting their luggage in their car.)
      Shemp: Let's get loaded!
      Larry: You know I don't drink!

    • Moe: Shemp passed out! Get some water!
      Shemp: (waking up) No, champagne!

    • (The Stooges try to get their stray tire back from the mechanic's shop.)
      Mechanic: Hey, you! Where are you going with that tire?
      Shemp: Why, it's ours!
      Mechanic: Not unless you got $15.97!
      Moe: Now you don't understand! We were changing tires and it got away from us.
      Mechanic: Well, it ain't gonna get away from me!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The scenes where the Stooges notice that their car has a flat tire and attempt to repair it are copied from scenes in Laurel & Hardy's film Perfect Day (1929).