The Three Stooges Show

Season 2 Episode 5

Pardon My Scotch

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Aug 01, 1935 on AMC
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A bootlegger puts the Stooges to work mixing spirits during Prohibition.

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  • Moe, Larry, & Curly are carpenters at Jones drugstore. An accident winds up with them being mistaken for soda jerks, who are asked to make a pick-up for salesman Mr. Martin. Martin, out to make a fortune,exhibits the Stooges new scotch at a society party.moreless

    My favorite of all The Three Stooges comedy shorts. Many excellent and memorable routines from "The tools we've been using for the last ten years!" to the mixing of drinks in a boot make their earliest apperances in this film. Curly does a teriffic job with Charlie Chaplin's rolls on a fork gag, and the finale with fruit flying into Billy Gilbert's mouth was pure genius. The Stooges are now beginning to perfect their timing and chemistry, and are well into the roles of the Stooges we all know and love. A truely excellent early Stooges film. Well worth a look.moreless
Nat Carr

Nat Carr

Mr Martin

Guest Star

James C. Morton

James C. Morton

J T Walton

Guest Star

Billy Gilbert

Billy Gilbert

Signor Louis Balero Catino

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Mr. Martin, Mrs. Walton, and Curly fall to the floor and pull the tablecloth down with them, two butlers race over to help them up. The camera then cuts to Mr. Walton coming through the door, and one of the aforementioned butlers is suddenly standing next to him and taking his hat.

    • Goofs:

      You can see the string that pulls the table in half when Moe falls off through it.

      After Moe yells "Get a saw" it suddenly cuts to Curly with the saw in his hand (he couldn't have gotten it that fast) and his hat is off while it was on in the previous shot.

      When the boys are mixing the formula, it begins to bubble at first, then the camera cuts to a closer shot of the formula and the bubbles are gone.

      After Mr. Martin takes a sip of his drink, his hat flies off and he has a look of shock on his face and he begins to shake his head, but in the next shot, he has the same look of shock on his face again, then he shakes his head again.

      When the Stooges arrive at the party dressed as Scotsmen, in the background, one of the men blowing the bagpipes accidentally drops the pipe in his mouth, but in the next shot, it's back in his mouth.

      When the Stooges are dancing away, Larry's kilt accidentally falls down. He quickly pulls it up, but in the next scene where the Stooges bump into each other, it falls down again.

      Near the end when the Stooges bring out their barrel of scotch, we see Mr. Walton yelling and everybody trying to calm him, but we don't see what he's yelling about.

      When the Stooges are talking to Mr. Martin at the counter, Moe bops Curly in the head during one part and after Curly runs his hand over his hat in anger, the top of his hat sticks straight up in this weird way. Moe notices this and almost starts laughing

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Mr. Martin likes the Stooges scotch.)
      Mr. Martin: Listen, boys. There's a fortune in this. We'll make thousands of dollars. I've got an idea. Don't move.
      Larry: Maybe we better humor him.
      Curly: I'll marry him if there's enough dough in it.

    • (Moe uses a wicker chair as a strainer for their homemade drink, which burns a hole in the chair.)
      Moe: That last stuff had teeth in it!

    • (Moe falls through the floor and looks up at Curly and Larry from the floor below.)
      Moe: Come here.
      Curly: He wants ya. (looks at Larry)
      Moe: Both of ya!

    • Moe: Get the tools!
      Larry: What tools?
      Moe: The tools we've been using for the last ten years!
      Larry: Oh, those tools!

    • Signore Cantino: (responding to the Stooges throwing grapes into his mouth) What do you try to make for me, a fruit salad?

  • NOTES (7)


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